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The Best Facial Massagers To Invest In For A Sculpted Face!

Who doesn’t wish for a picture-perfect sculpted face?

Written by Manal Yahya

On May 30, 2023 – 8 minutes read

The Best Facial Massagers To Invest In For A Sculpted Face!

Do facial massagers work? If yes, how? Did you know that there is a unique network of tissue throughout the body that has a huge impact on the appearance as well as the feel of your skin from head to toe? The network of tissue is called fascia. It is a type of connective tissue that is made of fibrous sheets of woven elastin, collagen, and a lubricating ground substance.

It penetrates every vein, artery, nerve, bone and muscle in your body. And even your internal organs — including the brain, heart, lungs, and spinal cord. Basically, it protects all major structures of your anatomy. Now, how are facial massagers related to the talk of fascia? Well, fascia is the sole focus of facial massagers. But, how? 

Are you confused? Read on to get a deeper understanding of facial massagers and the best facial massagers in the market in 2023!

The Best Facial Massagers in the Market

There are two components of fascia in the face. The outermost layer right under the skin controls minute facial movements or contractions. It is also responsible for giving the face its tone, support, and lift. The deeper layer connects the skin to muscle and fat. This causes facial tension that can pull the face downwards (wrinkles and sagging are the results). But as usual, the aging process plays the villain role.

The best facial massagers

The natural and inevitable process of aging affects every cell in your body. This includes the cells that comprise your fascia. Although different types of fascia age differently, every type will age eventually and can become apparent on the surface(1). Some fascia becomes rigid and compresses the muscles and nerves whereas the more collagen-rich fascia stretches out over time. Fascia in the face and neck falls in the latter category. Unfortunately, it means aging fascia creates wrinkles, jowls, and skin laxity.

Here comes the hero role of facial massagers to sculpt your face. It is true that facial massagers cannot increase collagen production per se. But it can increase circulation by releasing tense fascia and stuck fascia within the layers of the skin and by reducing muscle tension in the face and jaw. In turn, it can promote blood circulation and potentially stimulate collagen. The benefits of facial massagers don’t end here. It is a long list.

What are the Benefits of Facial Massagers?

From rollers to stones, more and more brands are introducing a variety of different face massagers. These come with countless benefits that will make you feel you were missing out the whole time. A fascial face massage can not only stimulate rejuvenation and cellular activity but also tighten your skin and underlying muscles. It can also shift toxins and blockages. Higher and sharper cheekbones are the ultimate result!

What Are The Benefits of Facial Massagers

You are already aware that getting a facial massage is incredibly relaxing and heavenly and can leave you with radiant skin and a glowing complexion. And you don’t need any harsh chemical peels or expensive products either. The massage, especially when done in a particular way, can promote blood and lymphatic circulation(2). This means decreased puffiness, all the while increasing the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the skin. Since the focus of the facial treatment is to lift and smooth the skin texture, you can say goodbye to expression lines and wrinkles for good.

What’s more, many use facial massages as an alternative to Botox. You don’t have to go under the needles for this! Experienced fingers will do the magic of restoring plumpness to your skin. But when you work on your face with the magical tech-treatments mentioned below on an anxious day, you will be rewarded with the youthful appearance that begins from within. After all, you cannot go to the salon each time you feel the tightness and need a fascial release. So, buy any of these best facial massagers and add frequent massage sessions to your skincare routine!

Invest in These Best Facial Massagers

Every skin type needs a facial massage every now and then. Then again, choosing a facial massager is not as easy as it sounds. The number of facial massagers in the market can make anyone feel tricked. From ancient medicine to high-tech powered solutions, you have two extreme ends to choose from. But you cannot go wrong with either of the extremes. While you have ancient, strange-looking tools to cool the skin, soothe muscles, and shift blockages, you have sonic vibrations, gold-plated metal, and microcurrents to pronounce cheekbones, tighten the jawline, reduce wrinkles, and stimulate skin regeneration. 

Invest in these best facial massagers

These listed below are a few of the best facial massagers or face sculpting tools you can invest in. Pick your tool and sculpt your face!

Jade Face Roller Facial Massagers

Jade roller has been used as a skin massager since the 17th century in China and it is still one of the effective massagers! This double-sided face roller crafted from a cooling green jade is the perfect facial massager for anyone. The rounded, ethically-mined stones are naturally cold (now you can finally ditch those freezer spoons) and will help your struggle with puffiness and inflammation.

Jade Face Roller

It increases lymphatic drainage in the face, detoxifies the skin, and helps the topical products absorb deeper into the epidermis. Slather on your favorite moisturizer or serum and roll the jade roller upwards and outwards to increase circulation while shifting underlying fluid. You can also keep it in the fridge for a few minutes for added circulation. Use the longer side for larger areas and the shorter side for delicate areas. 

Gua Sha Facial Lifting Tool

The traditional Chinese medicine Gua Sha with its unique pattern and color is the ultimate care your face needs. Besides visibly lifting and contouring the face, it can help you relieve facial and jaw tension, lose elasticity and firmness of the skin, improve circulation, and give a brighter complexion.

Gua sha facial lifting tool

So, less puffy and more glowy! All you have to do is slowly stroke and massage your face and neck with gua-sha after hydrating your skin. The strange shape is specifically designed for a comfortable grip during use. You can buy Mount Lai’s Jade Facial Spa Set with a roller and a gua-sha stone for a deeper massage. 

Sarah Chapman Skinesis the Facialift

If you are a habitual jaw clencher, you can benefit a lot from this funny yet scary looking face massaging tool. It does all that a facial massager does; the pinching, tapping, knuckling, and kneading. Designed with eight wheels and 48 nodules, the facialist glides with ease.

Which face massager is best?

The gentle pressure while pushing and rolling the massager on your jawline up to your ears brings oxygen back into your skin and energizes the skin. As it brings blood to the surface while releasing tight muscles, it can drain toxins, reduce puffiness, and give you an instant glow! Also, it aids in lymphatic drainage and you can use it on the neck area to help with skin congestion. 

Skin Gym Face Sculptor

The natural contours of your skin will be treated with these cooling dual-ended metal rollers. The shape of this face massager greatly targets the jawline since it can roll smoothly yet deeply over the bone. It not only tightens but also contours your skin (sans makeup!) and leaves you with the post-facial lift.

Do facial massagers really work?

Can you say no to that? Rolling this roller in upward strokes over clean and moisturized skin (since dry skin restricts ease of gliding) will knead your skin gently yet effectively. It takes only 5 to 10 minutes of relaxing face massaging to get the chiseled face you prefer.

Nurse Jamie NuVibe RX Amethyst Massaging Tool

This uniquely designed facial massager utilizes sonic vibration massage and restores the radiance of your skin. The Amethyst head that smoothly vibrates at 6,000 pulses per minute helps lift the saggy skin to sculpt your face.

Is vibration good for your face?

You smoothly glide the sleek slim-lined tool around your eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks, jawline, and neck to soften the lines and wrinkles. It is known for being the best face massager for wrinkles and is suitable for most skin types.

Foreo Iris Eye Massager

The question of massaging the skin around the eyes is a different concern. Do we use the same face massager there too? Well, Foreo has the answer for you. For the delicate area of your eyes, Foreo launched an eye massager for your eyes to look more awake. With two settings, eight different speeds, and two modes of vibration (tapping and pulsing), this smooth eye massager can eliminate the puffiness circling your eyes.

Face massager machine side effects

Apply your choice of eye serum or cream, then move the oval-shaped pulsing device gently from the inner to the outer corner of your under-eye area and keep those fluids moving. Trust me, you won’t need a concealer after buying this eye massager. 

Jillian Dempsey Gold Sculpting Bar

The 24kt gold plated face sculpting tool may be too expensive to invest in. But it is the best luxurious face massager you will find. Inspired by traditional Japanese tightening tools, the T-bar wand vibrates subtly, giving the effects of an authentic Eastern massage and tightens, tones, and lifts the skin. All thanks to Jillian Dempsey(3) for bringing this vibrational facial massage wand and allowing your skin to breathe.

Glide the sculpting tool over your moisture coated skin in upwards motions from the bottom to dissolve the muscle tension and relax them. The pure gold is naturally anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial. But if you move it over makeup, the gold may react with your foundation and leave a hue of green on your skin. You do not need that. So clean your face before you start rolling! 

Can we use face massager daily?


Studies have shown that using vibrational tools can increase the skin’s ability to absorb topical products you use, such as serums and moisturizers. If you are expecting optimal benefits and cumulative results from these impressive tools, of which some are enhanced with technology, you need to be consistent. For better results, 2-3 times a week is recommended. 

So, wash your face, slather your favorite hydrator — moisturizer, serum, oil, or face mask — and grab one of these best facial massagers above. And get ready for the most relaxing minutes of your exhausting day!

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