Drinking Games For Couples: Bring The Magic Back 

Let’s break the monotony and make this weekend groovy with some booze and fun games.

Written by Anshita Singh

On Apr 20, 2023 – 13 minutes read

Drinking Games for Couples Bring the Magic Back - Feature

Let’s break the monotony and make this weekend groovy with some booze and fun. checkout these drinking games for couples which you can try with your partner.

Planning to work for the whole week and spending the weekend binge-watching stuff and boozing? Again!? Not that it’s a bad idea, but if we could make things spicier, then what’s the harm, right? It’s spicy, but not naughty. You wanna get naughty with your partner this weekend in a fun way, don’t you? Then keep scrolling! We’ve got just the right weekend plan for you. 

And it’s (drum rolls please) drinking games with your partner! When you and your partner set yourself free from all the inhibitions and hesitations with the booze and the fun games that let you connect with each other in the rawest forms, that’s when the long-forgotten chemistry sparkles up back. 

Exciting Drinking Games For Couples

Drinking games are a great way of understanding your partner more. This bonding activity makes you both open up and lets the conversation flow while having fun. 

There are literally tons of drinking games with your partner out there. Some of them are old but gold- ones like “Never have I ever”. While some have popped up recently. In this blog, we’ll see the most exciting drinking games for couples. 

Exciting Drinking Games For Couples

But wait, booze and games can be risky at times. Before we dive into the games, let’s take into account the risks of playing drinking games with your partner.

Drinking Games For Couples: Risk Factors

There’s no one who has never heard a good drunk story. But sometimes the fun escalates into disaster. Into really bad ones. We don’t want that. Do we? So, before playing drinking games, be cautious about the following risks: 

  1. Excessive alcohol consumption: You don’t want to pass out in the middle of the game making it meaningless. Drinking games might lead to consuming excessive alcohol(1) in a short period of time which can be dangerous. So, drink mindfully.
  2. Conflicts and Arguments: Even when we are conscious there are certain things we don’t say out loud in front of our partners. Alcohol makes you say things you’re not supposed to say(2). We want to make the drinking game a way of communicating effectively not catastrophically.
  3. Over-the-line behavior: Drinking consciously is always a smart choice. Alcohol consumption might make you engage in risky stuff like driving under the influence or engaging in unsafe sexual activities. Don’t let the sparkle become a whole a** fire catastrophe. 
  4. Alcohol Addiction: If you and your partner started enjoying the occasional drinking games fun way too much then it can be really bad for your health. As partners make sure that you are conscious and accountable about your and your partner’s alcohol consumption and how often you consume it. 

Done with the precautions? Now, let’s begin with the drinking games. 

Drinking Games For Couples: Get Close And Tipsy With These Exciting Games

Make your date night just right with the games that never fail to bring spice and fun:

Classic Games For Couples

1. The Quiz Game

This is a fun Q&A session that you have with your partner. You ask each other some spicy and insider questions from each other and the one who answers the wrong answer takes a shot. 

For example, you can ask each other:

  1. When was our first date?
  2. What was I wearing on our first date?
  3. What is my favorite dish? 
  4. What is my biggest pet peeve?
  5. What is my childhood nickname?

2. Spin The Bottle

If you are looking for something unique this could be the best choice for drinking games for couples.

I know what you’re thinking. Spin the bottle with just two people? But trust me, this Spin the Bottle is a lot more fun and raunchy game when played by partners. The twist is, instead of the bottle pointing to people, it will be pointing to objects. Some freaky-deeky objects like Nutella, steamy outfits, whipped cream, and you already know what else.

3. Russian Roulette 

drinking games for couples is pretty exciting. Russian roulette is a classic drinking game that never fails to amuse couples. The props you need here are a bunch of shot glasses and a bottle of gin or vodka. Fill two of your shot glasses with Gin/Vodka and the rest of them with water. Shuffle them real good. Now drink with your partner in turns. Whoever gets the alcohol performs a dare told by the partner. 

4. Two Truths And A Lie 

Drinking games for couples with a twist!

You already know this one. But when it comes to new couples, this game can be really exciting. Besides, you get to know more about your partner. If you haven’t heard of it, Two Truths and one lie is a game where you tell your partner three things about yourself, two of which are true and one is a lie. Your partner takes a shot at every lie detected. 

Drinking Games For Couples: Get Close And Tipsy With These Exciting Games

5. Beer Pong 

Not a fan of some random drunk games? drinking games for couples that love something different!

Beer pong…means a lot of beer and fun. If you are not a big fan of plane Q&A games, then this game is for you. This is an exciting activity game where you place beer glasses in a triangle shape on each side of the table. The first glass contains less beer and the number of beer increases in the subsequent set of glasses. You and your partners stand on opposite ends of the table and throw ping-pong balls on your partner’s set of glasses. They have to drink that glass of beer in which the ball drops. 

You can make this game more exciting by keeping slips of dare under each glass. Apart from drinking from that glass, you and your partner will also perform some raunchy tasks making your date night exciting. 

6. Truth And Dare

This is among the classic and cheesy drinking games for couples!

Truth and Dare is an all-time classic and people still enjoy it no matter what. Add some romantic spice to it and the game becomes much more enthralling. So while playing Truth and Dare with your partner you tell the truth or you take the gulp in a shot and if your partner doesn’t perform the dare, again, they take a sip of their drink. 

7. Eye Contact 

drinking games for couples with booze and love!

This one’s simple but fun and romantic. And we have all played it at least once in our life. This game can become a lot more romantic and engaging when played with a partner. Add booze to it and this simple game becomes cheeky. 

In this game, you just stare into each other’s eyes. The one who blinks first takes a shot. Have one or two shots before the game to make it more fun.

8. Striptease Dice Drinking Games For Couples

If you think the game above is a little overwhelming and difficult to follow then you go with a much simpler version of it. In Striptease Dice, you roll a dice in turns. If the number is even you take a sip of your alcohol. On the other hand, If it’s odd, you remove a piece of your clothing. Pretty simple game but equally raunchy. 

9. Snakes And Ladders 

Drinking games for couples with some twists that are absolutely worth it for adults!

You know you can add your own consequences in the Snake and Ladder Game. You play this game the same way you have played since your childhood. But it’s a drinking game for adult couples, so the twist has got to be steamy. And here it is — Every time you climb the stairs your partner takes the shot and every time a snake bites you, you take a piece off your clothing. The same goes for your partner. 

Creative Drinking Games For Couples

1. Jenga 

Who knew Jenga would be drinking games for couples This game not only has that tension of removing the block without breaking the tower but with a romantic twist it becomes lowkey steamy. The drill is simple, for every block removed successfully, you dare your partner to perform a task. Now use your imagination to get the most out of your partner and if they fail to do so, punish them with a shot. 

2. Drunken Artists 

Drinking games for couples who are into art would love this!

How well can your partner recognize your terribly made doodles when you’re drunk? This is a game of binging out your and your partner’s inner Picasso. The rules are simple: you need a paper/whiteboard and a pen/marker. Draw any object and let your partner guess what it is. If your partner guesses the object right, you have a shot, and every time they fail, they take a shot, and vice-versa. 

3. Never Have I Ever

“Never have I ever” is One of the best drinking games for couples. It helps you both know more about each other and gives space for your partner’s life events and stories. In this game, you tell a sentence to your partner like “Never have I ever made out in public” and if they have done it they would take a sip of their drink. 

Creative Drinking Games For Couples

4. Charades

Drinking games for couples for every movie head out there!

This classic game becomes more intoxicating with the booze. Imagine acting out a movie’s name when buzzed. Prepare some slips and write movie names on them. You and your partner will alternatively choose the slips and act out the movie name written on them. If your partner fails to guess the name within 3 minutes, they will have to take a drink. 

5. Flip, Sip, Or Strip

Drinking games for couples that don’t like to take things slow, this racy game might be just the one for you and your partner. We have all played this guessing game but who knew this simple game can turn so steamy when played by couples in a naughty way? 

So the game goes pretty much the usual way. Flip the coin in the air and let your partner guess the side it would land. On every wrong guess, your partner will take one shot. If they guess the answer wrong a second time in a row, they’ll need to remove a piece of their clothing 

6. Find The Spot

Drinking games for couples who want to take their bond to the next level dive into this game and have fun!

This game is the cheekiest way of fulfilling your kissing fantasies. It could be weird telling your partner where you like to get kisses the most directly. But what if it happens through a game? So, In this game, you simply ask your partner where you like to get kissed the most and give them three options. For every wrong answer, they take a shot and for every right answer, you take a shot.

Drinking Games With Cards

1. Kinky Cards

Do you want to get drunk and naked with your partner? Then, this is one of the top drinking games for couples. It has got booze, dares, kisses, romance, and whatnot! For this game, you need a set of playing cards. Every even number card in the deck represents the number of shots you must take. The odd numbers are labeled as different body parts and the suits are labeled as actions to take which can be kissing, teasing, or tingling, the naughtier the better. 

So, for example, If you pick 5 hearts, where 5 is labeled as neck, then it would mean you need to kiss your partner on the neck. And an even number card of 4 would mean, you and your partner need to take 4 shots of alcohol each. 

2. The Queen Card

Drinking games for couples that give you tension in a fun way!

If you’re not already done with the card games, here’s another one — The Queen Card. So, again, take a deck of cards and remove 3 Queens cards from it. Now shuffle the cards and place them at the center of you and your partner. Now you and your partner start drawings the cards alternatively. Whoever picks the Queen card first, wins the game and the other one takes a shot. The tension in this game of finding the queen first makes it an amazing and exciting game. 

3. Red Or Black

Drinking games for couples, Valentine’s edition yet what’s a better way to celebrate valentines Day!

One of Valentine’s classics, couples love this game. Just get your drink and a deck of cards ready. This is another guessing game. So, shuffle the cards and place them at the center. Pick a card from the top of the deck and ask your partner to guess if it’s a red card or a black one. If your partner guesses the right answer, you take a shot. If your partner guesses the wrong answer, they take a shot. Now let your partner pick the next card and follow the same rules. 

4. Most Likely To…

Drinking games for couples Who wanna know each other but are shy? look no further take that booze and let the game begin!

You must have seen this trending concept of “Who is most likely to” on the internet. It is pretty exciting actually. It shows how much you know about one another and lets you know more about your partner’s thoughts and preferences. This is an amazing bonding and boozing game for couples. Prepare a list of questions like “Who is most likely to cry while watching an emotional movie” or “Who is most likely to ditch the plans at the end moment”. 

While playing this, you and your partner point at one of you who is most likely to do something. Every time you and your partner point differently, you both take a gulp in your shots.

Online Games

You Laugh, And You Lose

Drinking games for couples who love to watch memes together, this is the game for you! Enter booze, and the fun escalates to a whole other level. Then look no further,

This works well for every long-distance relationship couple and is one of the top games you long-distance couples should try!

You Laugh, you lose is the game where you and your partner download a bunch of funny videos (Or you can see memes online) and dare yourselves not to laugh. Take one or two shots before playing the funny videos for more fun. Whoever bursts out into laughter first, grabs a shot. 


1. What drinking games can I play with my boyfriend?

Some of the most popular drinking games that you can play with your partner are Jenga, Battle Shots, Charades, Flip, Sip, or Strip, Two Truths and One Lie, Most Likely To, The Question-Answer Game, Eye Contact, Truth or Dare, and Never Have I Ever. 

2. Is there a two-person drinking game?

There are a number of two-person drinking games including Kings Cup, Flip Cup, Thumper, Power Hour, Roxanne, Edward 40 Hands, Never Have I Ever — Couples Edition, Strip Poker, Would You Rather — Drinking Edition, Beer Pong, Jenga, Truth and Dare, and Charades.

3. What type of games can couples play?

Couples can play a number of exciting games together including card games, board games, video games, drinking games, sports, and outdoor games.

4. What can I do if my husband drinks too much?

If you are concerned about your husband drinking too much, then you should have an open and honest conversation with your partner about how drinking is affecting their health and your relationship. Let them know their boundaries around his drinking behavior. If needed, encourage your partner to seek professional help to deal with excessive alcohol consumption. 

The Final Verdict On Drinking Games For Couples

Drinking games are a great way of bringing that sparkle and closeness to your relationship. Whatever game you choose, a little fun paired up with booze can make the moment memorable for you and your partner. Whether you pick classic games or trendy ones, this fun game activity can help you and your partner let loose, laugh, and have an exhilarating break on the weekend.

Just make sure that you and your partner are drinking responsibly while taking proper precautions. Set the boundaries beforehand, so that things remain game and fun. Enjoy fully but don’t let things escalate irresponsibly to something you would not want when you’re sober.

So, go shopping with your partner to grab your favorite drinks, and let the fun begin! Wishing a cheerful weekend to you and your partner.

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  2. Springer Nature Switzerland AG.(2023).The genetics of alcoholism and alcohol abuse. Available at:

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