Best Straightening Brushes To Score Sleek Hair Faster Than Ever!

Ever wondered how your hair is having the worst nightmare every time you use a straightener? Considering the myths around hair straightening brushes, switching over gets more difficult. Let’s solve that!

Written by Manal Yahya

On Jun 2, 2021 – 12 minutes read

Straightening Hair Brushes For All Hair Textures

Have you been sleeping on the fact that there are some of the best straightening brushes in the market that can style your hair quicker than you can imagine? As a matter of fact, they can easily convince you to ditch your flat iron once and for all, for good. With an impressive upgrade from the good old straighteners and hot tools, straightening brushes multitask like no other hair tool. Yes, they can do more than just brushing.

If you want to know our list of the best straightening brushes for all types of hair textures to find your right one, keep scrolling down!

Straightening Hair Brushes For All Hair Textures

In very few strokes, you get the hairstyle you spend too much time on blow-drying. This translates to: no more fussing over the multiple steps of hairstyling. How does that sound? It sounds easy and too good to be true, right? Well, a straightening hairbrush can do it all and then some.

Granted, they may not give the straightest locks much like a flat iron. But how relieving would it be to not subject your tresses to high temperatures? You gotta find an alternative seeing how damaging is the clamping of flat irons to the hair shafts. So, on the condition that a hair straightening(1) brush doesn’t force your locks to suffer through these damaging effects of hairstyling, it does sound convincing to give a shot.

best hair straightening brush 2020


Still not convinced yet? Allow me to explain a bit more in detail.

Straightening brushes come with great, great news! Besides everything a traditional straightener and flat iron do, brushes do all of the following. One, you can save both your time as well as money on frequent blowouts after getting one straightening brush. Two, they are easy to use and are as easy as brushing your hair.

Three, they distribute heat evenly and quickly with limited heat exposure, which makes them less damaging than traditional straighteners. Four, they eliminate excess frizz. Five, you get to style your hair without fretting over split ends. Finally and importantly, they are a convenient and a much gentler alternative to your flat irons.

Presumably, denser, thicker, and curlier hairs suffer for a longer time while straightening. But a straightening brush caters to all hair types and textures. All you have to do is glide the straightening brush through the length of your hair strands —fine hair or not.

The result: sleek, smooth, and straight hair with no sight of frizzy flyaways! Plus, your hair shines as if you just came out of a salon after a professional blowout. Conclusion: the easiest and healthiest option!

Best Straightening Brushes To Tame Your Messy Mane

Assuming that you are convinced, let’s move to the topic at hand.

There are several brands that offer straightening brushes. And sure, several straightening brushes are popping up offering the world but end up giving only some sort of warmth when you brush it along the length of your hair.

best straightening brush for fine hair

Some brands praise empty promises and are not exactly reliable. But that’s not to say all straightening brushes are that bad. Now, how would you know which all straightening brushes are good?

Well, I have listed 9 of the best straightening brushes for all hair textures. From affordable finds to the most luxurious ones, you can find the best in the market on the list with their reviews. Trust me when I say this: all of them actually work.

Drybar The Brush Crush Heated Straightening Brush

We all know Drybar is the band that took blowouts to another level. Now they bring everyday blowouts with a salon-like finish to your hands without needing the help of a professional. A few glides with this high-quality straightening brush, all your kinks and curls will be smoothed out.

With digital temperature control, you can adjust the heat based on your hair texture and heat up to 450 degrees. This fact alone makes it the best straightening brush for curly hair.

best electric hair straightening brush

Price: $145

With its ionic technology that seals your cuticles (preventing dryness and breakage), tramps down frizz, and increases shine, it straightens even the curliest of hair. The good news is that it straightens without damaging your curls! Another noticeable factor is the automatic shut-off after 60 minutes.

If you are human enough to accidentally forget to turn it off, this brush does it for you. Last but not least, though it takes two minutes to heat up (longer than many), you get to shorten your hairstyling routine. If this one is too expensive for you, the brand has a baby version that works the same!

GHD Glide Professional Performance Hot Brush

This paddle brush combines ceramic and ionic technology to straighten your hair while combating frizzy flyaways! With widely spaced, both long and short ceramic bristles, you get to reach every layer of your hair.

After all, these bristles are in fact designed for high-density hair types, making the brush one of the best straightening brushes for thick hair textures.

hair straightening brush reviews

Price: $169

The brush heats up to 365 degrees to straighten your hair without unnecessary high heat exposure. Even on already styled hair or on a second-day hair. By a few sweeps, it glams up even hard-to-manage strands by imparting a glossy shine with polished ends.

The volumed results are almost instantly visible as well. If you have bangs, you must ignore the price tag and just buy this one as it is well known to perfect bangs.

Amika Polished Perfection Thermal Straightening Brush 2.0

To transform your frizzy and messy hair into smoother and straighter strands with no styling skills at all, this brush can help. Though you cannot expect it to straighten like a traditional straightener, it cuts your straightening and styling time in half.

Hair heats up and straightens up in half the time! You get to thank the double negative ion technology for that —the maximum type of ionic technology there is. This particular feature also fights frizz and amps up shine without sacrificing volume at the root.

best straightening brush for thick curly hair

Price: $98

It has an adjustable temperature of up to 450 degrees and features a 60-minute shut-off. The brand has upgraded the features to include an iRed beam technology that gives smoother and straighter hair faster. Also, the innovative technology protects hair from heat damage and preserves natural moisture in your hair. In conclusion, you get to look effortlessly stylish with a few effortless strokes.

Remington Pro 2-in1 Heated Straightening Brush

This one’s the best drugstore straightening brush. With ceramic bristles, anti-static coating, and ionic technology, this one smooths frizz and straightens hair quickly. It has three heat settings to choose from and goes up to 450 degrees.

hair straightener brush without heat

Price: $40

Luckily, its cool-tip bristles ensure that you don’t burn your strands as well as scalp. It is also one of the best straightening hair for fine hair. Being able to sleek your hair with an affordable brush like this one itself makes it a wise drugstore pick.

Revlon XL Hair Straightening Heated Styling Brush

To score a pro-like blowout quickly on natural hair, use this straightening brush from Revlon. The exceptionally large surface area makes this one the best straightening for natural hair with thicker textures. Aside from that, the brush has large bristles to give you access all the way to your roots and an ion generator to seal the hair cuticle and ensure smoothness.

hair straightening comb

Price: $50

The built-in ceramic, detangling bristles are extra long to ease the gliding of the brush through long hair effortlessly. But you gotta move slowly to avoid tugging and pulling your hair. Another feature that gets praised is the 10 different heat settings that go up to 430 degrees.

And let’s not forget about its ergonomic design for comfortable use and how lightweight it is to allow you to carry with you. All of these come with an affordable price tag? Yes!

Dyson Airwrap Styler

This one’s quite an expensive pick. But for someone who wants everything essential for styling at home and who likes to mix up their style, this is a worthy investment. Although it works best and quickly on fine hair, all hair types and textures can straighten with patience.

In this versatile dryer-styler hybrid, you get to dry and style hair in one styler pack. It has six tools in one —with different attachments to play around for different styles. Of the six, three can straighten hair —(both firm and soft smoothing brushes and round volumizing brush).

best straightening brush for natural hair

Price: $58

You can dial up the temperature and it has an option of a cool shot button along with three levels of power. All of these come in handy when you want to style damp hair. Being able to work on wet hair is one of the best and noteworthy features of this styler.

None of the other straightening brushes on the list work on wet hair. Also, this one has a pre-styling drier as well, which ensures your hair isn’t soaking wet while styling. To ensure there is no risk of extreme heat damage to hair, it’s powered by Dyson’s renowned digital motor.

InStyler Straight Up Ceramic Straightening Brush

Why do we use hair straightening brushes instead of flat irons? To avoid getting creases and tiny bends. With a straightening brush, you can straighten your hair without those creases and kinks. This fact alone makes straightening brushes a better option than flat irons.

best hair straightening brush 2020

Price: $60

This particular brush from InStyler easily straightens your locks without leaving any folds behind. It heats up to 400 degrees and has a built-in heat recovery feature to ensure the even distribution of heat.

MiroPure Enhanced Hair Straightener Brush

For tight curls, natural curls, and coil hair, this straightening kit from MiroPure works brilliantly. All you have to do is run the brush through the sectioned hair in a controlled manner.

Its bristles are sturdy enough to make thick, curly hair lie flat and style. What’s more, along with the straightening brush that goes up to 450 degrees, the kit also includes a heat-resistant glove and a carrying case.

hair straightening brush reviews

Price: $49

These are a few of the best straightening brushes on the market. All the users who have switched to straightening brushes assure you that you won’t miss the old flat iron days after making the switch.

No surprise there! Now that you know our best of the best list, let’s learn how to use a straightening brush and also what to consider before buying one.

How To Straighten Even Frizziest Hair Strands With Ease?

Don’t get confused. Yes, straightening brushes are easy to use and all you actually have to do is glide the brush through your hair as you would a brush. However, you still have a few steps to follow for safe use. Follow these steps on how to use a straightening brush and your hair will be as smooth as silk and finer than frog hair.

hair straightener brush without heat

  1. The first step is washing your hair and letting it air dry. Unless your straightening brush qualifies to work specifically on wet hair, don’t just start using it right after you come out of the shower. A rough dry is totally fine though.
  2. The next step is optional but extremely helpful. Comb your hair properly after drying to detangle the knots. However, some straightening brushes do detangle as well.
  3. Straightening brushes have less heat damaging to your hair than flat irons and traditional straighteners. But still, put some heat protectant on your hair to keep them locks completely safe.
  4. The next step is essential to follow, especially if you have thick and curly hair. Section your locks into small, manageable parts that fit completely in the length of the brush. For more texture or coarser hair, part to thinner sections to ensure optimal heat distribution.
  5. Plugin the straightening brush and select the required temperature. Then, wait till the brush is heated enough.
  6. Glide the brush through the first section slowly. Then, repeat 2 or 3 times.
  7. Continue to glide through each section until your hairstyle is done!

Before Choosing A Straightening Brush

The best hair straightening brush is supposed to tick off a chunk from the checklist for best straightening brushes. The important factors (mostly technical characteristics) to consider before buying a straightening brush are the following.

hair brushes for straight hair

  1. Surface material: For both safe and effective straightening, the brush surface material should either be ceramic or tourmaline to avoid hair damage and friction. If your locks are particularly prone to hair damage, make sure that you choose either of the two best options. The ceramic surface heats more evenly and prevents hop spots effectively to prevent hair damage. Tourmaline releases negative ions when heated. These ions infuse your hair with more moisture and protect your strands from drying out. Besides, due to ionization, they help reduce static electricity, closing cuticles, protecting hair from different kinds of bacteria, and reducing split ends. Other options include plastic and even iron (which was pulled out of the market after considering its dangerous effects).
  2. Heat range: The next important factor to consider is the heat range. Does the straightening brush come with different temperature settings? Does it have a wide enough heat range enabling you to tailor it to your needs? The brush should not be too hot that it cooks your hair. So, you need a brush with variable heat functions or that with a low optimum temperature(2). For thin hair, 210-350°F will be enough. For normal hair, medium level —somewhere between 230-375°F would be ideal. If you have thicker hair, you should check the brush’s maximum temperature. For thick and coarse locks, you need at least a high temperature of 250°-390°F. For Afro locks, you need an electric hairbrush with a high level of heat.
  3. Speed of heating up: The faster the straightening brush heats up, the lesser time you style your hair in. So you need to consider the average time of heating up(3). Is it a minute? For some models, it takes only 30 seconds or so!
  4. Length and thickness of hair: Hair straightening brushes work better on longer hair. Especially electric hair straightening brushes due to their oval shape. For longer hair, almost any model can be used but ones with large heated plates work best. This may take longer to style. The best straightening brush for shorter hair would be slim and rectangular-shaped to reach the roots.
  5. Bristles: Are the bristles firmly set in the base? What are they like? Nylon bristles are good for sensitive scalp while ball-tipped ones are great for easily tangled hair. For fine hair, bristles with smaller teeth would be good and for thicker hair, larger or longer teeth would be great. For thick, curly, and frizzy hair, more bristles sound ideal. But if there are too many bristles, they might pull out some strands. So keep that in mind as well.
  6. Cord: Like in professional straightening brushes, some models come with a swivel cord. This allows you to rotate the brush at different angles to provide better access, especially to the roots. But then again, you can take cordless brushes anywhere with you. If it is lightweight enough to carry with you, even better!

Other factors include checking whether it is designed to use on wet hair or only on dry hair? Is the paddle wide? Does it matt or tangle your hair while or after using? And most importantly, the price. No good straightening brush comes with a cheap price tag. So unless you are assured of its authenticity after reading genuine reviews, do not buy cheap ones.

Final Thoughts

A hair straightening brush can give sleeky, smooth, and straight hair within a few minutes. So buying a brush, even an expensive pick, will be worth the money you pay. But you have to keep an eye out for fake ones. With the list of factors to consider, I am sure you won’t find it difficult to choose one. So, happy shopping!

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