Antonela Roccuzzo’s Tribute to Her Husband Lionel Messi: A Tattoo Statement

Antonela Roccuzzo has seven tattoos on her body, each symbolizing a significant moment or person in her life.

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Antonela Roccuzzo's Tattoo Symbolizing Her Love for Lionel Messi

Antonela Roccuzzo is known for her stylish wardrobe, which has created more controversy than the model intended. She has been a constant support for her husband, Lionel Messi, and a great mother to her children.

Although many know of her interests in business and spending quality time with family and friends, Not many are aware of her craze for tattoos. 

7 Tattoos of Antonela Roccuzzo 

Antonela Roccuzzo with her Tattoos

Ever since their family moved to Florida, she has been sharing many healthy tips for a great life and her healthy lifestyle with a dose of happiness. Roccuzzo has also shared her outing with friends and family to Maimi for a fun time. 

She has a total of seven known tattoos on her body; each one of them is tattooed as an honorary tribute to her loved ones or even something she is passionate about. 

Antonela’s tattoos on her hand were the first ones to gain attention due to their constant exposure and ease of identification. There are a total of three tattoos on both of her hands, two on one and one on the other, both in opposite directions. 

The 35-year-old model and social media personality had tattoos that spell her kids’ names to remind her how much she loves them and keep reminding her how grateful she is for the presence of Thiago, Mateo, and Circo in her life. 

Antonela also has a matching tattoo on her finger, which she got tattooed with her husband, Lionel Messi, to commemorate their wedding date. This tiny but permanent reminder of their special day was tattooed on their ring finger, which consisted of their wedding date in Roman numerals. 

She also shares one more matching tattoo with Messi, both of them have a tattoo of a crown on their upper arms, which is used as a constant reminder of their love for each other and to signify their position as king and queen in their relationship dynamics, enriching their love lives.

A floral arrangement design on her right foot that curves and almost reaches her angle is one of her first angles and one of the first tattoos she ever got.

Antonela also has a butterfly tattoo just below her wrist, located near the tattoos that have the names of her three children. It represents her freedom and beauty, which portrays the importance of a carefree and quality life with family and friends.

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Just like her tattoo craze that she shares with her husband, another passion of hers is the ultimate magical fantasy series “Harry Potter,” which she paid tribute to by honoring its memory with a tattoo of a golden snitch. Which is an important object in their magical sport called Quidditch. 

Last but not least, the seventh and most obscure tattoo of hers is on her upper rib, which reads “Leo.”

It is used as a tribute to her love and care for her husband, Leonel Messi. Its position is extremely significant because it is a really painful place to get a tattoo.

This in turn signifies that no matter what the pain, she is willing to keep fighting for their love. 

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