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Best Summer Nail Designs -Your Next Obsession!

From minimal and easy to daring and playful, you need a list of nail designs to plan your summer nails!

Written by Manal Yahya

On Jul 13, 2022 – 5 minutes read

Best Summer Nail Designs

What makes you excited about warmer temperatures besides bikinis, beach days, and barbeques? I am sure it is not the heat and humidity. After trading the gloves and layers for sleeveless and florals, do you plan to trade those dark and moody nail designs for soft pastels and bright neons?

If not, well, it’s about time you do! Summer is upon us, folks, and we are waiting no more to try the hot nail trends of the season!

In this article, find the most on-trend, popular, and best summer nail arts you can update your signature style with. Get saving!

Best Summer Nail Designs  Ideas 2022

What brings more joy than picking the perfect shade and design for your next manicure appointment? Nothing.

summer nail design

Summer is when you get experimental and extravagant —even with your nail designs. You don’t have to keep it minimal if you wish to unleash and embrace your inner maximalist when painting your nails. Be daring and paint that bright shade you have always wanted to try to match the summer vibe!

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Summer nails are all about colors. The summer palette we obsess over consists of bright yellow sun rays, tropical greens of trees and leaves, baby blue waves of water, and vibrant shades of seasonally appropriate neons and lively rainbows. Basically, we are in the mood for a little bit of everything. That’s summer!

And since shades do matter, choosing a perfect summer shade is easy and challenging at the same time because you have so many options. So we did the work for you. Now all you have to do is pick any shade that will evoke your summer spirit and the various designs listed below each shade.

There are lots and lots of creative nail designs, unique textures, unapologetic colors, trending polishes, and cool nail shapes you can choose from. This list of bright summer nail arts suits even the pickiest folks out there, including you!

Whether you are looking for a super detailed summer nail design with elaborate patterns or a no-sweat, under-10-minutes manicure, you will find designs that suit your taste and skill levels in this list. Pro or a newbie, the designs are yours to save!

Baby Blue Nail Designs

What shade of blue is perfect for summer you may ask? The shades of clear skies and waters—sea and pool. When painted, they scream beach-ready which in turn means summer-ready!

Baby Blue Nail Design

Emerald Green Nail Designs

Own a bold look by choosing the tropical shade of emerald green that resonates with a thick forest. They never go out of style in summer. And, emerald green is always a classy choice. These designs may require a manicure appointment or your nail kit with special tools.

Emerald Green Nail Design

Sunny Yellow Nail Designs

Blazing yellows are a must in summer manicures. This shade is the perfect sunny disposition you are looking for. You can either go all yellow or use it as the bright background and paint tiny detailed art on your nails. Either way, your nails are going to shine bright like the season!

Sunny Yellow Nail Designs

Swirling Rainbow Nail Designs

All the rainbow shades are irresistible and creating a full pattern of unicorns with swirls (1) will bring out the aesthetics artfully. You can either go with abstract swirls in multiple shades or minimalistic patterns to keep your nails classy.

Swirling Rainbow Nail Designs

Chic Pastels Nail Designs

Soft pastels go all year round but in summer in particular. These bright summer nail arts are easy to replicate with a fresh set of pastels. Think happy, think pastel!

Chic Pastels Nail Designs

Pop of Neons

Who doesn’t like neons for the summer season?! So, get your creative juice flowing and choose a cluster of ultra-bright neons to catch eyes and change your game real quick! These designs really make the neon pop.

Pop of Neons

Bright Orange Nail Designs

In the mood to get playful, go for beaming summer orange shades to rock your mani. This is totally a hot summer shade on your cool summer nails. So, choose different shades of orange, create such DIY-able summer nail arts, and get endless likes.

Golden Glow Nail Designs

The sophisticated shade of gold can be a summer shade if glowed right. Especially when it is shimmering. You can simply gloss your natural or acrylic nails with a quick coat of polishing gold or make your summer nails more sparkling and add glitter.

Golden Glow Nail Designs

Soft Purple

Thanks to the TV show Bridgerton (2), this shade of pastel purple is a trending summer nail shade. You get to create lots of cute and winning bright summer nail designs with this shade.

Forget fancy nail arts that may require the competence of a nail artist. You can easily paint your nails with this shade and still rock it.

Soft Purple

Aesthetic Stickers

Of course, we cannot forget the summer specials like summer butterfly nails, stickers of dainty summer flowers and colorful fruits, minimal dots, detailed florals, fancy abstract designs, and much more. You can even paint only the tips of your nails with these charming summer nail designs.

Aesthetic Stickers

Classic Checkerboards

Checkerboards are making their round this summer as well. Let’s face it, they never go out of style. Besides the black and white, you can bring a modern twist to the classic checkerboards by clashing colors or painting just the tips with retro checks.

Classic Checkerboards

Final Verdict

We are not saying these are the only shades and designs of summer. Rather, these are the trending and ideal tones and designs for summer nails and you cannot go wrong with any of them. Also, you can mix and match all these bright summer nail designs and customize them for your outfits.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your bright summer nails right away!

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