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Aashika is a makeup and beauty expert known for creating stunning looks that not only accentuate facial features but also empower women to feel confident in their skin.

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Eyebrow tinting vs Microblading- which is the better-looking option in the long run - Feature

Eyebrow Tinting Vs Microblading- Which Is The Better-Looking Option In The Long Run?

Eyebrow tinting vs microblading let’s close the debate for once and all. let us see…

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Liposuction – All You Need to Know Before Undergoing Lipo!

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that sucks fat from different parts of the body. It…

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Best natural perfumes and roll-ons to smell fresh all summer - Feature

Best Natural Perfumes And Roll-Ons To Smell Fresh All Summer

Your favorite perfume might be ruining your health, there, I said it! Ever tried natural perfumes?…

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Reviewing The Best Makeup Cleansing Balms And Why You Need Them - Feature

Reviewing The Best Makeup Cleansing Balms And Why You Need Them.

If you are someone who is into watching celebrity skincare routines then one thing you…

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Is Alpha arbutin serum an underrated magic skin care portion - FEATURE

Is Alpha Arbutin Serum An Underrated Magic Skin Care Portion?

There are a ton of products in the market that claim to help you achieve…

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Are lip plumpers damaging your lips - Feature

Are Lip Plumpers Damaging Your Lips?

I understand the love we have for lip plumpers, not all of us are blessed…

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