Best Permanent Hair Straightening Cream – Can You Rely On These For Permanent Hair Straightening?

What can elevate your style more than a brand new hairstyle! Hair straightening is the best way to do that and oh! It’s so simple. If you are someone who is confused about hair straightening, do read!

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Messy and unmanageable hair might make you look dull and unpresentable. Even if you can straighten or curl your hair every day, you must agree that it doesn’t last long. Permanent hair straightening cream substitutes all these needs. So, switching to permanent hair treatments can be the best solution.  In the busy schedules of everyday life, we prefer everything fast, easy, and long-lasting.

Hair straightening methods like hair relaxing, keratin treatment, hair rebonding, straightening iron, blow-drying straightening brushes, etc. can be really useful these days. So let us take a closer look at the best ones in the market!

What Is A Permanent Hair Straightening Cream?

Hair straightening creams help to smoothen and straighten the curly or wavy hair and give a natural look by moisturizing and conditioning it. Managing hair is not a big task then.

Permanent and temporary straightening creams are available. Permanent straightening keeps your hair straight for four to six months whereas temporary creams keep it straight for one day. 

Best hair straightening cream

You can straighten your hair in the comfort of your home using straightening creams available in the market. It is not difficult or time-consuming. Logically deciding on the product and applying it according to the hair texture and tone as prescribed is really important. 

Buying the best quality hair straightening cream will benefit you in different ways. Apart from keeping you attractive, it will help you to stay away from frequent visits to hairstylists. 

How To Choose The Best Permanent Hair Straightening Cream? 

As hair straightening creams are made up of chemicals, we should ensure the quality of products before buying them. There are a few tips to follow before you decide on the product. 

  • There are different products developed for different hair textures. First, examine your hair texture and check the product label. Ensure that the product is meant for you. 
  • Keratin protein, hydrolyzed wheat proteins, Cyclopentasiloxane(1), acrylic acid, cetrimonium chloride, and phenoxyethanol are the major ingredients used by different manufacturers. Select one with more keratin protein to ensure effectiveness. 
  • There are products with natural ingredients with more health benefits such as argan oil, aloe vera extract, Moroccan oil, etc. 
  • Along with hair straightening, there are products offering us more benefits like nourishing hair and maintaining overall health. Choose a multipurpose product. 
  • Always go for renowned brands as they have wider acceptability. 
  • Straightening is a  chemical process and we cannot deny the possibility of hair breakage and hair fall. Picking a trusted brand with anti-breakage properties can help you. 

Here are a few reputed and trusted brands of permanent hair straightening cream brands that you can rely on.

1. L’OREAL X-tenso Hair Straightener Cream for Natural/Normal Hair

This imported hair straightening cream single-use set contains 125 ml smoothing cream and 125 ml neutralizing cream and is meant for natural hair with normal strength.

This cream promises beautifully silky and shiny hair. Make frizzy, curly, or wavy hair completely straight while preserving health. The Astonishing Brazilian look offered by the product is one of the main attractions.

L'OREAL X-tenso Straightener Cream for Natural Normal Hair

Price: $29.50

Combine the power of three nourishing oils such as sweet almonds, cottonseed, and rice. This pink-colored product is from the highly reputed brand L’ Oreal. Product is mainly recommended for women.

The makers promise long-lasting effects which may last up to three months. this product is in high demand as worldwide customers have reviewed the same product positively

2. Glatt Schwarzkopf Permanent Straightener Cream 

This product from Schwarzkopf Glatt is a very strong one. It is suitable for very curly or very frizzy hair. This permanent hair straightening cream promises a long-lasting effect on curly and frizzy hair. The package contains a straightening cream of 85 ml and neutralizing balm of 80 ml.

Glatt Schwarzkopf Permanent Straightener Cream

Price: $13.49 

When usual permanent hair straightening creams get defeated with very curly and frizzy hair, Glatt Schwarzkopf lasts for months. The protein care formula provides perfectly long-lasting straight hair with extra care for shiny and healthy hair.

3. Make It Straightening Cream

Make It Straight – Salon Blowout Results is a zero formaldehyde straight scented hair straightening cream from Developlus. Frizz control over the healthy process is remarkable here. It is best suited for curly hair – natural or damaged.

Make It Straightening hair cream

Price: $15.79

It goes well with colored and treated hair. We never expect extremely curly hair to get straightened in the comfort of our home. But it is possible to Make it straight. This incredible product offers silky, shiny, and healthy hair lasting up to 3 to 4 months. 

4. EX 1 + 2 Crystalizing Straightening Cream 

Crystallizing Straight Express Processing for Healthy Hair EX1+2 is an amazing permanent hair straightening cream from Shiseido. The product is meant for wavy, very resistant, and curly hair. Along with straightening, the product offers smoothening too.

The package includes a hair straightener and a neutralizing emulsion. This makes them very resistant hair smooth, shiny, and straight. The two-step straight permanent system contains a straightener and neutralizer, which are permanent solutions when used with a hot air iron.

EX 1 + 2 Crystalizing hair Straightening cream

Price: $63.99

According to the manufacturers, crystalizing straight is an innovative technique developed by Shiseido Professional in Japan to make frizzy, curly, or wavy hair completely straight while preserving the hair’s health.  Crystallizing Straight typically will improve the hair’s feel, softness, and shine while making it more manageable!

5. Kerazon Kit Hair Straightener Cream 

Brazilian Keratin Treatment Complex Blowout KERAZON kit includes a pre-treatment shampoo, Brazilian Keratin Treatment, and an intensive hair mask. This Brazilian Keratin Treatment formula offers shining, conditioning, moisturizing, smoothening, softening, nourishing, frizz control, and strengthening to your hair.

Kerazon Kit hair straightening cream

Price: $39.99

The process never troubles you with downtime and waiting time. Kerazon gives you immediate effect and effectiveness on colored hair too. The exclusive formula helps to improve the health of the hair.

It repairs damaged hair and stops hair breakage. The kit is good for 1 to 2 applications. According to the manufacturers, the result lasts up to 2 to 6 months as per your hair type. 

6. LISCIO Crystal Hair Straightening Cream

Milbon Straight LISCIO Crystal Straightening Cream Normal is an incredible product from Milbon. It is a crystal straightening cream meant for normal hair and it is specially manufactured for chemically treated or colored hair.

LISCIO Crystal Hair Straightening Cream

Price: $39.99

According to the customer reviews, the straightened effect continues for more than 4 months. Here you are free to invest your colored hair with the given product as it includes tinta- color conditioner. It nourishes and protects hair color vitality while leaving it smooth and healthy. 

7. Easystraightening Cream 

Easy straight is a three-month straightener from Zotos.  Easy straight specially manufactured for frizzy hair. This semi-permanent, at-home straightening system is aimed at relaxing curls, frizz, and waves with salon quality.


Price: $54.95

For the next three months, you can wake up with straight hair which is easy to style. It is ideal for taming coarse, frizzy, and unruly hair. According to the customer reviews, it works very well and the main attraction is the easy manageability of the cream as well as hair after usage. 

8. Brazilian Keratin Treatment Hair Straightener Cream 

Brazilian Keratin treatment is a highly reputed permanent hair straightening treatment from Lifestyle Visions. This Camelina flower (2)scented formaldehyde-free complex smoothing cream is suitable for damaged, frizzy, curly locks or all other hair types. 

Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Price: $49.99 

The product is incredible to keep hair hydrated and silky smooth with immediate effect. This product will not cause any sensitive reactions on the hair scalp. Along with giving your hair a softer and straighter appearance, it can return your hair’s natural glory without damaging its structural integrity.

This treatment keeps your hair frizz-free for 3 to 9 months up to your hair type. As Keratin has protein and helps cells grow,(3) this straightening cream cannot make any negative impact on your scalp. 

9. Cure Hair Straightener Cream 

Cure One Step Japanese Magic Hair Straightening Cream is an excellent product of AURORA. This is manufactured for all types of hair. It is a nourishing and healthy cream as it contains natural oils and extracts. The special nature-based content can minimize the damage. The result can last up to six months.


Price: $44.22

The South Korean-based product has its own special characteristics such as the easy process of straightening. It just takes 2 hours to complete the process and the result is long-lasting as per the condition and type of hair that you have. According to the manufacturer, the combination of essential oils and extracts keeps your hair soft and lustrous after the treatment.  

10. Brazilian Hair Straightening Cream

Brazilian Straight is a Quality permanent straightener kit by Searching Plants. It is a home treatment kit that includes everything you need for the treatment such as pre-treatment, clarifying shampoo, keratin complex treatment, hair clips, comb, application brush, and gloves along with proper instructions.

Brazilian hair Straightening cream

Price: $45.99

The product is suitable for all hair types such as dry and curly and straight and results in silky smooth and nourished hair. The straightened and smooth effect lasts for 3 – 5 months. As the treatment kit is fully equipped, it is easy to manage. 

11. Amazonliss Tanino Hair Straightener Cream 

Amazon lists Tanino is an outstanding product from Amazonliss. This permanent straightening and treatment cream gives a hydrating, repairing, smooth, and extreme shine effect to oily, dry and normal hair.

This quality-assuring product is formaldehyde-free and made without any harmful content. It is capable of balancing mineral content to make hair healthy. An unpleasant odor is a common issue with straightening creams.

Amazonliss Tanino Hair Straightening Cream

Price: $33.99

Here the product is completely free from bad or unpleasant odors. The active ingredient of the cream, Tannins, is complete of plant origin as it is found in the fruits of the tropical tree Tamarindus.

Tannins awaken the hair shaft and give a natural look and healthy inside. The treatment provides immediate visible results such as repairing damages and removing color dullness. 

How To Use A Permanent Hair Straightening Cream?

It is very important to apply the hair straightening cream as per the instructions given in the packet when you are doing it in your home or it may cause a negative effect. Make sure that your hair is clean and ready for the straightening process. Shampoo your hair and remove water using a towel. Knots and tangles must be removed before applying the cream. 

Know your hair type and choose the correct product. Some creams and treatment plans suggest brand-related shampoos and nourishing creams before and after the process. It is good to follow the same brand or brand with the same content for better results. It is always good to part your hair into three or four parts as per the volume of your hair. 

Then use a brush or comb as per the instruction. Some brands need heating for straightening whereas some other brands suggest a straightening comb. Find out the suggested mode of straightening on the label of the product. It can be done using a blow dryer, iron rod, or a brush. 

Hair Straightening Cream V/S Flat Iron. 

There are a lot of straightening tools available in the market as the demand is increasing day by day. People consider these tools as a part of their daily routine. In everyday life managing hair is a big task.

Hair straightening tools such as flat irons, hot combs, and hot brushes are common among them. The flat iron is common and accepted one now. The flat iron is a device used to style and straighten your hair using heat. It is an iron rod covered with ceramics. 

Hair Straightening Cream V S Flat iron

Both flat iron and hair straightening creams have their own merits and demerits. The flat iron is a temporary method whereas creams are semi-permanent and last for more than two months.

Flat iron causes a heating effect for straightening and creams use a chemical effect. Chemically treated or straightened hair is easy to manage. It is always important to choose the best brand when the hair is concerned. For Permanent straightening creams, styling creams, or straightening tools such as flat iron; decide logically and pick the best one. 


[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”How Long Will A Straightening Last?” answer-0=”It is based on your hair type and hair growth. Common time period is 2 to 4 months. ” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”Will It Cause Side Effects? ” answer-1=”As these creams are chemical compositions, we cannot deny the possibility of side effects. However, choosing the best brand can help you. Beware if you are allergic. ” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”What If My Hair Is Already Colored?” answer-2=”There are exclusive products for colored and chemically treated hair. Check the label or product description before buying one. ” image-2=”” headline-3=”h3″ question-3=”Can I Use Straightening Cream On Wet Hair?” answer-3=”It is highly recommended to clean or shampoo your hair before applying the straightener. But, Applying on wet hair is not good. Remove water using a towel and go for straightening. ” image-3=”” count=”4″ html=”true” css_class=””]

Bottom Line

We all look for the easiest techniques especially when it comes to everyday routine. In this hectic world, getting ready for work can be quite tiresome. Forget about the hair management for 3 to 6 months after choosing the best quality permanent hair straightening cream and go hassle-free every morning, every night.

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