Adam Devine and Chloe Bridges Become First-Time Parents: The Hilarious Posts Viral On Social Media

Adam Devine and Chloe Bridges shared the arrival of their first child through Instagram posts.

Written by Rachel Davis

On Mar 9, 2024 – 3 minutes read


A significant occasion was marked by the actor of Righteous Gemstones Adam Devine and his spouse, Chloe Bridges announcing the birth of their first child together. Beau Devine was born on Friday, February 16, and the pair joyfully announced the news on Instagram.

The Hilarious And Loving Instagram Posts


DeVine, 40, and Bridges, 32, shared their joy in the post as they welcomed their newborn son. The post included adorable photos showing the new family of three cuddling up in a hospital bed during special moments. While Bridges reflected on her intense love for her kid, DeVine’s caption was full of love and laughter, detailing their experiences with their “fussy” infant boy.

Devin’s Instagram post consists of both hilarious and adorable pictures of the beautiful family of three. The caption of the post said, Meet lil baby Beau Devine! He wrote in the caption that the baby can be fussy at times but they have already learned some great parenting techniques. Devin hilariously asked to make the best baby fussy impression along with the baby as he would straighten right out. The post had 4 pictures of the family. While the first two pictures portrayed the couple imitating their baby’s fussy expression, the other two were two adorable images where Devin adored his beautiful wife and child. 

Chloe shared two posts with her 697k followers. The first post consisted of four pictures and a selfie video. She announced the arrival of their baby through the caption of the post. She wrote that three weeks ago their perfect little guy entered the world. Chloe also wrote that she felt that someone took her heart out and replaced it with one that is 15 times bigger. She also added the name and birth date of the baby in the caption. 

The first picture of the post featured the baby beautifully wrapped in a white cloth, wearing a cap, and holding Chloe’s finger. The next picture displayed the beautiful family of three and the third post was a picture of Devin holding the baby. The fourth black-and-white picture was again of the family smiling and the last video was Chloe pampering the baby. The second post by Chloe was an adorable picture of her giving forehead kisses to her child with the caption, “My guy”.

The Pregnancy Reveal

In October, Devine and Bridges shared a photo of her growing baby bump and her excitement for the adventure ahead when they announced her pregnancy on Instagram. Friends, relatives, and fans have showered the pair with love and well-wishes on social media. DeVine’s Workaholics co-star Blake Anderson has also sent the couple supportive comments.

Chloe wrote they have news and can’t wait to get the little family started on the post along with their picture taken from Newport Beach in California. Despite Chloe, Devin maintained his humor and fun in the pregnancy reveal post as well. He shared the pictures of them in which one picture featured Chloe’s baby bump and his fat tummy. The caption of the post said they were pregnant. Devin further wrote that while he was just fat, Chloe was “preggo” with a human baby. He also said that his social media will be a baby page as he would dedicate his life to his child in hopes that the baby would not use his decades of recorded dirty jokes against him.  

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The adorable pair, who first met on the set of The Final Girls the year before and began dating in February 2015, revealed their engagement in October 2019. In October 2021, they tied the knot in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, following multiple delays in their planning caused by the COVID-19 epidemic.

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