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Choose & Use the Best Blackhead Remover Tools Like a Pro!

Blackheads are too tempting to not pick at. Blackhead remover tools can save you from blackheads and save your money!

Written by Manal Yahya

On May 31, 2023 – 8 minutes read

best Blackhead Remover Tools

Do you stare at yourself in the mirror and try to squeeze out the blackheads on your face? I do, from my nose in particular. Whenever I stare too long to notice the darkening pricks, I use my fingers to pick at them but in vain. Bad move, I know. Using fingers to clear clogged pores and stubborn blackheads (that just won’t come off) will not only cause irritation and scarring, but can also cause infection! It is one move every aesthetician narrows their eyes at. Here are 6 best blackhead remover tools that you should check out.

Choose the Best Blackhead Remover Tools Like a Pro

Instead of fingers, you and I could make use of the best blackhead remover tools in the market. We can choose the ones that are effective and also safe to use even on sensitive skin. Besides, why not spend your money on a durable long-term product instead of wasting countless face masks and pore strips? Yes, breaking your wallet for salon trips and recovery recipes, you are bound to look for an easy way out. Even professionals recommend using the best professional blackhead remover tools.

Best Blackhead remover tools

No More Picking

If you have a hectic schedule, sometimes months go by before you get a next facial. Meaning all the dirt, excess oil, and dead cells must have clogged your pores to the point of having blackhead-laden skin. And you keep squeezing them with your fingers without knowing what you are actually doing.

To understand a bit more about what you are doing wrong when you squeeze a clogged pore, the first thing to know is that our pores are in fact hair follicles. Since the hair is practically subtle, we don’t realize that hair grows in all directions. By squeezing them in front of a mirror without prior basic knowledge of how to, you won’t know which angle to go at it from. Something a professional knows pretty well!

What can you do to avoid further damage? Stop using your fingers to remove blackheads! Rather, start using the best blackhead remover tools available to purge your skin of oil and dirt.

Why Do I Need a Blackhead Remover Tool?

As your skin constantly produces oil and sheds old skin cells, blackheads can reappear even after removal. Meaning your trips to the salon for treating blackheads won’t end anytime soon. However, if you have the choice to not go for a salon trip every now and then for clearing out your pores and removing blackheads, wouldn’t you jump at it? You can. Because you have a better alternative option here; a blackhead remover or extractor.

blackhead remover tool how to use

You can buy these best blackhead remover tools one time and use them several times. Whenever you become aware of those darkening blemishes you can save that salon appointment. They don’t run out with time. You save your time and money with these affordable and effective tools! Although a few dermatologists advise against using them on your own, Dr. Pimple Popper and I agree to disagree. As long as you are doing it in the right and safe manner. Ahead, find a list of carefully chosen best blackhead remover tools in 2023 you could easily use at home.

Best Blackhead Remover Tools in the Market

Have you tried using any blackhead remover for your nose? If not, it’s high time you tried using one. You will thank the heavens once you get the hang of using these best dermatologist-backed blackhead removal tools mentioned below. From professional stainless-steel sets, high-power pore vacuums, and spatula scrubbing devices approved by experts, each of these will help you tackle your skin concerns starting with blackheads.

Microderm GLO MINI Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum & Facial Tool

This one has a 4-star rating on Amazon from nearly 6k users. Touted as the # 1 Advanced Suction Machine for Face and Nose with patented medical grade technology, it comes with an add-on option of microdermabrasion. It decreases pores, rebuilds collagen and elastin, thereby tightening your skin and helping you restore the youthfulness of your skin. (1).

What is the best tool for removing blackheads?

Price: $64.99

With its one-touch operation, this simple-to-use gadget might be all you need to give your skin new life. Safe for all skin types, life-time warranty – what more can you ask for?

Bestope Blackhead Remover Pimple Comedone Extractor Tool

No matter how annoying the blackheads look, do not pick them with your fingers. Your fingers carry bacteria, you can cause even infection. That’s where these extractors come in handy. The Bestope blackhead remover kit is one of the most popular blackhead remover tools among dermatologists, aestheticians, and Amazon.

blackhead remover machine

Price: $14.99

These are pretty easy to use at home and are safe to use on sensitive skins too. You can take these when you travel as they come in a handy container. It consists of five dual-ended types of extraction tools made of electroplated nickel and stainless steel. Wash your face, press one end of the tool to the skin. When the blackhead is in the center of it, drag the tool across to release any buildup.

JPNK Blackhead-Remover Tool Kit

Being the best vacuum blackhead remover, JPNK is worth every penny. Imagine dragging out a plant from its root, that’s how these vacuum blackhead remover tools suck the blackheads out. This one also comes with a travel-friendly pouch and is one of the highly rated blackhead remover tools on Amazon in 2023.

Price: $14.99

JPNK comes in a six-piece set with its design in the same model of the tools you’d find at a dermatologist’s. It is available in black and pink colors.

Dermaflash Dermapore Ultrasonic Pore Extractor

In contrast to the blackhead vacuum, this is a unique two-in-one ultrasonic, face spatula that removes a lot of blackheads equally in a short amount of time. Don’t get surprised by the price tag as Dermapore promises to deliver a spa-quality treatment of your skin with the stainless steel spatula-shaped head.

How do you get rid of a deep blackhead?

Price: $99

It massages your face back and forth and unclogs pores, deep clean your skin, and enhances the penetration of active ingredients(2) in serum or lotions. Make sure that you remove your makeup and keep your skin wet through the use. This blackhead remover tool is also water-resistant and can be used in the shower.

Sephora Collection Double-Ended Blemish Extractor

Of course, a loop extractor is another best professional blackhead remover tool. This can reach anywhere hard to reach, like near the side of your nose or ears. And you can remove both blackheads and whiteheads without putting too much pressure on the skin. If the blackheads don’t pop with a little pressure, don’t keep at it. Too much pressure while dragging could tear your skin, burst blood vessels, or scar. You can carry this as your best blackhead remover for the nose!

Blackhead remover tool

Price: $40.25

All five of the mentioned best blackhead remover tools 2023 promise to effectively clear off blackhead, dirt, grime, and excess oil. The best thing about using these is you can do all these in the comfort of your house!

Before And After You Use Them

Use a face mask. Using a face mask first is completely optional. But if you do have a face mask that could clear off the dirt, buildup makeup, and excess oil, you can easily remove the deeply rooted, stubborn blackheads using these tools.

Steam your face. For acquiring the best results, before using the tools, you can either steam your face (a bowl of hot water) or apply a hot (not scalding hot) towel on your face for 10 minutes or so. This will open up the pores. Or you can use them right after showering when the sebum in your pores will be softer(3).

Check the vacuum’s strength. If the suction is too high, you could bruise yourself (which is called telangiectasia(4)). Test the vacuum’s strength on your arms or hands before you apply it to your face. Start on the lowest suction and slowly move up considering your skin type and needs.

Close the pores. After you are done, do not forget to relax and close the open pores using a cold towel on your face. Then, use a cleanser to clean your face and a moisturizer to soften and polish off your face.

Clean your tools. It is essential that you clean your tools with alcohol before and after use to avoid using a dirty blackhead remover tool and cause a bacteria buildup and a skin breakout.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blackhead Remover Tools:

How can I remove deep blackheads?

Along with giving your skin an even complexion, these blackhead remover tools will help you remove the stubborn blackheads that won’t come off even after you painfully pull the strips off them quite harshly.

Are blackhead extractors safe?

Yes, they are guaranteed to not involve any chemicals in them and they are proved to be less invasive and safe.

Does the blackhead removal tool leave scars?

No, they won’t leave a scar. These popular beauty tools use innovative suction (of course not quite a vacuum cleaner but similar) to gently or powerfully (according to your preference) remove dead skin cells, dirt, and blackheads without bruising or damaging your skin. But, if you drag them across your skin with too much pressure, you might get a scar.

What is the best blackhead remover?

As you are very well aware that blackheads can be stubborn at times (most times), certain blackhead removers work better for some people than they do for others. It depends upon how deep they are rooted and your skin type. All of these mentioned above are the best blackhead remover tools in 2023.

What is the best blackhead remover tool?

I’d prefer a Dermaflash Dermapore because of its unique spatula head. They are comfortable to use, easy to reach the sides of my nose, too.

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