Former NFL Quarterback Dan Orlovsky Sniffs Molly Qerim’s Shoe Live on “First Take”

Dan Orlovsky has once again sparked controversy by sniffing Molly Qerim’s shoe live on “First Take”

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On Feb 13, 2024 – 3 minutes read

Dan Orlovsky sniffs Molly Qerim's shoe

Dan Orlovsky is not a stranger to controversial actions on live television but this might be his biggest and most controversial action as he had to face the ire of the netizens and television watchers.

What has just happened?

Dan Orlovsky sniffs Molly Qerim's shoe

The ESPN show “First Take” stood in awe at the utterly enigmatic humor Orlovsky performed while on air. He sniffed his co-star Molly Qerim’s high heels, prompting all of the panelists to feel disgusted.

Molly Qerim couldn’t believe her eyes and asked him in a frustrated tone if he was sniffing the shoe, as she just got the shoe and had her tights on. But it was too late, as he had already put his nose where the ankle was supposed to be.

Shannon Sharpe expressed his dissatisfaction by reminding Orlovsky that he would have to keep an eye on him due to his indecent actions. Which was questioned by netizens due to his obsession with brushing at least ten times a day. 

Which was later rebuked by many as it was a lot better to have an obsession like brushing than something like Orlovsky’s shoe sniffing. Among the two options, most sane people would only choose brushing. 

Stephen A. Smith revealed how disgusted he was by accusing Orlovsky of having a foot fetish and grouping him with other foot fetishists.

This is nothing strange, as Smith is famous for his open opinions without any subtle filters. He was in a controversy due to his comment about an NBA player being too fat and accusing him of having eaten an entire buffet before coming to the game.

Later on, the panelists deviated from their original sports-based discussion and came to discuss the severity of the action. Smith points out that the heel is from a designer luxury brand called Attico, just as Orlovsky once again takes his nose out of the high heel. 

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Orlovsky took it up a notch by holding onto the shoe for about half a minute after his weird actions and even calling it a “lazy heel.”

How Orlvosky gets a hold of Qerim’s shoes is still a mystery, as the show only shows the upper bodies of the panelists. Creating a mystery for the conspiracy theorists of the internet to show their skill. Prompting many netizens to take wild guesses.

Orlovsky has been working as an NFL analyst ever since the end of his football career in 2017. He had taken the mantle of the permanent host of “First Take.” 

The Reaction and Aftermath

Orlvosky’s fiasco sparked a huge controversy, which was debated again and again by netizens and news channels, questioning his motivation and his identity based on this action. He revealed later that he had no foot fetish, and he clarified his point by explaining that it was a new shoe that had no bad smell.

He further elongated his argument by letting the audience know that he sniffs his children’s shows two times a year, which sparked nothing but more controversy, once again questioning his well-being. 

The incident became more bizarre as he ate a pancake that had fallen to the floor, horrifying the other panelists. At least this time, there was more support for him for not wasting food. 

Yet, the question remains of whether he is well and if all of them are merely marketing gimmicks for a sports analysis program that has already been accused of not delivering enough sports content and instead focuses on entertainment. 

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