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Things You Need To Check Before Buying Epilator For Pubic Hair!

Here is a super cool alternative for you to consider while removing body hair.

Written by Rachel Davis

On Mar 29, 2022 – 10 minutes read

Epilator For Pubic Hair

What is the best epilator for pubic hair? Is there an epilator for pubic hair removal? Are these questions that you have wanted answers to? Well then, I’m here to tell you everything you need to know about the best epilators for pubic hair.

Now, I know that pubes are important and they are there for a reason. But, if you are like me, then I know that they can be very uncomfortable.

There can be many reasons for you to get rid of your pubic hair. It might make you more comfortable to have a hairless vulva, or it can just be because you are not fond of body hair. Whatever the reason may be, there are many methods you can try out. 

Best Pubic Hair Epilators Of 2022

Waxing, shaving, plucking, etc have been in the market for a while now. However, if you have tried any of these before, then you know that they might not be entirely satisfying. There is also laser hair removal as an alternative. But, one of the best ways for intimate hair removal is epilation. 

Epilator For Pubic Hair

An epilator is an electrical device that is capable of removing hair, straight from the roots.  This may sound like it will hurt, but epilators are much less painful than waxing. Different kinds of epilators are available in the market. It’s a handy device that you can use anytime.

There are mainly two types of epilators. Dry epilators, allow you to remove hair without water. There are also wet epilators that you can use in the shower to get rid of your pubes or body hair.  Some of the best epilators for pubic hair removal are;

PHORRA Epilator For Women

This painless epilator promises to be hypoallergenic and efficient. The 3 in 1 electric epilator comes with a bikini trimmer head, epilator head, and a foil shaver head.

PHORRA Epilator for Women

The PHORRA epilator will give you smooth hairless skin in a short while. You can use this on any part of your body, but it is excellent in  pubic hair removal

Braun Silk Epilator

Braun Silk epilator is one of the best epilators for pubic hair. It provides long-lasting results and keeps your skin silky smooth, for up to four weeks.

Braun Silk Epilator

It is also considered one of the best brands of epilators in America.  Braun Epilator also comes with a body exfoliation brush so that your skin can remain unbothered by all the hair removal. 

Akunbem Electric Razor For Women

This Stainless Steel Foil head epilator has three speeds that you can switch to. The sharp blades will help you clear out the hair from your arms, legs, armpits, and bikini region. It is 100% waterproof and designed in a way that you can epilate while you are in the shower.

Akunbem Electric Razor for Women

Akunbem Electric Razor for Women is super easy to clean, all you have to do is hold it under running water. It comes with a built-in LED light and low noise technology, which makes it much more convenient. 

JEMOTEK Epilator For Women

This is a good epilator for pubic hair. JEMOTEK Epilator for Women is a 2 in 1 hair removal set. It comes with an epilator head that you can use to shave your body and bikini line.

JEMOTEK Epilator for Women

It also comes with a shaver head, so that you can get rid of the peach fuzz (1).  The dual-setting technology will help you choose whichever speed that you are comfortable with. 

Philips Satinelle Essential Compact Hair Removal Epilator

The Philips epilator lets you enjoy smooth, hairless skin for weeks. You need this epilator in your life. The Philips Satinelle Essential Compact Hair Removal Epilator delicately removes hair, right from the roots.

Philips Satinelle Essential Compact Hair Removal Epilator

This lets you have longer-lasting results. It comes with a Sensitive cap that is capable of removing unwanted hairs.

What To Avoid And Look For When Buying An Epilator

Epilators are handheld electrical devices that can be used to remove hair. I’m guessing that you didn’t know this, but there are three kinds of epilators: Spring type, rotating disc type, and tweezer (2) type.

Choosing the best epilator for thick hair can be a challenge. But, epilators work very well on thick hair. It means that the tweezers will be able to grab the hair more easily and epilate faster.

Features And Benefits

There are certain things you need to know before buying an epilator for pubic hair removal. The tweezer-type epilators are the most popular among women. Some of the things you need to check before buying are;

  • The number of tweezers in the epilator. The more tweezers there are in the epilator, the better.
  • The speed setting levels on the epilator should be flexible. Different parts of the body will need different speeds to remove hair.
  • You have to check if it comes with a built-in LED light. The light will help you find small tiny hairs that you might miss. 
  • It is important to see if it’s a dry epilator or a wet epilator. Wet ones are better and can be used for dry and wet epilating. Dry epilators shouldn’t get wet.
  • See if the epilator comes with an epilator cap. This will help reduce pain or discomfort. 
  • You have to see if the epilator is built with a cord or if it’s cordless.

Pros & Cons Of Epilating

Let’s discuss the major pros and cons of Epilating that you need to know:-

Pros Of Epilating

  • The major benefit of using an epilator is that they are safe to be used on the whole body. Epilators are super convenient for us as well. They let you remove hair, without fuzz.
  •  Since the epilators remove the hair from the roots, they will give you longer-lasting results. 
  • They are absolutely worth the money. Epilators will last for a long time. 
  • They are the perfect option for people with sensitive skin. Shaving and waxing can make your skin really irritated, but epilators can remove hair without triggering your skin.
  •  You don’t have to wait until the hair is fully grown to remove them again. 
  • Skin will be smoother and you don’t get razor burns.
  • Epilating is a comparatively painless alternative to waxing 

Cons Of Epilating

  • The pain or discomfort from epilating can be very uncomfortable for the first few sessions 
  • People who get ingrown hairs will have a really hard time after epilating.
  • Some epilators can be really pricey.
  • It might be uncomfortable to use epilators on sensitive areas.

Tips For Epilating Pubic Hair

✔️Do a patch test to make sure that your skin is not sensitive to epilators.

✔️Exfoliate before using an epilator to reduce the chances of ingrown hairs.

✔️Taking a shower would prepare your skin better for exfoliation.

✔️Epilate slowly so that you don’t miss spots.

✔️Go against the grain for your hair to get the best results.

Tips for Epilating Pubic Hair

❌Don’t add too much pressure to the skin as it might damage it.

✔️Use a soothing lotion after epilating.

✔️If your skin gets irritated, you can try rubbing some ice cubes on it.

✔️If the skin has bumps on it, gets irritated or if it doesn’t go away after a couple of hours, consult a doctor. 

✔️You can epilate on dry skin as well as wet skin, depending on the type of epilator that you are using. 

How To Deal With Ingrown Hairs?

Any kind of hair removal comes with a risk of ingrown hairs. The epilator removes hair from the roots but the possibility of ingrown hairs is still present.

These ingrown hairs might get infected and cause pain. You can reduce the chances of ingrown hairs by preparing your skin before epilation and taking proper care of it afterward.

Some simple ways you can make sure that you don’t get ingrown hairs are; cleansing your skin before epilation. Wash your skin or take a shower in warm water before epilating. This way you can eliminate the chances of bacteria getting inside. 

Exfoliation is something so vital when it comes to hair removal. There will be a lot of dead cells in your body. They will block the pores and hair follicles.

Exfoliation will remove dead cells (3) and reduce the chances of infections. Steam will also help in reducing ingrown hairs.  Make sure you clean your epilator after every use so that there isn’t a bacterial build-up.

Waxing vs Epilating Pubic Hair

Waxing and epilating have been used by women to remove hair for a long time now. There are downsides to both of them. The side effects of waxing and epilating can depend on the skill of the person doing it. The major differences are;

Waxing vs Epilating Pubic Hair


  • Requires wax and wax strips. It can be really messy.
  • Unable to eliminate really short hairs.
  • The pain can be really bad. 
  • The side effects include ingrown hairs, redness, allergic reaction, sun sensitivity, rashes, bumps, scarring, etc.
  • Not suitable for all types of skin. If you have sensitive skin then waxing might be a big mistake.
  • Usually lasts up to a month.


  • Requires an epilator. There is no mess. 
  • It is suitable for arms, legs, and bikini areas.
  • Pain can be manageable after the first few sessions.
  • It is suitable for all skin types. 
  • Epilation is the best option for hair removal for people with sensitive skin.
  • It is able to catch the short hairs that waxing can’t.
  • It provides you with smoother skin for a longer time. 
  • Usually lasts longer than waxing.

Epilating vs Shaving

I think that the first method of hair removal all of us have tried out is shaving. Razors are pretty cheap and very available. So if you are like me, I’m guessing that you tried shaving your legs as a teen. Epilating came a bit later. There are many differences between shaving and epilating, such as;


  • Only razors off the hair at the surface of the skin.
  • Makes the skin texture rough.
  • The hair grows back very quickly after shaving.
  • Skin will get very irritated.
  • The chances of getting ingrown hairs are high.
  • Causes razor burns.

Epilating is a much better alternative than shaving for hair removal. It doesn’t really irritate your skin or make the texture rough. It will give you smooth skin for a longer period of time.


[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”Can We Use An Epilator For Pubic Hair?” answer-0=”Yes. Epilators work well for pubic hair removal. ” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”How Do You Epilate Pubic Hair Without It Hurting?” answer-1=”Removing hair with an epilator doesn’t hurt as much as waxing. It will be uncomfortable for the first few sessions. But, then the pain will subside. ” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”What Is Best For Removing Pubic Hair?” answer-2=”Shaving is the most common method used for pubic hair removal. But, it can get itchy and uncomfortable. Epilating is a very good alternative for pubic hair removal. ” image-2=”” headline-3=”h3″ question-3=”Is It Better To Shave Or Epilate?” answer-3=”Epilating would be a better option because it gives longer-lasting results. ” image-3=”” headline-4=”h3″ question-4=”How Can I Permanently Remove Pubic Hair?” answer-4=”If you want to get rid of your pubic hair permanently, then laser hair removal and electrolysis would be the best option. ” image-4=”” headline-5=”h3″ question-5=”How Much Pubic Hair Is Normal For A Woman?” answer-5=”Generally, it is supposed to cover you around your labia and your pubic bone and look like a roughly shaped triangle. But, it depends on the body type. ” image-5=”” headline-6=”h3″ question-6=”How To Use An Epilator On Pubic Hair?” answer-6=”Go slow without adding much pressure on the epilator.” image-6=”” headline-7=”h3″ question-7=”Does Epilator Darken Skin?” answer-7=”No. Epilator does not darken the skin.” image-7=”” headline-8=”h3″ question-8=”Which Hurts More? Epilator Or Waxing?” answer-8=”Both the methods have their discomfort. It comes down to your pain tolerance.” image-8=”” headline-9=”h3″ question-9=”Is It Safe To Epilate Pubic Hair?” answer-9=”Generally, it can be said that it is safe to use epilators on Pubic hair. ” image-9=”” count=”10″ html=”true” css_class=””]

Final Verdict

Epilators are electrical devices that will help you to remove body hair. Now, I know that some people are not fond of body hair. But before we say any of that, know that you don’t have to remove it if you don’t want to.

Your body hair, including your pubes, is completely natural. If you are okay with them, then you don’t have to wax, shave, or epilate them off. 

But, if you do decide to get rid of your body hair, then you should consider epilation. Epilation is the process that will remove the hair from its roots so that it will provide you with smoother skin.

The epilator itself can seem a bit pricey but it will save you a lot of money in the long run. You will have to pay for waxing every time and it will get messy.

But, with an epilator, you can just remove your hair by yourself without making a mess. So, if you want smooth hairless skin, I suggest that you run to the store and get yourself an epilator.

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