Danny DeVito And Rhea Perlman Are Excited To Welcome Their Second Grandchild After Split 

The power couple, Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman have another grandchild on the way as their daughter, Lucy, is expecting her first child this summer.

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On Feb 27, 2024 – 3 minutes read

Danny DeVito's daughter Lucy expecting first child

The former couple- who had split up recently, but are still married- are about to welcome their second grandchild into the family as it was recently announced that their daughter, Lucy, 40, is pregnant.

Danny DeVito And Rhea Perlman’s Daughter Lucy Displays Her Baby Bump At The 2024 SAG Awards

Rhea Perlman's daughter Lucy pregnant

The mother and daughter duo recently made a rare appearance together at the 2024 SAG Awards where the newly mom-to-be sported a classy red flowy gown while Perlman opted for a dramatic black long-sleeved lacy dress. The two were clicked posing alongside each other, looking extremely pretty. Both mother and daughter wore somewhat similar accessories to add a touch of allure to the ensemble. 

According to an inside, Lucy will give birth to Perlman and DeVito’s second grandchild sometime this summer. 

Besides Lucy, DeVito and Perlman share two other children, a son, Jake, and a daughter, Grace. In June last year, Grandma Perlman announced that one of her children welcomed their first child making the duo grandparents for the first time. At the time, she did not mention who among her kids had a kid, but since Lucy is only about to give birth to her first child, it is certain that Grace or Jake made them grandparents first. 

the 75-year-old announced the exciting news in one of the 2023 episodes of ‘Wiser Than Me with Julia Louis-Dreyfus.’ When the podcast host asked her about the best part of being her age, Perlman replied, “My children have grown, and one of them had a child.” 

She further admitted that her life wasn’t the same after the arrival of her grandchild. Although she did not go into the details about which among her children became a parent, Perlman revealed that her first grandchild was a girl and they named her Sinclar Lucille DeVito adding they kept the second name although her daughter was not married to any DeVito. 

“There was a certain type of love that I felt when my children were born. It was never felt for someone else. Not even for my family, my husband, or my boyfriend whom I had some time in the past. This is a special kind of feeling and I am getting that same feel again,” Perlman explained, adding it is amazing that “people create other people.” 

“I have been spending a lot of time with my granddaughter, but I try not to get in their face every day, although we all live in the east side of LA.,” she remarked. “It’s an easy 10-minute ride,” Perlman cheekily said. 

Perlman, who couldn’t stop her excitement for having a grandchild, said that she preferred being called “Grandma Rhee Rhee” or just “Rhee Rhee.” Later in the show, Perlman offered some parenting advice. 

“Be there for your children in any situation, but do not overwhelm them with that,” she said and further added that crossing the limit would only hurt the parents as the environment will ruin the child fully or partially. 

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DeVito and Perlman kicked off their dating era in 1971 and tied the knot in 1982. The two had a split 30 years after their marriage in 2012. However, the 40-years-of bond worked its magic by pulling the two back together in March 2013. However, their relationship did not last any longer.  

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