10 Benefits of Long Distance Relationships!

Long distances relationships aren’t all scary and sad. There are so many perks that you don’t always see. It’s a great time to reinvent each other on a whole different level.

Written by Shilpa Jayan

On Dec 23, 2022 – 6 minutes read

Benefits of Long-distance Relationship

I believe that the benefits of long distance relationships are significantly greater than what we are aware of at this point in time. In this day and age, migration is no big deal; be it for family, higher education, better job opportunity, better careers, or whatever. But sometimes when you have to move alone and leave your partner behind or vise-versa, all this theory might seem complicated and unrealistic.

But the distance may become inevitable when you know that it is for the better, that this shift can bring you a better life. Then, at that moment all you need is the affirmation that everything is going to be okay and that is what this read is all about. 

10 Perks Of Long Distance Relationship

I don’t want to fake it all up and tell you that the road ahead is perfectly smooth and easy. It will be a bumpy ride but of course, there are some wonderfully beautiful perks to your relationship. Let’s talk about the benefits of long distance relationships one by one. 

Perks Of Long Distance Relationship

1. You Get To Know Each Other On Different Levels

In a long distance relationship, words are the only way you can express and show your love on a daily basis. Even though you interact less, the time that you get to talk to your partner is precious and you make sure to be completely present. Deep conversations including your insecurities, your past, your worst fears, your hopes, and dreams happen which will help you get to know each other better. 

2. You Appreciate The Time That You Spend Together

In those moments when you finally get time to be with each other, you will appreciate it more than you ever did or ever will. You will make the most out of the time that you spend together. And trust me when I say this, this is when you will make your best-est memories. 

3. Helps To Avoid Any Kind Of Confusion

Another benefit of being in a long distance relationship is that you have the opportunity to resolve any kind of confusion or doubts you have regarding the relationship. It gives you and your partner space to think about the worth of your relationship; is it just an infatuation or is it real? You will get all the answers. Being attracted to the conversations you have daily can give much clarity on the longevity of your relationship(1). 

4. You Will Make Efforts To Make It Work 

Any relationship, be it of any kind or style, takes effort to nurture and grow it. But when in a live-in relationship, you tend to take things for granted while in a long distance relationship, you put a bigger effort to make things happen, to make it work. 

5. You Have Time To Focus On Yourselves, Individually

Love ships can take up a lot of time and effort. When you are together, you tend to involve yourselves in each others’ lives much more than you probably should. But you see, the benefit of long distance relationship is you can have control over that, and you will have better control over your own life. You get time to focus on yourself and make it better individually as well. 

Benefits of Long distance Relationship

6. You Develop Endurance 

While you are away, you will learn patience which can give you time to self-reflect and resolve conflicts better. You will understand or at least, try to understand each other better. It also makes you realize the gravity of your issues and you will make efforts to fix them rather than throwing it all away. 

7. You Get Trained To Live Together And Away

In some phase of your relationship, you might have to live apart also. So, this being away situation can train you to manage it efficiently in the later phases of your life. Better to deal with it and manage it now better than when you are old and needier right?

8. You Get To Resolve Trust Issues 

Long distance phase of your relationship is the best time that you can test the loyalty of your partner. Nobody can survive a long-distance relationship without trust. This phase can really test the commitment and loyalty that you both have towards the relationship. 

9. Can Make Your Bond Stronger 

In the long-run, long-distance relationships can make your bond grow stronger. To stand the test of time and distance is no small thing! It will also give you memories and lessons for the rest of your life(2). 

10. Traveling 

This might sound lame to you now but oh! Just trust me on the adventures that you will embark upon! Every trip that you take to meet each other during this time is going to be adventureful, happy, and forever memorable. You will count on every second, every minute, and those will be the best memories. 


Does distance make love stronger?

Yes, it absolutely does. Understanding each other better through those tough but beautiful times by being with each other virtually at all times can only make your love stronger. 

Can long-distance relationships be healthy?

Of course, it can. Healthy relationships are ones that have the best understanding abilities. Long distance relationships can make your test that and if it goes south even after all the efforts that you put in to fix it, then maybe it was not worth it after all. 

Do long-distance relationships last?

Yes, yes, a million times yes. It can last 1000% if you figure out to make it work. The distance is not going to be the issue. All it takes is, again, understanding your partner. 

What is the secret to a long-distance relationship?

I would say, communication, patience, and love (obviously) are key to any relationship; be it long-distance or not. 

Long Distance Relationship: Some More Advice

When you choose to sit on a dinner date on skype rather than hoping around in clubs with your friends, you will just know, that he is the one. When he/she makes the genuine effort to make plans just so that you can be together, you will know in your heart that you are not wrong about this one!

While talking about the benefits of Long distance relationships, this is the best when it comes to understanding your relationship and your partner a lot more than when you are together. Of course, it takes hard work to make it work but at the end of it all, you will appreciate that you did what you did.  

Everything that happens in this special phase of your relationship can only do you good. It tests your relationship on all levels and gives you clarity. Isn’t that what we all want? To tell your heart and soul to unanimously say that you were right this whole time

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