Hilary Swank Shares First Pic Of Twins, Named Aya And Ohm

The ‘Camp Wilder’ fame, Hilary Swank welcomed her twins with her husband Philip Schneider last year.

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On Feb 17, 2024 – 3 minutes read

Hilary Swank Welcomes Twins with Philip Schneider

The two-time Oscar winner became a mother for the first time in April 2023 by giving birth to two beautiful babies, daughter Aya, and son Ohm. However, the Million Dollar actress did not reveal their names until Valentine’s Day 2024.

Swank Concealed Her Pregnancy From Her Crews For 3 Months

Actress Hilary Swank Introduces Twins Born in 2023

On February 14, the actress appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and the conversation slowly slipped from her career to what it was like to be a mother of twins. When Jimmy asked this question, Swank responded with joy in her eyes. She described it as the most extraordinary thing in the world.

She shared how it is more fun, more joy, and at the same time more exhausting. It is everything, but more than she could ever ask for. She also said it was more glorious and the best in the world.

Swank has been among the celebrities who preferred privacy over publicity. She has largely kept her tiny tots out of the public eye. However, with Jimmy, she opened up about everything including the struggles she went through during her pregnancy period at 48 years old. 

Before announcing her pregnancy on “Good Morning America” in October 2023, she kept it a secret from her costars. But at this point, Swank seemed willing to share everything about her pregnancy and children.

Although she appeared on the program to promote her show ‘Alaska Daily,’ she ended up sharing the exciting news with her fans. She announced that she had been waiting for a long time for something, and added that the next significant event was her much anticipated motherhood. She elaborated that she would not only be a mother of one but of two children.

She later said it was a relief for her to share the news after hiding it from everyone. On the same day, she also appeared on “Live with Kelly and Mark,” sharing that she was doing well now and entering the second trimester of her pregnancy.  

She stated that she was feeling good at the moment, despite being on Pacific time and feeling a little cross-eyed due to it. The pregnancy announcement had sent a shock wave among her Alaska Dilay crew, but she confessed that it was getting harder day by day to keep that secret from them while shooting. 

At the show, she recalled how her clothes started to not fit her, making her cut her jeans open and put a jacket over them. Swank further added how her crew was surprised to notice it. Although her pregnancy came as a surprise for everyone, she made sure to reveal she was carrying twins before the delivery and therefore, both families were well aware of it. 

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In January 2023, Swank appeared as a guest on The Late Show with James Corden and she revealed that she went to great lengths to keep her pregnancy a secret until she was not ready to disclose the matter. On the show, she recalled how she had to lie about her running abilities to maintain the secret during the first trimester. 

She mentioned that during her first semester, nobody was aware that she was pregnant. She described how they used to work for 15 hours a day, emphasizing that it was no easy task. Reflecting on her character, who was a jogger, she expressed how exhausted she felt during that time. She later recalled that she used to take two hours to do one to two minutes on screen. 

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