Is Taylor Swift Related To Fellow “Tortured Poet”? Here’s How The Connection Works

The upcoming album of Taylor Swift, “The Tortured Poets Department” takes a new turn as the genealogy department reveals her surprising connection with the 19th-century poet Emily Dickinson.

Written by Rachel Davis

On Mar 5, 2024 – 3 minutes read

Is Taylor Swift Related To Emily Dickinson Here's How The Connection Fits All Too Well!

The surprising connection between the pop star Taylor Swift and the author of the 19th century illuminates Swift’s love of poetry and gives her creative pedigree more dimension. Ancestry, a company specializing in genealogy research, revealed the connection between the pop iol Swift and the poet Dickinson on March 4, 2024. revealed in an exclusive report that the singer of “All Too Well” and Emily Dickinson are sixth cousins, three times removed.

How Is Swift Connected To Dickinson?

 Is Taylor Swift Related To Emily Dickinson Here's How The Connection Fits All Too Well!

Ancestry shared that both Swift and Dickinson descend from the 17th-century English immigrant. According to the Ancestory, Swift’s ninth great-grandfather and Dickinson’s sixth great-grandfather was an early settler of Windsor, Connecticut. They said that Swift’s ancestors remarried in Connecticut for six generations. Eventually, her part of the family settled down in northwestern Pennsylvania and married into the Swift family line. If the statement by the Ancestory is true, then it underlines that Swift’s choice of words runs in her family lineage. 

The poet, Emily Dickinson famous for her works, “Because I Could not Stop for Death” and “‘Hope’ is the Thing with Feathers” was popularly known as Belle of Amherst. Like her distant relative, the writer even dealt with the theme of fame, even though she probably should have been celebrated during her lifetime.  In her “Success is counted sweetest” Dickinson wrote: “Success is counted sweetest/By those who ne’er succeed/ To comprehend a nectar/ Requires sorest need.”

Apart from the title of Swift’s upcoming album, several Dickinson references have come up in her works. Swift referred to the 19th-century poets in her Songwriter-artist of the Decade award speech at the Nashville Songwriters Association International in 2022. 

Swift who categorized her lyrics into three genres namely, quill lyrics, fountain pen lyrics, and glitter gel pen lyrics used an example with Dickinson’s reference to elaborate on it. She said that she would be writing in the quill genre if her lyrics sounded like a letter written by Emily Dickinson’s great-grandmother while sewing a lace curtain. 

“Evermore”, Swift’s ninth studio album, is said to have been inspired by Emily Dickinson, confirmed Swifties. Apart from being released on Dickinson’s birthday, December 10, 2020, the album’s title also takes influence from the last line of Dickinson’s poem “One Sister Have I in Our House.”

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The Tortured Poets Department

During her Grammy acceptance speech, Swift announced her upcoming album  “The Tortured Poets Department”. In her intro, she said that she was going to reveal a secret she had kept for two years and that the album would be released on 19 April 2024. She added that she would post the cover right then, on the backstage. 

Swift has shared multiple posts on her Instagram regarding the pre-sales of the album. All the posts contain different monochromatic portraits of the pop star along with the title of the album. The captions of all the posts contain the names and details of the different files that will appear in her new album.

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