30 Ankle Tattoo Ideas: Awesomeness From Any Angle!

Ankle tattoos do have a hide and seek element!

Written by Rani Premkumar

On May 3, 2023 – 13 minutes read

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Tattoos are skin adornments that stay for life. While tattoos were used in tribal traditions to showcase their totems for identification processes., now it is regarded as a sign of independence and high fashion sense! Whereas in olden times tattoos were proscribed for women, wow they reflect your sense of freedom and individuality. Ankle tattoo ideas have been a choice among people these days. Tattoos have a hidden psychological connotation and it varies from person to person. The mindset or the attitude of the person can be read from their choice and location of tattoos. The choice of the ankle as a location also has many reasons. 

Ankle Tattoo Ideas: According To Mindset Or Choice

  • To look different– Nowadays, everyone wears capris or short skirts, hence an ankle tattoo hardly goes unnoticed. getting an ankle tattoo is something different when compared to other locations on your body
  • Feet fetish– A subtle one, let’s say. Some are in love with their own and others’ feet and ankles. 
  • Professional decorum– Some organizations look down upon tattoos that are showy, hence ankle tattoos can be covered up easily during the hiring process.
  • Privacy -Some choose to keep the tattoos private. The ankles being far below the eye level renders some privacy to the tattoo.
Ankle Tattoo Ideas: According To Mindset Or Choice
  • The insecurity and indecisiveness- Make the ankle an ideal trial ground till they find the dream.if you have any kind of insecurity these ankle tattoo ideas are great for you.
  • Peer pressure– Sometimes it may be your spouse or friend who wants to get a couple tattoo to celebrate the relationship. Any location which is visible enough yet not a prime one, will be chosen, reserving the most visible places for tattoos that may describe you, define you, or inspire you.
  • It doubles as an adornment– Wearing an anklet may not be practical all the time and an ankle tattoo is an ornament for life.
  • Elegant and feminine-it looks elegant and feminine at the ankles and pushes up your fashion rating. Ankles are sexy and you can cover or reveal the tattoo as you please.

Aesthetic Ankle Tattoo Ideas For Women

Women’s ankle tattoo ideas are generally more aesthetic, effeminate, ornate, or cute compared to the bold ones men prefer. Ankle tattoo ideas can include small tattoos like an exclamation mark or an apostrophe. Some may choose cute ankle tattoos ideas like a cute bracelet tattoo or a small flower tattoo. You could include your love for pets with paws or miniature pet figures too.

Creative ankle tattoos include elaborate floral tattoos, mandala tattoos, etc. There are ornament tattoo ideas like an anklet tattoo with a hanging pendant which makes a statement like a heart or bird! Ankle tattoos can also include watercolor tattoos and ornate tattoos. You can go factual in the ankle tattoo ideas like with your name or any special year or date or celebrate nostalgia, artistry, hobbies, passions, quotes, or a meaningful phrase. An ankle tattoo makes the ankle region more delectable.

Preparing For An Ankle Tattoo

Choose what you want to be inked on your ankle. Stay cautioned that intricate designs will take longer to be completed. Choose a good and hygienic tattoo parlor and artist. As for physical preparation, down your vitamins and eat healthy along with regular moisturizing of the skin, as the condition of the skin may affect the outcome(1).

I have picked a few ankle tattoo ideas which may inspire you to ink one at your ankles. 

Disclaimer -Do consider your pain threshold while choosing elaborate ones.

30 Ankle Tattoo Ideas To Give A Exotic Look On Your Ankles

I have picked a few ankle tattoo ideas which may inspire you to ink one at your ankles. 

Disclaimer -Do consider your pain threshold while choosing elaborate ones.

1. Heart Anklet Tattoo 

You can wear your heart in this cute ankle tattoo as an ornament. This is an elegant ankle tattoo comprising a plain band and a dotted/ beaded band which the heart is dangling from. This ankle tattoo idea shows a gregarious personality, who is both sensitive and cute.

Heart Anklet Tattoo 

2. Full-Bloom Ankle Tattoo

Floral ankle tattoo ideas are always trendy. This ankle tattoo idea of a flower in its full bloom and the foliage makes a full-blown super-sized tattoo. Flower tats are chosen by creative and artistic lot. 

 Full-Bloom Ankle Tattoo

3. Feather Charm Ankle Tattoo 

these feather charm ankle tattoo ideas are dangling to the feet. Hard to tell if it is a real feather or not! This is for those who still believe in magic and new beginnings. Feathers are super light. To be light without any tensions affecting us might be the inspiration behind this artistic feather charm ankle tattoo idea.

Feather Charm Ankle Tattoo 

4. Icicle Ankle tattoo

This is a tattoo that has a beaded/ dotted anklet with water droplets making their way to form the icicle. Icicles are beautiful crystals and Dr. Emoto’s experiment has proved that positive energy can change the structure of water in icicles making them look prettier. As our body is predominantly water, this is a call for us to live with positive vibes to make our health and life better. This is one of the ankle tattoo ideas that combine philosophy with ornamentation.

Icicle Ankle tattoo

5. Birdie Anklet Ankle Tattoo

These are two-band ankle tattoo ideas, one of which holds the birdie ready to fly. This shows us that we can opt to fly if we want to. This shows our desire for freedom and creativity.

Birdie Anklet Ankle Tattoo

6. Beach-Themed Ornament Tattoo

This is one of those warm beach-themed ankle tattoo ideas and has all the right ingredients. The waves, shells, and turtles. The heart motif does show our love for beaches. This is for the beach crazy who wants the beach sand smeared on this beach-themed ankle tattoo every now and then. Suns or stars are also included.

Beach-themed Ornament Tattoo

7. Lotus Ankle Tattoo

These lotus ankle tattoo ideas are made as if the lotus is attached to the ankle with a band comprising lotus petals. Lotus holds great significance in spirituality as it stands for enlightenment. Some associate it with coolness as it is over the water all the time. It inspires us to be better in our lives by acquiring knowledge as well. Hinduism, Buddhism, and many other religions do take this symbolism seriously. Those who choose this one would be those who are lost under the religious tomes. This ornate ankle tattoo has room for feet tattoo extension as well.

Lotus Ankle Tattoo

8. Floral Imagery Band Tattoo

This is like a picture of a Miami hibiscus in a band around the ankle. These ankle tattoo ideas may be chosen by a Miami girl who wants to engrave her nationality with the national flower in her ankle tattoo. Or it could be nostalgic of a visit to Miami or to denote any association with Miami. There is a gradient band underneath the imagery to enhance its reach and tone. This sure is a slice of garden wrapped around your ankle.

Floral Imagery Band Tattoo

9. Animal Paw Ankle Tattoo Ideas

Staying true to the ornamental ankle tattoo style, this one shows one’s love for animals. The cute paws announce the presence of an animal lover. It’s a great conversation starter and can help you find other like-minded animal lovers you can discuss PETA and koalas with. Pug marks can be from the wild ones as well. This ankle tattoo can also be a sign of wildlife love.

Animal Paw Ankle Tattoo Ideas

10. Vine Ankle Tattoo

Vines or creepers show their tenacity and upward journey. This is to remind us to look up and go higher up. It is well rooted in the earth and inches upwards. This genre of ankle tattoo ideas is basically chosen for its aesthetic appeal, Some may choose flowery vines.

Vine Ankle Tattoo

11. Tie Ankle Tattoo

Prima facie this looks like your legs are tied. But this is no complicated knot. This is chosen by those who want a simple ankle tattoo that beautifies the ankle. These are the best ankle tattoo ideas for those who want to go with something simple. They are screaming out loud that all ties can be untied if we want. It is also a reminder that some ties are special and should be celebrated – like marriage!

Tie Ankle Tattoo

12. Lavender Ankle Tattoo

These lavender ankle tattoo ideas are colorful touch makes this so natural. Lavender scent has calming properties. The feel and sight of lavender are equally endearing. This dainty and simple ankle tattoo is chosen by those who want to keep their calm, no matter what, and appreciate the beauty around them!

Lavender Ankle Tattoo

13. Pet Ankle Tattoo

These ankle tattoo ideas are for pet lovers who want to carry the fond memories of their pets around. Some may choose this ankle tattoo in memory of their lost pet. Some will choose to ink this tattoo for a general liking for pets or a particular category of pets. Girls are cat lovers. And to stretch it, yes, cats accompany witches! So the one who gets it inked can be a wanna-be witch! Witching is a cult thing among teens in this age, quite in contradiction with the olden days when witches were hunted down.

Pet Ankle Tattoo

14. Pearl Ankle Tattoo

The pearl which takes a lot of effort in the making to become the radiant royal one, is depicted in the ankle tattoos of those who consider themselves royalty and precious like the pearl, which got evolved to be that way.

Pearl Ankle Tattoo

15. Wave Ankle Tattoo

This is a golden wave tattoo which is quite dramatic and giving a shot at wonderful wave tattoo ideas is not a bad option. Wave ankle tattoo ideas signify your passion, inner conflicts, and struggles which you tide over. This is one optimism that will inspire you to fight your inner struggles with the understanding that it is just a wave that will break away.

Wave Ankle Tattoo

16. Language Ankle Tattoo

Elements from a language are used in a tat in unique ways. Japanese or Chinese alphabet has already found a place in ankle tattoo ideas. Here a semicolon is used. The semi-colon is grammatically used to connect two parts of a sentence characterized by a dot and a coma. There are no full stops; hence life has to move on- is the essence of this cute ankle tattoo idea. This is one of the inner ankle tattoo ideas that are trendy as well.

Language Ankle Tattoo

17. Floral Couple Ankle Tattoo

This one is claimed to be a mother-daughter couple tattoo, which is very simple and effeminate. The beauty of this ankle tattoo is in the simplicity with which the mother-daughter bond is celebrated. Flowers show the tenderness and softness of the beautiful relationship they share.

Floral Couple Ankle Tattoo

18. Mountain Ankle Tattoo

Mountains are used to show endurance, bravery, and strength. If Mohammed does not go to the mountain, the mountain will come to Mohammed- as they say! Mountain ankle tattoo ideas show your travel lust as well. This one here is a small mountain tattoo that will inspire us to scale any mountain of obstacles that we may have to encounter in our journey of life. It could also mean a travel destination you had been to.

 Mountain Ankle Tattoo

19. Nostalgic Ankle Tattoo

These paper boat ankle tattoo ideas are quite nostalgic. So are paper planes which we used to make while we were young. These simple tattoo ideas sure inspire us to connect to our angelic childhood, reminding us to take care and have fun for the sake of our inner child. This boat ankle tattoo also means that you must stay afloat whatever problem comes your way. Spiritually, one might get reminded of Noah’s arc which was a boat sent by God, which saved all the good ones.

Nostalgic Ankle Tattoo

20. Minimalistic Star Ankle Tattoo

These minimalistic star ankle tattoo ideas nestled away in the inner ankle are to remind every girl that you are a star who is meant to shine. You will sprinkle stardust wherever you go by staying true to your goodness- this is a subtle message you can take away with this minimalistic ankle tattoo idea.

Minimalistic Star Ankle Tattoo

21. Rainbow Ankle Tattoo

Rainbows bring joy to the skies after the rains. We all are looking forward to the rainbows in our lives, and that inspires these sorts of rainbow ankle tattoo ideas. The color palette is also visually catchy. The different colors are portrayed in a unique way in this ankle tattoo.

Rainbow Ankle Tattoo

22. Zodiac Ankle Tattoo

Zodiac signs and constellations are studied by lots due to the urge of the human mind to know what the future holds for us. Astrology enthusiasts and astronomy students equally will love to ink this kind of zodiac ankle tattoo ideas.

Zodiac Ankle Tattoo

23. Meaningful Words Or Phrases Ankle Tattoo Ideas

A wordplay is great on a tat! Some words pep us up, some cheer us and some motivate us. This ‘ why not’ ankle tattoo is for the girl who is all game for whatever challenge put to her. She is up for any adventure. She is inspiring that spirit of adventure in the onlooker as well.

Meaningful Words Or Phrases Ankle Tattoo Ideas

24. Beautiful Bouquet Ankle Tattoo

These beautiful bouquet Ankle tattoo ideas have different flowers arranged together to enhance the beauty of each one. This is a reminder that we are also a fragrant colorful bouquet of talents and gifts which make us beautiful. 

Beautiful Bouquet Ankle Tattoo

25. The Sun Moon Ankle Tattoo

The sun and moon ankle tattoo ideas indicate the days and nights which primarily comprise our life. It stands for the male and female energies. The sun is said to represent the father, and the moon is the mother in traditional astrology. The sun moon ankle tattoo ideas are common but can be inked in unique ways.

The Sun Moon Ankle Tattoo

26. Scales Tattoo 

This is to make someone wonder if you are a mermaid incognito, by the scales that you forgot to hide. Mermaids are a fantasy, with the freedom to live in the vast oceans swimming around to take rest in verdant hidden isles no man can find! Let childhood literature bring out your imagination! scales ankle tattoo ideas are perfect and give a future to your imagination.

Scales Tattoo

27. Passion Tattoo

passion ankle tattoo ideas bring or show your passion. It could be gardening or dancing, your passion can find a way into your tat choices. This dancing girl ankle tattoo idea shows your passion for dancing. It also reminds us to dance in the rain without sulking. Life is a dance!

Passion Tattoo

28. Spiritual Tattoo

Some carry spiritual motifs like the cross or verses from spiritual texts in their ankle tattoo. Some religions do proscribe the use of spiritual symbols below the waist though.  Walk by faith is a great inspiring message though. One of the modest ankle tattoo ideas for those who are spiritual.

Spiritual Tattoo

29. Fairy Tattoo

Fairy ankle tattoo ideas! We want fairies! Yes! We have been wanting to see them since childhood. It was a hope that fairy tales gave us. Disappoint us not! This fairy ankle tattoo is blessing you. Cute one!

Fairy Tattoo

30. Insect Tattoo Ideas

I finally got this ant ankle tattoo pic I had been searching for, which I felt is so cool. It really looks so real. Insect ankle tattoo ideas really give a cool yet creepy vibe. Cheers to this artist who made me enlarge this image to check if it is really a tat or a real ant! Unique insect ankle tattoo!

Insect Tattoo Ideas


1. Are ankle tattoos a good choice? We have heard that it is painful!

Ankle tattoos are definitely painful because of the lack of tissues to cushion the process. The bones take the jabs and hence it is painful. But by choosing a less elaborate that, you won’t be hurt that much.

2. which are the best ankle tattoo ideas?

Smaller tats are best for the ankles. If you are unsure about a tattoo choice, choosing the ankle instead of a dominant location in the body is the best way to go.

3. Are ankle tattoos a good idea?

Ankle tattoos are a great choice for those who like to flaunt their tattoo as well as keep them private when they need to. They are stylish and offer a great variety of designs to choose from.

4. How much is a small ankle tattoo?

In India, a small ankle tattoo can cost anywhere between INR 4,000 and INR 8,000, depending on the design, locality, and studio you choose to get your tattoo.


Now let’s conclude our thoughts on ankle tattoo ideas. There are no arguments that ankle tattoos are sexy and effeminate if the right choice of tattoo is made. Try to choose an ankle tattoo according to the intricacies involved as it may take longer for the artist to finish the work and you may have to put up with the pain for a longer duration.

Ankle tattoos are also going to succumb to wear and tear after some time. Try to find a location at your ankle that may not be affected by your wearing shoes or boots, if you really have to wear them quite regularly, as the friction might affect the tat. You should also give your legs some rest without doing any strenuous walking for two or three days after the procedure. You may also need to refrain from wearing shoes or boots for the next two weeks or so after the inking is done.

So an ankle makes a good angle, doesn’t it? Cheers to ankle tats which will make our gait hotter!! 

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