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8 Incredible Benefits of the Onion Hair Oil for Healthy and Glossy Tresses!

This versatile veggie belongs not just in the kitchen!

Written by Rachel Davis

On Apr 24, 2023 – 7 minutes read

These Benefits Of The Onion Hair Oil Will Change Your Life!

From helping in fast growth to preventing premature graying, the benefits of the Onion hair oil are countless. The best part is, you won’t have to spend all your fortune, to reap the benefits of this rich hair oil. Because you can simply make it at home with ingredients available in your kitchen, all by yourself.

Hair fall- the one scary tale that no woman wants to go through in her life. Those tresses are the skin, the direct representation of one’s personality, and confidence. 

For all hair problems that we face in our daily lives, there is a solution. The red onion hair oil, with its numerous benefits, helps reverse the effects of all those problems and to get our self-esteem and confidence back. It also contains all the essential vitamins and minerals need for great hair health.

These Benefits of Onion Hair Oil Will Change Your Life!

Onions contain large amounts of vitamins C, B6, folates, and other essential minerals like iron, potassium, and magnesium. (1) The oil also possesses properties like anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties that help in the removal of dandruff and other infections too.

Benefits Of The Onion Hair Oil

Onions are also loaded with different minerals, and vitamins, thus just a simple hair massage will ensure great scalp blood circulation. The sulfur content in the onions also helps in getting back the strength and elasticity of the hair. 

8 Benefits of Onion Hair Oil

Now let us see some of the benefits that the red onion hair oil provides us with:

#1. Hair Oil for Hair Growth

Use the essential oil regularly to nourish the scalp and strengthen the roots. This in return aids in fast hair growth. For this, massage the red onion oil to improve blood circulation in the scalp, for better hair health.

#2. Hair Oil Gives Extra Shine to the Hair

The onion hair oil is also useful for the lustrous look. Regular massage with the oil nourishes the roots and the oil seeps right into the roots of the hair follicles to grow healthy, shiny hair with a smooth texture.

#3. Hair Oil Helps To Ward Off Dandruff

The antibacterial and antiseptic properties of the oil help to treat dandruff issues. It nourishes and conditions the scalp in such a way that the scalp health also gets better and thus it prevents dandruff.

#4. Hair Oil Prevents Lice Canker

The sulfur present in the onion oil is also very advantageous. It has many infection-fighting properties. Thus it helps in preventing a lice infestation. (2)

Hair Oil Prevents Lice Canker

Benefits Of Onion Hair Oil #5. Hair Oil Prevents Premature Greying

The red onion hair oil also possesses many anti-oxidant properties. Regular use of the oil also improves blood circulation, fights inflammation, thus reversing the effects of premature greying.

#6. Hair Oil Works As A Conditioner

Onion oil nourishes your scalp, and thus it can be used as a conditioner too. It helps in preventing dryness and frizziness, as it acts as a natural conditioner.

#7. Hair Oil for Thick and Strong Hair Growth

Regularly using the oil provides us with great nourishment for our scalp. Massaging the scalp helps the roots and hair follicles(3) to get all the care, thus, improving blood circulation. This helps in fast, thick, and strong hair growth.

#8. Hair Oil Prevents Baldness

The use of onion hair oil lessens hair thinning by making the hair strands strong from the roots. Thus reducing hair fall. This prevents the formation of bald spots and hair thinning.

DIY Onion Hair Oil: Reap the Benefits of Onion Hair Oil at Home?

One of the ways to prepare the onion oil is by using pure extract.

  • Blend a few red onions to make a smooth paste.
  • Pour this paste into a vessel.
  • Add a few curry leaves to this.
  • Now, add coconut oil to it which acts as the carrier oil.
  • Heat the mixture for about 10 minutes with a low flame.
  • Let it simmer. Turn off the flame after 10 minutes.
  • Now let the mixture sit for about 24 hours. It helps all the ingredients to mix thoroughly with each other so that we get all the benefits from it.
  • After 24 hours, strain this mixture.
  • Store in a bottle, and use it at least once a week for best results.

This mixture can be used with other ingredients too to get the maximum benefits. We can mix this oil with curd, eggs, etc. to prepare a mask, or we can also use the oil for a hot oil treatment as well.

This oil can be stored in the container for almost 2 years, but you’ll get the utmost benefits if you use it within 6 months, as the oil tends it loses its potency after this period.

How To Use Onion Oil for the Hair?

Onions are very useful in the kitchen but these are also very helpful to get those lustrous locks. There are many ways to use the onion hair oil or to incorporate the benefits of the red onion in our everyday use. 

1. The Red Onion Hair Oil Can Be Used as the Pure Extract   

  • Pour a few drops of the onion oil into your palm.
  • Massage your scalp gently with it for 20 minutes.
  • Make sure to do it in a circular motion, so that it makes it easy for the oil to seep into the roots.
  • Leave it on for 2-3 hours, and wash it off with a shampoo that works well for you.

Follow the steps twice a week.

2. Hot Oil Treatment

The benefits of onion hair oil can be gained by giving yourself a hot oil treatment.

  • Mix a few drops of the onion oil with a carrier oil, presumably almond or olive oil.
  • Heat the oil for a few seconds, till it attains a lukewarm temperature.
  • Massage it onto the scalp, as well as the lengths of your hair.
  • Leave it on, for 3-4 hours.
  • Wash it off with a mild shampoo that you regularly use.

Do this twice a week for best results.

These Benefits Of The Onion Hair Oil Will Change Your Life!

3. Hair Mask

The Pure Oil Can Be Paired with Many Other Ingredients to Make a Great Nourishing Hair Mask

  • The onion oil can be mixed with the egg albumin for a protein-rich hair mask. This helps you to smoothen out rough hair and get glossy locks.
  • If your hair starts to feel dry and frizzy, you can hydrate your hair by using an onion oil hair mask.
  • To make this mask mix some onion oil with honey, to get soft and shiny hair.
  • For fast hair growth, mix the onion oil with some potato juice, and massage it well onto your scalp.
  • Wash it off after 1-2 hours.

Final Verdict

With all those astonishing benefits, anyone would want to try the onion hair oil. But, there are a few things to remember before giving it a try. The onion oil must not be too strong, as it may cause inflammation. It is always good to do a patch test 24 hours prior to the application.

The onion oil must also not be left on the scalp for a very long time, as it may also cause irritation. The patch test is also necessary to ensure that the person using the oil is not allergic to the oil. If we keep all these points in mind, we can get all the benefits of onion hair oil to get a healthy and lustrous, mane.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of oil is best?

The red onion hair oil is very essential for healthy hair growth. It can also be mixed with any other carrier oil like almond oil, olive oil etc. it also contains all the minerals and vitamins that are required for healthy and fast-growing hair.

Can I use onion oil daily?

No, the onion oil should not be used daily as it may cause inflammation to the scalp. It is recommended to use the oil 1-2 times a week.

Is onion oil good for grey hair?

The red onion hair oil possesses many anti-oxidant properties. The oil can also help in preventing premature greying. The anti-oxidant property of the oil helps to reverse the effects of premature greying.

Can I apply onion hair oil for 2 hours?

Yes, you can apply the onion oil for 2 hours. Massage well while you apply and leave it on for 2-3 hours. Wash it off by using a mild shampoo.

Can onion oil be used for rebounding hair?

Yes, the onion oil contains all the essential minerals and vitamins required for fast hair growth. It also improves blood circulation, thus making the process of hair growth even faster. It also results in the growth of stronger and healthier hair.

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