Christina Aguilera Shows off Skinny Bod in a Seductive Mini-dress

Christina Aguilera kick-started the new year with a new body that looked much slimmer and snatched than ever. The “Beautiful” singer has been open about her weight loss in recent years.

Written by Ayisha Nashva

On Mar 5, 2024 – 3 minutes read

Christina Aguilera in sensual silver outfit

Over the weekend, the songstress flaunted her thin look in what was described as a sensual intimate show. She stunned her fans with a photo wearing a seductive silver chain outfit earlier this week. In the Instagram post, she was seen rocking a tiny metallic mini-dress and black leather gloves.

With that one picture, she took the internet by storm. “How pretty can you be?” a fan gushed, while another chimed in, “OMG, look at you. You look like a goddess. You are literally a queen of Vegas. Such a stunning woman you are.”

Christina Aguilera Advices Her Fans To Appreciate Their Uniqueness

Christina Aguilera stuns in metallic mini-dress

Christina has witnessed myriads of ups and downs in her weight loss journey. She gained lots of weight after she gave birth to her son, Max, in 2008. Ever since she was subjected to body shaming. Throughout the past few years, her weight has been fluctuating and her breakup from ex-husband Jordan Bratman is also said to be one of the reasons behind her unstable weight. 

Very recently, the ‘Genie in a Bottle’ hitmaker revealed that she followed a particular weight loss diet in 2010 before she went on to rock her sexy role in the flick titled, “Burlesque.” She called the diet “Rainbow” and said it helped her drop more than 40 pounds. The Rainbow diet, like the trending yellow diet, consists of several fruits and vegetables varying in colors, to make sure you get sufficient vitamins and minerals necessary for your daily diet. 

According to the reports, Christina lost 40 lbs in 2013 after she limited herself to less than 1,600 calories a day and exercises up to 5 times a week. Also, it is said that she preferred doing boxing, cardio workouts, and strength training in particular. In 2020, she said that her eating habits had evolved and thus she now focuses more on consuming clean, whole foods, by also limiting the intake of sugar. 

However, in a recent statement, Christina denied depending on any diet plans. She added that each individual has different features, making them unique, but people often judge based on these differences. She emphasized the importance of accepting one’s beauty and letting go of unnecessary comments that may come their way.

Back in April 2021, the singer admitted that she was pressured by everyone surrounding her to stay skinny. “I think we all have good and bad days in our life where we feel different things about ourselves.” she said at the time adding, “Entering this business, I really hated being super skinny.” 

The mom of two further said that she began to love herself, especially her curves when she turned 21. “I appreciated having a booty,” she remarked. She then went on to explain how she could not look at her old pictures without remembering how she felt so insecure back then. 

“I would never want to relive my 20s,” she said in a distressing tone. “You will have to find your confidence,” the “Dirrty” singer said.

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Currently, the beauty chameleon is enjoying her new glam in her Vegan residency and she has been unusually active on her social media handles throughout the past few months sharing snaps of the risque wardrobe now and then. 

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