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Does Rubbing Your Nails Together Help Hair Growth? Nail The Secret To A Healthy Mane!

A headful of hair makes you look youthful! Here is how to grow hair by rubbing the traditional way!!

Written by Rani Premkumar

On Feb 3, 2023 – 10 minutes read

Does Rubbing Your Nails Together Help Hair Growth?

There is no doubt that hair is a matter of concern for all of us. Either dandruff or grey hair for some, while alopecia or receding hairline for others, something or the other keeps us in a ‘ hair-splitting’ state of mind when we try buying products that will retain our head of hair. So does rubbing your nails together help hair growth?

There are the keratin treatment, hair color without ammonia, hair serums, a plethora of anti-dandruff shampoos, volume-enhancing shampoos, hair conditioners with exotic ingredients, and hair gummies- all promising what we want, ready to be picked and dropped into the shopping cart. How many times have we gone skeptical and gone by the look and scent of the packaging, only to get disappointed at the end with an empty purse? 

In worst-case scenarios, even hair transplants like nanoplastia hair treatment are recommended for those who want a head of hair. It is true that people go for it. 

Does Rubbing Your Nails Together Help Hair Growth? Why Hair Problems Are So Huge? 

Someone discusses hair problems with more seriousness than one would have while discussing Jacinta Arden’s resignation! One main reason for people to go for such radical steps to get a head of hair is that it makes you look younger. Looks definitely matter, especially if you are in your youthful days. Imagine you are on a dating site and do not get enough hits because you are bald.

This is especially so if it is women with thinning hair or alopecia(1). You get rejected in the dating scene! The movies that have scenes where the women play with their hair to show coyness and flirty vibes, are for good reasons. Hair is taken for granted as a vital part of a woman’s body. 

Does Rubbing Your Nails Together Help Hair Growth?

Another reason is social embarrassment. You would want to shun social events altogether to avoid the embarrassment of having to handle questions about your hair and why you are not doing anything about it. To give another reason- confidence. Yes, your hair issues definitely will give you confidence issues, at work or at your university! 

We could crib how superficial the world is! But wake up! This is how it works. Hair plays an important part in girls’ lives, they belong to certain careers like modeling, media, acting, etc. Your ambitions could be thwarted due to hair problems. This is the reason why people run from pillar to post to get hair remedies, hair fixes, magical potions that will fix all your hair problems, and tablets that will grow your hair like crazy! 

Balayam Yoga for Hair Growth

Dermatologists will suggest minoxidil! Yoga, which can be dated back nearly five thousand years, aims to bring the body and mind into unison. The word yoga itself is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘yuj’ which means to unite. In yoga, there are different asanas that will help us stretch, stimulate and massage our organs, and improve our blood circulation for perfect health. 

There are a lot of remedies that Ayurveda suggests for hair growth, like oils and diets. Ayurveda always stands with a holistic approach when it comes to treatments. This is when Balayam comes in. Skeptics do question does rubbing your nails together help hair growth.

Ayurveda and yoga intersect in this magical practice of rubbing your fingernails for hair growth. How simple is that? But trust Yoga! There is more to it. 

Balayam is the mix of two words-  ‘Bal’  means hair and ‘ vyayaam’ means exercise. The phonetical variation of bal+ vyayaam is Balayam- which means exercise for the hair. It is the juxtaposition between yoga and acupressure, as it is an act of rubbing fingers with a certain level of pressure stimulating certain points which will augment hair growth. 

Why Should You Rub Your Fingernails Together For Hair Growth?

According to Ayurveda, hair problems prop up when there is any imbalance in your doshas. Ayurveda revolves around the principle of tri doshas- Vata ( air), pitta (bile), and Kapha (phlegm). Every human being has these three doshas in different proportions.

The excess of one dosha will cause imbalances in the body. Elevated levels of pitta especially, will lead to hair loss. This can cause dandruff, weaker hair roots, greasiness of the scalp, etc. Balayam works on the root cause and enhances the health of your hair. 

The Causes Of Hair Problems According To Ayurveda

  • For women, hormonal changes during pregnancy and menopause do affect the quality of hair. The imbalance in the doshas can derail the thyroid gland resulting in hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, which can cause the reduction of melanin in the body resulting in grey hair. The thyroid also causes the hair to thin and creates baldness, even among women. 
  • Other common causes of hair problems include chronic stress, lack of hair care, aging, hormonal imbalance, genetic factors, long-term use of certain medications, chemicals in hair colors, continuous exposure to heat, dirt, and pollutants; not sleeping during nights at pittha kaala (when pitha becomes active) which is from 11 2 A.M, excessive smoking(dhumasevan), etc. Chemotherapy and radiation treatment for diseases like cancer will also result in the loss of hair, partially or fully.  
  • For a healthy and shiny mane, you will nourish it with masks, gels, oils, shampoos, etc. But internal nourishment through the intake of vitamins, and nutrients along with practices like rubbing fingers and nails together for hair growth is essential. Balayam yoga is the most simple and effortless method that guarantees to fix all your hair health issues and claims to grow hair even among cancer survivors who underwent radiation therapy. 
  • Stress is also a major factor that affects the quality of hair. It is recorded that the French Queen, Marie Antoinette, found that all her hair turned grey on the night before her execution, due to immense stress. Greying of hair due to stress is called Marie Antoinette syndrome, ever since.  

Whether your hair is damaged or not, this practice can help you cure and prevent your hair issues.

So, back to the question, does rubbing your nails together help hair growth? Yes, but you should do it the right way.

Does Rubbing Your Nails Together Help Hair Growth? How To Do It The Right way? 

Rubbing your nails together for hair growth may sound way simplistic. But this is a process that you have to follow ardently. This works on the principles of reflexology by stimulating the nerve endings in the nail beds, which are related to your hair follicles. The blood circulation to the scalp is enhanced. Does rubbing your nails together help hair growth? – let’s deal with the question the yoga way!

Does Rubbing Your Nails Together Help Hair Growth? How To Do It The Right way? 
  • Calm yourself and be seated in a relaxed posture or sukhasana, before rubbing your nails together for hair growth. Take a few deep breaths. 
  • Take your hands to the level of your chest and curl the fingers inwards. Stick out your thumbs towards the chest so that they do not get involved in the rubbing. Did you know that rubbing the thumbnails will increase facial hair? Girls do not want that! 
  • Face the palms towards each other like two snake hoods touching each other. Place the nails face to face. 
  • Rub the nails of both palms together back and forth in order to create enough friction to allow your nerves to be stimulated. 
  • You can do it for a full five to ten minutes. Make sure you increase the duration gradually. 

P.S.- You will look like a cave woman who is rubbing stones to light a fire! LOL!

Does Rubbing Your Nails Together Help Hair Growth? The Benefits!

Balayam yoga does not require expensive tools, preparations, and effort. All you need to do is sit somewhere and start rubbing. You can practice it anywhere, anytime. You can sit and watch the seasons of the Big Bang Theory or the Mentalist, and rub your fingernails.

The same applies when you are commuting, while in the garden, beach, etc. It is advised to be done during the early morning hours on an empty stomach for maximum results.  For best results, you should practice this regularly for five to ten minutes at least three times a day. 

 Balayam yoga or rubbing your fingernails together benefits us in numerous ways. 

  • Does rubbing your nails together help hair growth? The most important benefit of rubbing your fingernails together for hair growth is that it stimulates those nerves that are connected to your hair follicles, thus revitalizing them for hair growth. 
  • It is a natural and effective way to promote hair growth without any chemical-ridden salves. 
  • Balayam yoga helps in the regrowth of hair 
  • Rubbing the fingernails for hair growth is said to be an effective practice to tackle even hereditary hair problems. 
  • Balayam yoga helps to treat conditions like male pattern baldness and alopecia areata. It also helps with a receding hairline. 
  • Does rubbing your nails together help hair growth? Yes it will also prevent premature greying of hair. Hair greys prematurely due to environmental factors, stress, lack of proper care, and finally genetics. Greying of hair sure down our self-confidence. Hair colors are bad for your eyes and skin. For some, hair colors will even trigger allergic reactions. Hence, prevention of the greying of hair can be achieved by this practice. 
  • It improves your blood circulation. This is another benefit of balayam. It helps to bring optimal oxygen to the scalp and reduce waste in your hair follicles, which will inadvertently result in hair growth and healthier hair. 
  • Another benefit of this practice is that it makes your hair thicker and shinier. 
  • Rubbing your nails for hair growth prevents hair fall too. It is also useful in treating other hair issues like oily scalp, dandruff, and inflammations. Balayam yoga helps in maintaining a healthy scalp. 

Balayam is also credited with stimulating the production of keratin among others. The hair cells are composed of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, and sulfur. When you rub your fingernails for hair growth, it rectifies the chemical composition in the hair. 

The rubbing of fingernails for hair growth shows results in two to six months. For others with serious underlying issues, it may take around six to seven months to show complete results. You should flaunt your thick mane to those who questioned- does rubbing your nails together help hair growth? And say- “…see for yourself, huh!”

Who Should Avoid Rubbing The Nails Together For Hair Growth?  

On the basis of anecdotal evidence, Certain people are warned against rubbing their nails together or hair growth.  

Pregnant Women

Those who are eating for two should avoid rubbing their nails together for hair growth, as the process may cause uterine contractions, as it increases your blood pressure and causes gestational hypertension. This will cause much harm during pregnancy. 

Hypertensive People

Those who have high blood pressure should keep away from rubbing their nails together for hair growth, as the vigorous rubbing may overstimulate the nerves, speed up the blood circulation and give the blood pressure a spike. 

Those With Nail Ailments 

Those who have weak nails or suffer from nail ailments must keep away from this practice, as it may aggravate your condition and cause pain. 

Who Should Avoid Rubbing The Nails Together For Hair Growth?  

Also, for that matter, those who have undergone any surgery,  including angiography or one for appendicitis, should avoid the challenge of a question – does rubbing your nails together help hair growth?

Does Rubbing Your Nails Together Help Hair Growth? Bonus Tips!

  • Try to get to watch videos on how you rub your nails together for hair growth to understand the exact procedure. 
  • For any process to be successful, there should be consistent efforts toward it. Start practicing balayam for five minutes and then gradually increase the duration. 
  • This is ideally done during the early morning hours, with an empty stomach, when you are relaxed. 
  • Do not get disappointed when you do not see the results right away. It will take some time to show up on the body depending on a lot of other factors. 
  • To get maximum benefits, you could do other yogic postures or asanas like the halasana or hasthapadasana. 
  • Another practice that supplements the rubbing of fingernails for hair growth is inverted combing. It is a practice of combing the hair down towards gravity, which will enable better circulation of blood towards hair and hair follicles. 
  • You could also practice prithvi mudra, where one touches the top of the ring finger with the tip of the thumb lightly. This could be practiced for 15 minutes for healthy hair, which will not undergo premature greying. 
  • Using chemical-free shampoos, and medicated oils and maintaining hair hygiene with healthy food habits will help you reach your hair goals faster. 

Now, you have all the knowledge that can make you Rapunzel -Version 2! Hope I answered your question, does rubbing your nails together help hair growth? The results will depend on the consistency of your practice. So stay calm, positive and grow a hair forest on your head.. with love♥️ 

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