Are Hailee Steinfeld And Josh Allen Engaged?

Hailee Steinfeld sparked engagement rumors with her current boyfriend Josh Allen as she was spotted wearing some heavy bling on her finger.

Written by Ayisha Nashva

On Feb 9, 2024 – 3 minutes read

Hailee Steinfeld's engagement ring speculation

While walking the Golden Globes red carpet on Jan.7, Hialee garnered attention to the diamond-encrusted ring on her right hand, pointing at which she said, “I’ve got a little doe happening.” 

Shutting down the rumors, Hailee said that she wore the ring because she thought “it was real cute.” Although she completely denied the engagement rumor, she acted coy when the host asked about her relationship with the athlete.

Hailee Took The Breath Away Wearing Black Prada Dress

Hailee Steinfeld sparks engagement buzz

In addition to the controversial ring, the singer accessorized her pink Prada dress with matching black gloves, sparkly earrings, and a diamond necklace. Looking like Audrey Hepburn in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’ Hailee conquered the red carpet moment and left the fashion world spellbound. In addition to the pictures that were getting on the internet, Hailee herself took a few snaps to her Instagram, in which the details of the dress were clearly shown. As per the picture, the custom Prada dress features an open back and bow. 

Hailee attended the ceremony alone while her boyfriend, who is the quarterback of the Buffalo Bills,  was caught up in the game at the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. While she walked in, she told the host that she was feeling good about the chances of her boyfriend and team winning the match. To tease the singer, the host held up a No. 14 Bills jersey, which is the jersey of Stefon Diggs. When Hialee noticed the mistake, she smiled and said, ‘`Wrong number though,’ because Allen wears a No.17. However, like her prediction, Bills won that night.

Hailee has been a supportive girlfriend all these times, as last year, she was spotted with his mother shopping for Bills merch and was also seen attending the Bills’ game in London. the next week, the pair were again spotted together at the Buffalo Sabres vs. New York Rangers game. Throughout the last few months, they were clicked together, leading to engagement rumors. 

The two have been dating for a long time as their romance started a month after Allen’s breakup with longtime girlfriend Brittany Williams. They have been together since May 2023, and almost a year later, engagement rumors were swirling around them. Although Hailee has dismissed the rumor, the pair have stepped out for several date nights. Still, their relationship was not made public until a source close to the couple shared in June 2023 that the two had been together for a month. The source further added that Hailee was not putting any additional pressure or unrealistic expectations on him. However, Hailee and Allen were not vocal about their romantic relationship for a long time until one day in August 2023, Allen decided to break the ice on his relationship status. 

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The revelation came quickly after the duo was spotted kissing while on a vacation together. Allen, who was completely pissed off with people sharing the couple’s private photos, said in an episode of the “Pardon My Take” podcast that he feels gross thinking about the mentality of the people who do not respect the privacy of others. He further added that he felt insecure. 

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