Victoria Monet Spotted With Family in Bronze Theme At Grammys 2024

Victoria Monet attends the Grammy’s 2024 with her little daughter, Hazel, and her boyfriend John Gaines wearing enchanting bronze-colored attire.

Written by Rachel Davis

On Feb 6, 2024 – 3 minutes read

Victoria Monet's enchanting Grammy appearance

Singer Victoria Monet hit the red carpet with her daughter at the 2024 Grammy Awards on 5th February with her daughter, Hazel, and boyfriend John Gaines in the middle of an array of incredible red-carpet outfits. Hazel, 2 years old, looked charming in her bronze corset gown to match her mom and John Gaines outfitted in bronze and earth tones. 

Adorable Little Hazel Presented Herself As A Mini-Monet

Victoria Monet dazzles at Grammys 2024

Little Hazel appeared on the show like a mini version of her mom dressed in a cute bronze princess dress with a ribbon belt. Her ballet flats with straps were perfectly paired with the theme of the team. In an adorable little girly hairstyle, her hair was woven into two tiny pigtails with bronze bows. 

Monet was nominated for 7 titles this year, making her the second most nominated artist after SZA who is at the top of the list such as Best New Artist nominations. She appeared to be in the air hoping to secure wins as she attended the Grammys. Her daughter Hazel is noted as the youngest nominated for a Grammy for the best traditional R&B performance for the songs in “Hollywood”. Besides Monet’s family, others were also seen supporting her at the 2024 Grammy’s show. 

Ariana Grande wished her friend on social media saying that she deserved that one million times. While she hoped Monet to steal the show, she exclaimed that it would be very tough to surpass her adorable daughter, Hazel on the show because the baby really knew how to adorn her well. 

The singer sizzled in her charming bronze corset gown with a strapless ribbed top and ruffled sides. The long flowing silky skirt with a long train fell down at full length while she was moving through. Teamed with a white diamond snake necklace, large diamond earrings, sparkling silver manicures, and diamond rings she appeared in elegant style. Meticulously crafted makeup glows in bronze shade, toned with her dress. Her hair was pulled back in a graceful bun shape with strands bordering her face.

Hazel’s shyness was revealed while she was posing for some photos with her parents. She was seen hugging them as they were moving through the red carpet ahead of the show.

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Boyfriend Dresses To Match Family Dress Code

Gaines dressed up to match the rest of his family in an army green blazer and trousers. He perfected the look with black Versace loafers, a silver boxy blazer, matching trousers, and a silver pin, as he posed together with Monet and Hazel in front of the Camera. It was adorable to watch Monet, “On My Mama” singer, carrying her little daughter who looked like a cute princess in the same bronze shade with a ribbon belt.

The pair took turns holding their daughter on the red carpet of the show at the Los Angeles Arena. The toddler was spotted as camera shy whenever the lenses focused on her during the ceremony.

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