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Homemade DIY Face Wash Recipe For Healthy Glowing Skin!

‘Roses are red, Violets are blue; So many cleansers but I still have no clue!’

Written by Shilpa Jayan

On Apr 20, 2023 – 5 minutes read

Homemade DIY Face Wash Recipe For Healthy Glowing Skin

We have some easy but effective DIY face wash recipes for you to try out in the comfort of your home.

Done trying out all the store-bought skincare products? Confused about choosing the right one for your skin type? So, have you decided to take the matter into your own hands and make a skincare product from scratch? Awesome! 

Cleansing your skin before you go about your day and washing off all the dirt after a busy day is one of the most important steps of the skincare regime.

Create Your Own Natural Cleanser!

Picking the perfect cleanser for your skin can be time-consuming and you finally end up buying the expensive ones of mediocre quality. But, you know, expensive ones are not always the best and your local drugstore skincare products almost always contain harsh chemicals and preservatives.

DIY Face Wash Recipe Create Your Own Natural Cleanser

So we have for you, some homemade face wash recipes that check off all the boxes; It’s eco-friendly, organic, and cruelty-free(1)(provided, you source the ingredients wisely). Ok then! Choose the one which best suits your skin and get started!

Homemade Face Wash

DIY Face Washes are simple to make and don’t cost you as much as a decent drugstore face wash. You can make your own customized versions of face washes and if you didn’t already know, it can be a lot of fun! Here is a go-to guidebook of our favorite DIY face washes.

While making the face wash, you must understand what goes into it and how much. Choose the right ingredients and store the facewash correctly for extended usage.

Disclaimer: While using store-bought ingredients for any DIY, please be cautious if you are sensitive to some food or if you already have an allergy or medical condition. 

DIY Face Wash Recipe For Dull And Dry Skin – Honey Face Wash

This is one of the simplest face wash recipes. The ingredients are an easy grab from your kitchen shelf and hardly take a minute or two to make!

DIY Face Wash Recipe For Dull And Dry Skin - Honey Face Wash

Oh! Honey!

Honey has antibacterial and antiseptic properties which makes it safe for all skin types(2). It is a humectant which means it can attract water and keep the skin hydrated for a long time. It is also naturally moisturizing and is a star ingredient in skincare products.


  1. Honey 
  2. Water – Some distilled or boiled water is required to dissolve the honey and to achieve the desired consistency.
  3. Castile Soap – Castile soap is any soap that is made of 100% plant-based oils. It is natural and chemical-free and would not irritate sensitive skin. This acts as a foaming agent to remove impurities from the skin.
  4. Skin Essential Oil (optional) – This is for additional nourishment and scent. Almond oil, jojoba oil, and avocado oil are some of our favorites.

Method of Preparation

  1. In a soap dispenser bottle, add 2-3 tablespoons of water.
  2. Add equal amounts of honey and castile soap.
  3. Add in 1-2 tablespoons of essential oil.
  4. Close the bottle and shake it well until the honey dissolves. 
  5. Transfer it to a container and use it.

Storage and Shelf Life: Store it in a cool dry place in a closed container. If stored properly, it has a shelf life of 1-2 weeks. Shake before every use. 

DIY Face Wash Recipe For Oily – Acne Prone Skin – Cucumber Face Wash

Choosing a good cleanser for acne-prone skin is not easy. We need one which has the right balance between hydration and acne-safeness. We have this recipe curated especially for you.

The ingredients used in this recipe enhance the properties of cucumber. It thus makes it extremely great for the skin.

Cool As A Cucumber!

Cucumber is beneficial for all skin types, ages, and genders. It is lightweight on the skin, cooling, and intensely hydrating. Cucumber contains more than 95% of water and thus hydrates(3) and soothes the skin.

Cucumber face wash

The cooling effect of cucumber is beneficial when used topically too.  It is anti-inflammatory and is safe for sensitive skin. Furthermore, cucumber also treats acne, dark circles, puffiness, and fades scars.


  1. Cucumber
  2. Lime – Lime is rich in Vitamin C and treats acne and open pores. It can also remove dead skin cells and make the skin glow. 
  3. Rose Water – It further gives the skin hydration and a soothing effect. It also gives a pleasantly subtle smell to the face wash.
  4. Castile Soap – This acts as a foaming agent to remove the impurities from the skin.

Method of Preparation

  1. Peel and grate one whole cucumber
  2. Squeeze it to take out the juice
  3. To this, add in ½ a cup of rose water
  4. Add in ¼ cup of soap shavings
  5. Blend or mix it well until the mixture lathers
  6. When it’s half done, add in a teaspoon of lemon juice 
  7. Mix it again until it reaches a thick foamy consistency
  8. Transfer it to a container and you can use it twice/thrice a day

Storage and Shelf Life: Store it in a cool dry place in a closed container. If stored properly, it has a shelf life of 3-4 months. 

Face Wash Recipe for Normal Skin – Aloe vera Face Wash

Heylo Aloe! 

Aloe vera gel is one of the most commonly used skincare ingredients. It is anti-inflammatory and helps with acne and blemishes as well. It also cools down burns and rashes and gives the skin extreme hydration. That is why we have this super simple recipe for you to experiment with and enjoy!

aloe vera

This cleanser is very gentle on the skin and will instantly calm and hydrate your skin. Moreover, this is a DIY cleanser suitable for all skin types.


  1. Aloe vera gel
  2. Castile Soap – The foaming agent
  3. Lavender essential oil – fights acne, dry skin and adds scent
  4. Frankincense Essential oil (optional)soothes and heals the skin

Method of Preparation

  1. Mix equal amounts of soap and aloe vera gel in a soap dispensing container.
  2. To this, add 4-5 drops of essential oils. 
  3. Then mix it well and voila! It’s ready to use!

Storage and Shelf Life: Store it in a cool dry place in a closed container. If stored properly, it has a shelf life of 3-4 weeks. 

So what did you learn?

DIY skincare products are fun to make, effective, and not pricey at all. It’s as simple to make and keeps your skin fresh and clean. So, be a pro at this simple craft, save some bucks, and hey! your skincare game just became fun! All these recipes are Soul Factors approved and are super safe and gentle on your skin.

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