Best Professional Eyelash Extensions Brands – Latest Trends You Need To Know!

Not always do you have the time and patience to apply mascara. Eyelash extensions make the easiest and perfect replacement.

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On Jun 6, 2023 – 11 minutes read

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Makeup is simply incomplete without those dashing eyelashes. Some wear lashes only during occasions while there are many others who wear them daily. Wearing fake lashes every day can be very time-consuming.  The best professional eyelash extensions brands will change the game for you.

An average woman who has to take care of the house, cook, and then leave for work does not have time to pay much attention to their lashes. One of the most recent and latest trends in the beauty industry is having long, lustrous lashes making that eyes look natural yet sultry.

Best Professional Eyelash Extensions Brands

Luckily for busy women, the lash extensions have come as a blessing. But when it comes to choosing the right lash extensions size, options, material, comfort, reviews, removability…. everything matters.  

With the kind of trends that are setting up today’s beauty standards, it’s ok to be curious. The kind of lashes you saw on Adele and Katy Perry is now worn by your colleagues and neighbors. Yeah, I know how that feels.  

Eyelash Extensions Brands

If you have not got on that wagon yet, let me tell you in the beauty world lashes have made their own place like the icing on the cake. It’s a must- must. It can take ages off your face and give your mascara some rest.  Simplified makeup routines are great. Still, the whole idea of getting lash extensions is still a topic of “hmmmmm…” when health, safety, and money are concerned.

From this, it’s clear that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

Safety Matters

Well let me try and settle things here, your experience with professional lashes would completely depend on the type of extension you choose and the lash expert you go to.  One wrong choice can give you odd-looking lashes and sometimes even eye infections.

As per the American Academy of Ophthalmology, “Anyone who experiences an infection, any inflammation, an allergic reaction or a noticeable loss of natural eyelashes should see an ophthalmologist immediately.” That’s kind of scary right, that not only do you get an infected eye, but you lose your vision as well as your natural lashes all for some fake lashes. It seems like a pretty dangerous game(1).

This article will not only guide you on getting the Best Professional Eyelash Extensions Brands but will also give you a complete idea of how to choose, manage, and maintain them.

What Are the Different Types of Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extension is never one size that fits all, the options vary from mink, sable, cashmere synthetic acrylic, faux, and silk. Depending on the natural curl the application procession is different from one person to another.

eyelash extensions

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Take To Apply?

If you are planning on getting permanent lash extensions the process initially takes up to 2 hours.  

using eyelash extension

Even though the term used is permanent, even with the best professional eyelash extensions brands, the lashes kind of tend to start falling off eventually. And it might require you to do a touch-up every few weeks and this process can take a few hours. These lashes are attached one by one to the base of your natural lashes.

How Much Does Eyelash Extensions Cost?

For someone who earns an average, no matter how you choose to get do your lashes, your bank balance is definitely going to go down. But how much you are going to lose depends on the technician’s level of experience and the type of lashes you wish to use.

The most basic best professional eyelash extensions brands cost around $150 to $350 for a full set of lash extensions. Also, around $75 to $100 for touch-ups every two to three weeks. Another thing to consider is the material you choose. Natural lashes are expensive but for some, this could cause allergy, for it is better to stick to artificial man-made extensions.

Are Eyelash Extensions Painful?

You shouldn’t feel any discomfort, but you may feel anxious with tweezers being so close to your eyes. The eyes are kept closed throughout the complete process.

lady worried eyelash extension

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

We lose our natural lashes every 7 to 8 weeks and sadly since these lashes are stuck along with your natural lashes you lose them too. According to science, women shed about 20 lashes every week. This is why this process can be expensive to many, the solution is not permanent(2).

Are Eyelash Extensions Safe?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions, but the truth lies in the hands of your technician. Lack of extensions can become a horror story if you fall into the wrong hands.  If you get your lashes done by inexperienced hands, this could lead to clumped lashes, breakage and damage of natural lashes, eye infection, etc. Also if the inexperienced technician glues the lashes to a natural lash, it can take out the real lash permanently. Therefore before you go to get your lash done, research the technician, see the work he/she has done before, their reviews, etc.

The glue used to attach these lash extensions contains a chemical known as formaldehyde can trigger an allergic reaction(3) Therefore make sure that the technician uses best professional eyelash extensions brands of medical-grade formaldehyde-free, non-irritating glue. While you apply the lashes, if you experience any kind of irritation or burning sensation, immediately ask the technician/stylist to stop. Sometimes this can be due to the gel that’s used to hold these lashes together. It may contain collagen, aloe, and hyaluronic acid which can cause irritation especially in those who have very sensitive skin.

Can I Wear Mascara With Eyelash Extensions?

One of the main reasons why people go for lash extensions is the fact that it allows you to ditch your mascara, eyeliner, and lash curler, helping you save so much time in the morning.

lash maskara

Applying mascara is not forbidden but it’s not necessary as your lashes would already have good volume, but if you have a party to attend and prefer to apply a coat of mascara make sure that you apply one that’s water-based. A natural mascara that has vitamin B5 and is easily washable is the most suitable as these won’t damage your extensions(4).

How To Take Care Of Your Lashes So That They Last Longer?

If you start noticing that your extensions are flaking out, then it means that the adhesive used to hold your lashes is kind of reacting with your skin. Once you get your lashes done, avoid wetting them for the next 24 to 48 hours. This can help the bond to fix well.

Stop using gel and cream-based eyeliners, waterproof mascara, etc.  Do not use cotton pad rub or try to irritate your lashes. Also, if you are someone who sleeps on your stomach, use a lash topcoat and sleep on a satin pillowcase so that it can be less harsh on your lashes.

Cleaning Tips for Lash Extensions:

Use an oil-free lash cleanser formulated with lash extension cleaner. Stronger products can weaken the bond that holds the lash together and make it shed permanently.

Choice of colors and Lower Lash Extensions from the Best Professional Eyelash Extensions Brands

If you want a colored lash extension, that’s available too. It does alter your look when combined with certain colors.

choice of colour

For example, for those of you who have brown eyes, purple lashes can make your eyes look bigger. But unlike applying regular lashes applying colored lash can take about 30 minutes extra.

8 Best Professional Eyelash Extensions Brands

Here are some of the best professional eyelash brands that you can choose from:

#1- Scala Individual Lash Extensions

These lashes are of extremely high quality, made from synthetic fiber, and available in various sizes. They look perfectly natural as they hold their curl easily. Scala Individual lash extension is comfortable to wear and you can remove them easily using eye makeup remover.  

Scala Individual Lash Extensions

Best Professional Eyelash Extensions Brands #2- Lankiz 3D Eyelash Extensions

These lashes are completely handmade and made out of high-quality silk. You will love the soft texture of these lashes, which makes them more comfortable. They are waterproof and can last longer. Their stable curvature lets them last longer and is easy to graft. Lankiz 3D eyelash extension is hypo-allergenic and causes no irritation.  

Landkiz 3D Eyelash Extensions

#3- Scala Pro Granting 3D Mink False Eyelashes

If you are on a budget, then the Scala Pro Granting 3D Mink False Eyelashes would be perfect for you. They are again made of good quality material, have 60 clusters in one tray, and come in 8 size variants. Made of high-grade hair, they look very natural and soft. It can be used for personal as well as professional requirements.  

Scala Pro Granting 3D Mink False Eyelashes

Best Professional Eyelash Extensions Brands #4- Svanslashes Eyelash Extensions

The Svanslashes eyelash extensions are extremely hard to make high-quality lashes made of silk.  These eyelashes don’t clump, stick together, or easily tear. They also come in different 5 curl options hence making them a perfect combination. The perfection in thickness, curl, and colors make it look original.   

Svanslashes Eyelash Extensions

#5- 3D Mink Fur Eyelash Extensions

This lash is made out of real Siberian mink fur. So if you are allergic to animal fur, then you might as well stay away from this one. These lashes are extremely pricy and in high demand.  The C curl gives it a fuller and natural look. The soft and silky texture lets you wear it every day! 

3D Mink Fur Eyelash Extensions

Best Professional Eyelash Extensions Brands #6- Eylure Luxe Lash Extension

Eyelure just launched their DIY faux pro lash extension kit. They look very natural, comfortable, and come in two sizes so far. Each package of Eylure lash extension includes 6 lash clusters, glue, sealant tube, and the applicator wand.

Eylure Luxe Lash Extension

The glue is latex-free and the lashes can last for up to 7 days. The base of the lash is wider than the tip, so it gives a pretty and natural look. 

#7- Trish McEvoy Instant Pick-Me-Up Lashes

The Trish McEvoy instant pick-me-up lashes are dramatic and bold false eyelashes that are easy to apply and remove. These lashes will dramatically enhance your look by adding realistic length and volume to the entire upper lash line.

Trish McEvoy Instant Pick-Me-Up Lashes

So it is perfect for occasions that require a little extra sparkle. The lashes are convenient to clean and you can reuse them multiple times with proper care.  

Best Professional Eyelash Extensions Brands #8- EMEDA Volume Eyelash Extensions 

If you are looking for high-volume and fluffy eyelash extensions, EMEDA is the brand to select. EMEDA Volume eyelash extensions are easy to fan volume lashes that bloom automatically in one second.

EMEDA Volume Eyelash Extensions

They are made up of special crafts that make 2d, 3d, 4, 5d, and 6d volume lash extensions. EMEDA Volume eyelash extensions are perfect for beginners who want to get a fuller look while saving money.  

Do Eyelash Extensions Ruin the Quality of Natural Lashes?

Styling with appropriate eyelash extensions does not ruin the quality of your natural lashes or the growth cycle of natural lashes. The frequent improper applications that damage your natural lashes are:

  • Too heavy extensions: Choose an eyelash extension that will balance out with your natural lashes. Heavy lash extensions will exert stress on the natural lash it is attached on. This leads to premature shedding of natural lashes.
  • Stickies: Two or more lashes or extensions glued together might cause damage to your natural lashes. 
  • Eyelash extension glued to the skin: This can happen by a mistake on the part of an eyelash technician and it is hard for lashes to grow since their hair follicle is clogged. 

How Can I Select the Right Eyelash Extension Length and Curl?

Eyelash extension length

Choosing the eyelash extension length causes damage to your natural lashes and will make you uncomfortable while wearing. So the extensions should be at 3mm to 5mm longer than your natural lashes and the diameter should be almost close to that of your natural lashes. 

Eyelash Extension Curl type

Generally, there are four types of curls, B-curl, C-curl, D-curl, and L+ curl.

Eyelash Extension Curl type
  • B-curl is suitable for those who have straight lashes and it is the most natural-looking curl.
  • C-curl is perfect for people with thin natural lashes and it fits almost all eye types. So it is the most popular curl.
  • D-curls is best for those who have naturally curly lashes and it gives you a dramatic look.
  • If you have hooded eyes or single eyelids then choose L and L+ curl.

7 Important Tools You Need to Have to Apply Eyelash Extensions 

1. Lash Tweezers

You need two sets of tweezers to apply eyelash extensions. One is isolation tweezers, which you can use for isolating your natural lashes for a clean application of false lashes. The next set is lashing tweezers to pick up and apply false lashes. 

2. Eyelash Extension Tape

Eyelash extension tape helps to hold down the stubborn bottom lashes and prevents upper lashes from crisscrossing with the lower lashes.

3. Lash Brushes

The most important purpose of lash brushes is to ensure every lash stays separated. Without brushing, your lash extensions might adhere in a strange angle.

7 Important Tools You Need to Have to Apply Eyelash Extensions

4. Eye Pads

Eye pads ensure your comfortability and make your bottom lashes stay tucked while applying lash extensions.  

5. Lash Glue Container

Dry glue does not provide proper adhesion in the first place. So it is important to store lash glue in a cold and dry environment. The lash glue container carries your adhesive and helps to achieve better retention. 

6. Lash Pillow Liners

Use disposable lash pillow liners to prevent cross-contamination and keep your place clean and safe. 

7. Lash Pillow Shelf

A lash pillow shelf is an essential to keep all your appliances for applying eyelash extension at your fingertips.    

Final Thoughts

The above article is a complete overview of eyelash extensions and related questions. I hope you found this article useful. If you have tried any of these Best professional eyelash extensions brands, lashes, let me know in the comments section below.  

Keep it simple! Keep it stylish!

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