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Hello there, my name is Aashika. A writer as well as a multi-tasker by nature. The skill of learning new things and being curious about what I can do has helped me face challenges and stay true to myself throughout my life. As a writer who loves to pen down anything and everything interesting under the sky, I truly believe in helping people live better lives. I think we, human beings, have potential and every one of us is capable of doing more than we perceive ourselves to be. The best thing one can do is embrace oneself, accept failures and always get back up no matter what.

Articles Written By Aashika Rajendran

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The Ultimate Healthy Morning Routine For Working Women!

Is your work schedule and self-care time constantly playing tug of war? No matter if you have hit the targets before deadlines, your body might hit the breaks soon if your health and job are unbalanced. Change starts with how you begin your day which is crucial and possible than you think.

By Jan 24 7 mins read

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Solo Female Travel: The Complete Guide!

How many times have you thought about dropping everything, packing your bags, and leaving for a trip by yourself? And how many times did someone else or your second thoughts stopped you just because you are a woman? Well, say goodbye to it all and your home, because adventure is calling in again and this time, it’s a yes from you.

By Jan 20 7 mins read

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Shocking Skin Care Myths We Are Made To Believe!

The fact that you are here itself shows that you don’t fully believe everything the skincare and cosmetic industry has to say. With advertisements begging for attention wherever you turn, your mind is effortlessly controlled by the invisible strings of cunning marketers.

By Jan 19 8 mins read