Beyonce: The First Black Woman To Top The Country Songs Chart Of Billboard

Beyoncé has also topped the R&B/Hip-Hip Songs chart.

Written by Rachel Davis

On Feb 21, 2024 – 3 minutes read

Beyonce makes history on Billboard charts

After Beyonce’s country debut, “Texas Hold ‘Em” topped the list, the pop artist secured the first Black woman artist to top the Country Songs Chart title. Billboard revealed the list on Tuesday, 20 February.  As the weekly chart rankings refreshed on Tuesday, the track marked a historical achievement, as the genre’s relationship with Black artists has mostly been controversial.

The second song of the artist “16 Carriages” has also made its way to the list at the No.9 spot. Currently, both tracks are on the Billboard Country Chart. Ever since the beginning of the list, no other female artists have topped the Hot Country Songs and Hot R&B/Hip-Hip Songs charts. Justin Bieber, Billy Ray Cyrus, Ray Charles, and Morgan Wallen are the only other artists who have led both charts.

Texas Hold ‘Em

Beyonce tops Billboard's Hot Country Songs

Texas Hold ‘Em, the recent debut country music of the iconic singer Beyonce, was released on 11 February 2024. It belongs to her upcoming eighth studio album, tentatively titled Renaissance Act II. The song was a surprise release during the Super Bowl LVIII. Named after the poker game, the song was released through Parkwood Entertainment and Columbia Records. 

Beyonce had to face pushback from several country music stations after the release of the song. The listeners’ request to play the song was denied by one of the stations in Oklahoma City. However, the decision was later withdrawn by the authorities. In a later statement, the general manager of the station said that they initially denied the request as they were unaware of the song. Later, after learning about the song, they tried to get it and played the same 3 times on YKC, their country station. He also said that Beyonce is an “icon” and that they love her. 

Despite facing backlash from the radio stations, many stars have praised Beyonce for her entry into the country music. Lainy Wilson welcomed the Grammy winner wholeheartedly, sharing her happiness for the artist expanding to country music.  Beyonce’s mother has already revealed that the roots of country music were present in her as she has spent a lot of time embracing the cowboy culture.

According to latest reports, the song has been streamed 19.2M times and was downloaded 39,000 times in the US in a week till 15 February. 

The pop artist’s recent photoshoot on the new album has been trending on social media. Beyonce embracing cowboy styles is not a new thing for social media. In the post, she was seen wearing a steel bralette with a matching sleek belt. A black cropped jacket and cowboy hat were paired with it. Beyonce accessorized the outfit with a pair of enormous earrings. Her sheer beauty was enhanced with minimal makeup and glossy lips.

Country Music And Black Artists

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The country music’s relationship with black artists has often sparked debates. In 2019, the Billboard Hot Country Songs List removed rapper Lil Nas X’s viral country-trap fusion Old Town Road. even after topping the chart, the song was removed stating that it wasn’t country enough. The song was comprised of banjo instrumentation and lyrics on horse riding. Billboard wrote that even when the song incorporated cowboy imagery and country references, it was not worthy enough as it didn’t include references to today’s country elements. 

Beyonce has also faced rejection from the Recording Academy’s Country Music Committee for her track Daddy Lessons, a country-inspired work. As a response to this. Beyonce later played this song at the Country Music Association Awards.

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