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The Belly Fat Conundrum: Ayurveda Tricks For Burning Belly Fat!

Weight gain has been an all time serious issue for all women – be it at any phase in their life. Here’s what you need to know to start an inexpensive ayurveda diet plan for belly fat reduction.

Written by Rani Premkumar

On Jan 6, 2023 – 8 minutes read

Ayurveda Tricks For Burning Belly Fat

With the influx of junk food, home appliances, automated homes, a sedentary lifestyle, computer games desk games, especially now with remote working being an accepted model in these post- Covid times, there has been an increasingly serious problem that has come up among people, Obesity!

Some find it very hard to burn those extra carbs from all the burgers and pizzas oozing out the melted cheese, devoured with relish.

There is a hoard of products that came to the rescue, but with a lot of side effects and complications. Procedures like liposuction and tummy tucks are still in the domains of the rich and famous. Again, that also brings with it a share of pain in the body and purse! This is where Ayurveda tricks for burning belly fat come in handy. 

Simple Ayurveda Tips For Burning Belly Fat

Belly fat also called abdominal fat and visceral fat has the dangerous potential to affect the surrounding organs in the abdominal region. This is the reason why people take it seriously and run around alarmingly, looking around for a remedy to reduce it as quickly as possible.

Ayurveda Tricks For Burning Belly Fat

It is the visceral fat that leads to Type 2 diabetes, heart conditions, and other health issues. Many factors, like lack of exercise, alcohol, and overeating contribute to belly fat. Other factors include birth control pills, pregnancy, menopause, lack of sleep, and hypothyroidism.

Due to lifestyles and food patterns, it becomes increasingly difficult for people to tune into a ‘ slay it mode’ when it comes to fat, especially visceral fat. So they seek out remedies and ayurveda comes to their rescue.

Let me share some insights on ayurveda tricks for burning belly fat for you.

Origin Of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a branch of medicine, which is a traditional system of healing with its roots in India, which uses natural herbs to treat diseases. It is a system that revolves around the ‘Tridoshas’ – Vaata, Pitta, and Kapha. Vaata is related to air, as Pitta is to bile and Kapha is to phlegm. (1)

Everybody is said to have a dominant nature of Vaata, Pitta, and Kapha also diseases that the body manifests will be also related to the imbalance in that element.  Belly fat is attributed to the Kapha (phlegm) element which increases with the intake of sweets, fatty foods, and desserts. There are foods that will help balance these elements in the body, thus aiding in weight loss. 

Belly Fat Burning With Ayurveda

There are some tips that have their origins in Ayurveda that would serve as ayurvedic tricks to reduce belly fat and aid in healthy weight loss. 

Royal Lunch And Paupers Dinner

Ayurveda wants those who are desirous of losing weight and following a healthy lifestyle, to have half the percentage of daily calorie intake at the afternoon lunch and eat the lightest dinner. They also prescribe eating dinner as early as 7 PM, that is to make sure that nothing is being consumed at sunset. 7 PM is the nearest time after sunset, hence one can have dinner during that time to see changes in the body towards losing weight.

Dietary Inclusions

Intake of Triphala, Garcinia Cambogia, which is also known as Malabar tamarind, cinnamon, green tea, fenugreek seeds, dried ginger, etc can aid in the weight loss process, hence serve as the dietary inclusions when discussing ayurvedic tricks to burn belly fat. Also, it would pay to avoid foods that are high in calories and low in nutrition, like baked goods, sugary treats, processed foods, etc. Try replacing them with veggies and fruits and nutritious nuts, pulses, and whole-grain foods. 


Mastication is a scientific terminology to denote chewing food properly to form a bolus to swallow. Simply said, you have to chomp away your food properly so that it is broken down and mixed with saliva before it travels down the digestive tract, which helps you feel satiated when your stomach gets its fair share.

Lukewarm Water Or Boiling Water To Burn Fat?

Ayurveda recommends having warm water whenever you are thirsty. It helps in boosting the metabolism, hence aiding weight loss.

Get On Your Feet

Walking! Walking fast by holding your stomach in for twenty to thirty minutes will help in reducing your waistline.


I am not recommending the Ayurvedic spa massage, but a daily oil massage with Lavanathailam will help reduce belly fat. Massaging the belly with a paste of horse gram powder and sour buttermilk, followed by a bath in warm water after thirty minutes of massage is said to help reduce belly fat.

For deep tissue treatment and for attacking the fat deposits in the body, Udhwardhanam is best. In Udhwardhanam, massaging with some medicinal powders like Kolukulathathi Choorna, with minimum oil is done. This is done for a stretch of seven days. Kizhi (warm poultice) is also used for deep tissue massage for obesity. (2)

Ayurveda Home Remedies For Burning Belly Fat  

Ayurveda basically tries to put together natural kitchen-shelf ingredients to serve as home remedies for different health conditions which do not require medicines as such. Ayurveda is a way of life. It brings in everyday cooking ingredients and uses them to address different issues in the body.

There are age-old concoctions that could be made at home like this one.


Fenugreek seeds are voted as a ‘miracle belly fat burner’, as they are proven to increase metabolic rates, and slow down the digestion process, thus aiding in regulating the absorption of carbs and sugar. It is also rich in fiber.

You could have powdered roasted fenugreek seeds mixed with hot water early in the morning. You can alternatively soak a few fenugreek seeds overnight and have the water on an empty stomach.

Ginger Juice

Try this: Take 100 grams of ginger and juice it up after skinning it. Make a powder of ajwain, black pepper, palm sugar, fenugreek seeds, cumin seeds, and dry ginger–all four tablespoons each. Take an iron kadai and pour the ginger juice and the powder in it and boil it until it becomes paste-like.

Add a few drops of sesame oil. Take it off the fire, cool it, and store it to be eaten half an hour before breakfast, daily to burn belly fat.


Turmeric is a wonderful spice and is a key ingredient in many medicines that are used internally and externally. To help with the burning of belly fat, turmeric could be mixed in a glass of warm water and can be had first thing in the morning.

Curcumin helps in lowering inflammation as well as expelling toxins and fat from the body. You could drink haldi doodh (turmeric milk) as well.

Ayurveda Tricks For Burning Belly Fat


Punarnava as the name suggests (roughly translated as the ‘ new again’ or ‘renew’) is a restorative herbal tonic that aids in the proper functioning of kidneys, and bladder and thus ensures the elimination of toxins and proper urination, ruling out tendencies for water retention that feeds the paunch.


Triphala is a popular ayurveda product that is a mix of dried amla, Haritaki, and Bibhitaki. It is available as both Churna (powder) or tablets. To shed those stubborn kilos, you are advised to have it two hours after dinner and half an hour before breakfast.


You should increase the consumption of ginger (fresh or dried), as it has natural thermogenic ingredients, which will aid in stepping up the overall metabolism of the body. It also helps with reducing fat storage in the body, thus bringing you to shape.

Boil raw ginger in water and drink it throughout the day just like you would keep sipping infused water. Ginger will give a burst of taste to the water and help with your belly fat melting at the same time.


Cumin or jeera is a common ingredient in almost all dishes in India. In many households, they keep cumin water for drinking purposes. Cumin seeds are boiled in water to make cumin water.

Cumin helps in the breaking down of fat and reducing the appetite, which will aid you in your belly fat-burning strategy. You could also sprinkle cumin seeds or roasted cumin seeds in foods and salads you prepare.

Indian Gooseberry Juice

The Indian gooseberry is rich in fiber and boosts digestion. It keeps the blood sugar at bay and helps regulate carbohydrate metabolism. Drinking Indian gooseberry juice daily also helps with the burning of belly fat.

Ayurveda Tricks For Burning Belly Fat

Green Tea And Cinnamon

Mix a teaspoon of honey and cinnamon powder in a cup of green tea and melt your belly fat away. Cinnamon could also be had as tea and used in dishes to help augment the belly fat melting process.

Castor Oil Remedy

Ayurveda stresses detoxification to clean the system and make it healthier. It also helps with the elimination of toxins and fat. A tablespoon of pure castor oil taken in the night to get a stomach purge in the morning, when done once or twice a week, will also work towards your goal of melting away the belly fat.

A mix of all these remedies for reducing belly fat can be followed religiously to see quick results in the burning belly fat department.

Is There Any Medicine In Ayurveda To Reduce Body Fat?

Yes, 15ml of Varadi tonic mixed with 60ml boiled and cooled water, sweetened with honey could be had daily in the morning and evening to reduce belly fat.
Taking Triphaladi tonic or Kashayam every night is also an effective ayurveda trick for burning belly fat.

How Can I Melt Belly Fat Naturally?

To melt naturally, include spices like turmeric, ginger, pepper, etc in your diet and it will aid in melting belly fat naturally.

How Can I Lose Weight Fast In Ayurveda?

Do practices like Udhwardhanam and Swedanam for a period of seven days targeting the body fat. Using Kashayams (tonics) and medicines with proper consultation with an ayurveda doctor will help speed up the weight loss process.

What Is The Herb That Burns Body Fat?

Herbs like Aragvadha, Shatavari, Ashwagandha, Fenugreek seeds, Ginger, and Turmeric–all are voted with five stars for their ability to burn body fat.

The remedies discussed, alongside proper diet and an active lifestyle can significantly reduce your belly fat. If you are determined to look even more gorgeous, do not let belly fat stand in the way. Now that you know the ayurveda tricks to burn belly fat, slay it, girls!!! After winters, the bikini-friendly summers are going to set in!!! 

So, all the gorgeous girls out there!

Brace yourself to flaunt some curves in this New Year.

Stay Awesome????

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