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4 Easy & Best Hairstyles For Working Moms | Style Your Hair In Five Minutes!

We working moms ain’t got the time for the latest trending hairdos. But at times, you wish you could try something new, and sigh ‘if only I had the time.’ But that doesn’t have to be the case.

Written by Manal Yahya

On Mar 28, 2023 – 6 minutes read

Hair styles for working mom

Working moms need nothing more than time, aside from patience and an extra head. For them, mornings (particularly weekdays) couldn’t possibly get any more frustrating than it already is. A scenario most likely to happen frequently, even on a daily basis is being busy and frantic, juggling with making breakfast, packing lunch, and yelling at kids while wishing for an extra pair of hands. In the midst of all that hustle, they need a go-to list of hairstyles for working moms exclusively!

Four Easy & Best Hairstyles For Working Moms

When finding time getting ready for work itself is a chore, working up a fancy hairstyle will be the last thing on a working mom’s mind. Well, here I have listed the best hairstyles for working moms to offer you a helping hand. Grab your elastics and bobby pins to style your hair within five minutes!

Easy hairstyles for working mom

Low Chignon

A sophisticated hairstyle for working moms to pull up within minutes! If you have naturally wavy hair or if your hair is already curled with a curling iron, this hairstyle is perfect for you. It could work with straight hair too but wavy would ace this style in no time. Chignon is similar to a messy bun except in a more posh style. The bun will be a little bit to the side. To be precise, a little bit behind your right ear(1). So, grab your bobby pins and start away to get a quick and easy hairstyle for moms with curly hair!

Here’s how:

Simple Hairstyles for working moms
  1. Begin with sectioning your hair horizontally into two parts as if you are going to pull your hair half up. Then, put your thumbs behind your ears and make a triangle with your fingers.
  2. Gather the upper section in your hands and clip them away from the lower section. Use your bobby pins to clip them away from the lower section.
  3. Fluff up the hair in your lower section with your fingers. Then, take small sections and tease them to create volume and texture.
  4. After you are done teasing, take an elastic and pull the teased hair to the right side and tie them into a round bun without completely pulling them through.
  5. Once the bun is ready, unclip the upper section of your hair, section your hair half down the center to do a cross-session.
  6. Bring the right side of the hair to the left side of the bun and move the section over the bun. Pin it underneath the bun.
  7. Grab the hair on the left side of the hair and bring it to the right side of the bun. Now, just like the other side, move the hair over the bun and pin it underneath the bun (as close to the bun as possible).
  8. To an added grace, you can pull up the top, both sides, and bottom of the bun and clip it to your scalp creating a perfect round. To cover the bobby pins, you can clip from inside the bun.

Hairstyles for Working Moms: Elevated Ponytail

Don’t you get bored of your plain, everyday ponytail? Well, here’s a fancier ponytail hairstyle to make your ponytail not look limp. The good news is you can pull this hairstyle in five minutes! One of the easy hairstyles for long-hair working moms (both straight and wavy ones!). Follow the steps below and you will love this easy, everyday hairstyle for moms! (2)

Here’s how:

simple mom hairstyles for long hair
  1. Split your hair in half from the ears up and clip the top half out of the way.
  2. Brush the lower half and pull them into a ponytail right where you parted your hair. Use elastic and keep them in a tight ponytail. Because a tight ponytail will make your ponytail elevated without sagging underneath the bun.
  3. Unclip your clipped upper half and tease the crown(3) of your head with a brush (completely optional).
  4. Then, smoothen the hair and grab your hair including the ponytail to create one new ponytail. After you are done, take an elastic and pull your hair into a ponytail.
  5. For the last step, take a small piece of your hair to wrap around the elastic and clip the end to your scalp.
  6. A pro tip to add more elegance to your ponytail is to section your ponytail and clip a tiny claw clip right in the middle. Don’t worry, the clip will be covered when the upper half is pulled down.

Classy Fishtail

Fishtail must have never crossed your mind with the lack of time to even pull up your hair into an easy ponytail. However, once you get the hang of the braiding, a fishtail hairstyle is easier than you can imagine. Not to mention fancier than the plain old braided tail. This may take more time when you are trying for the first time especially for long hair, but you can pull this off with enough time you have! This is personally my best choice among the list of best hairstyles for working moms.

Here’s how:

classy fishtail
  1. Brush your hair to create volume and bring it to your side. Then, section your hair into two.
  2. Take a small section (the lowest strands) from the outside of the lower section and bring it inside to the upper section. Then, pull it tight.
  3. Take a small section from the outside of the upper section and bring it to the inside of the lower section.
  4. Make sure the first small section is safe inside the upper section.
  5. Then, take another small section from the lower section and cross it to the inside of the upper section. Continue the braiding down the tail.
  6. Make sure you keep the hair as tight as possible and when you are done braiding, tie the end with a clear elastic while leaving some distance between the end of the braiding and your knot.
  7. This is the last and the fun step! Loosely pull your fishtail to loosen it up and make the hairstyle look more classy and fancy!

Hairstyles for Working Moms: Twisted Low Pony 

This is an incredibly quick and best hairstyle for working moms. Why? Because you can pull this style even when your kids are fighting right in front of you. Twisted pony is the perfect and easy hairstyle for new moms as it is completely effortless. Easier for short hair, any busy mom can go to work with this hairstyle even for a formal meeting.

Here’s how:

Twisted Low Pony
  1. Begin with the usual teasing step to increase the volume and create a lift in the crown of your hair. Grab a section of your hair from the crown and tease it with a teasing brush. Or any brush.
  2. Smoothen the hair and part the upper half of your hair to bring it into a ponytail. Then, smooth out the bottom half too.
  3. Slightly twist the ponytail and slightly push it up to have a lift in the crown.
  4. Take your bobby pins and anchor into your twist. Push it in and then twist the bobby pin back into the twist. The bobby pins won’t be visible! Ta-da!
  5. To make it fancier, you can add any piece of accessories on the twist for a glamorous finish.

What could be better than an easy yet stylish hairstyle any busy, working mom can pull off within five minutes? More time! While we cannot give you more time, we can save you some time of yours that you will most likely spend on pulling a quick and boring hairdo to look presentable.

Four of these quick mom hairdos are our best picks as they are elegant and pretty effortless hairstyles for working moms. All you need to do is stock up your bobby pins as those are indeed lifesavers! Style away mommies!

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