Raising Popularity Of Forehead Reduction Surgery! Is It Worth It? 

Forehead reduction surgery demand is on the raise. No more hiding behind the bangs, contours creams, and powders. But does it work? Is it safe? Social media will show you the cool side but make sure you know both sides before getting the work done.

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raising the popularity of forehead reduction surgery

A huge forehead has been a source of insecurity for many. Not only does it alter the facial propositions but most people find it unattractive. Hence over the past years, the damnd for forehead reduction surgery(1) has been on the spike.

A considerable forehead can be a result of so many things, genetics, age, stress, hair fall, tight hairstyles, and pollution. Though there are various ways to camouflage the size of the forehead through certain hairstyles and makeup, forehead reduction surgery is a permanent solution with no maintenance afterward. Bit are a thing as easy as it looks?

Let’s look into the not-so-easy side and the things most people need to talk about in forehead reduction surgery.

Forehead Reduction Surgery: Does a Large Forehead Make a Woman Unattractive?

World’s most beautiful women like Tyra Banks, Angelina Jolie, Rihanna, Jennifer Garner, Nicole Kidman, Rachel McAdams, Dakota Johnson,… the list could go on,  have flaunted their foreheads and we all love them. So the answer is, Big No! 

Forehead Reduction Surgery! Is It Worth It? 

Huge forehead insecurity is just a personal opinion and getting forehead reduction surgery is completely a personal choice. We believe every woman is beautiful and beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. 

During the period of the Renaissance, women with big foreheads were considered an example of ideal beauty. Those times women threaded their hair lines to make their forehead appear leather.

What Is Forehead-Reduction Surgery?

Forehead reduction surgery,  also known as hairline lowering surgery is a safe and brief procedure, that is done to get rid of the extra vertical length of the forehead. The procedure is like any other surgery where the person undergoing the procedure is given local anesthesia. 

The procedure could take a maximum of  3 hours to be completed in case of no other complications. In most cases, the recovery time is about a week and the patients return home and start doing regular activities as soon as they recover. The recovery period might depend on person to person, in most cases, the doctor might recommend washing the hair the very next day of the surgery.

Is Forehead Reduction Right for You?

Anybody who feels self-conscious about the size of the forehead can get forehead reduction surgery. If your forehead is making you inferior and is holding you back from doing what you love then the surgery is for you. With forehead reduction surgery the results are permanent, so you don’t have to worry about doing a hairstyle you love, you can ditch your bangs and contour sticks.

A forehead that is between 5 cm and 6 cm is considered normal and doesn’t interfere with the proportion of the face. But if your forehead exceeds this size then you might want to get forehead reduction surgery.

While considering you for surgery the doctor will also check your overall health and skin elasticity. Before going into the procedure make sure you are at a well-reputed clinic and you sit down and discuss your end goals with your doctor, to avoid any mishap during the procedure. 

When the surgery is done right one could notice very less or no scar at all but if the surgery is not done by an expert it could cause severe scarring and infection.

How Does Forehead Reduction Surgery Work?

The forehead reduction surgery is like any surgery performed by plastic surgeons. The time of surgery can last from 2 to 3 hours depending on the specifications of each case. The width of the forehead can be reduced to up 2.5 cm with the surgery.

A reduction of more than that might be extreme and most doctors would not recommend it but this can vary from individual to individual.

During this procedure, the patient will be given general or local anesthesia. The doctor will initially mark the area where the skin has to be removed, then an incision will be made along the markings at the frontal hairline, the scalp is then released and pulled forward and connected to the forehead where the excess skin has been removed.

How Does Forehead Reduction Surgery Work?

The incision is hidden inside the hairline and becomes invisible once the scar heals. In some cases the patient’s scalp might not be very elastic and pulling down may become difficult,  in such cases the doctor will consider using a tissue expander. This will be placed under the scalp.

This expander will gradually stretch out the skin as the healing process kicks in. The expander is not a permanent thing, once the desired stretch is obtained the expander will be removed by the doctor and the rest of the procedure will be completed. Sometimes people also combine forehead lift surgery with brow lift surgery or other facial lifting surgery for a wrinkle-free sharp look.

Now if you are wondering how most celebrities achieve the cat-eye sleek face, you know the answer!

What Is The Forehead Reduction Surgery Recovery Time?

Recovery time might vary from person to person but mostly initial recovery takes about a week. That’s the usual period for the bruising and swelling to subside. The patient is discharged the very next day if no other issues are found. The doctor might ask the patient to refrain from any heavy activities till the stitch has completely healed.

One can wear a hat, or bandana or try hairstyles that cover the scar, till the scarring completely fades or becomes invisible from the outside. Recovery is often claimed to be easy as complaints of pain are very rare. The doc will still prescribe pain medications and ask the patient to keep their head elevated at night to minimize swelling and aid the healing process.

Aftercare usually includes keeping the wound clean and taking the medications as per instructions. If there are no other issues and the wound is well taken care of any stitches or clips used will be removed within a week.

In a few months, the incision scar will be covered as the hair will start growing back in the area. Experiencing numbness or a stretch-out feeling is normal and will go away with time.

How Does The Forehead Reduction Surgery Scar Look?

Usually, the surgery leaves an s scar stretched out along the hairline where the stitch is made. The scar is hidden and one need not worry about being seen. Within a few months, the scar will be completely invisible and any traces of surgery will be gone. In sporadic cases, if the hair growth around the scar is not enough the doctor would recommend the patient undergo a hair grafting procedure to cover up the scarring.

Are There Any Forehead Reduction Surgery Risks?

There is no specific risk associated with forehead reduction surgery, the risks are common risks that are associated with the surgery. Any kind of surgery will come with risk factors.

  • Some might find side effects from anesthesia
  • Bleeding before and after the procedure
  • If not cleaned, infection in the incision area
  • Hair loss at the site of the incision
  • If done by an inexperienced doctor the patient might have to face, permanent scarring.

How Much Does a Forehead Reduction Surgery Cost?

A forehead reduction surgery(2) is not cheap, it could cost anywhere between $6,000 to $15,000. The cost will depend on the patient’s location, the specifications of the procedure, and the clinic of choice. Here are some of the costing details: 

  • Forehead reduction surgery Turkey:  Any were between $1,700 to $2,000
  • Forehead reduction surgery UK: Approximately between  £5000-£6000
  • Forehead reduction surgery cost in India: Between 50,000 to 60,000
  • Forehead reduction surgery cost Los Angeles: $8000-$11,000
  • Forehead reduction surgery cost California: starts approximately  at $9,500

Getting a forehead reduction is completely a personal choice. If your huge forehead is making you feel insecure it’s the best solution that would give you permanent results. Make sure you find a well-experienced doctor, as the surgery is tricky and the most experienced the doctor is the less scarring will occur. 

Lets us know your thoughts on forehead reduction surgery, are you considering getting one?

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