Jennifer Goicoechea married Usher in a dazzling white dress at the Las Vegas Wedding Ceremony

Jennifer Goicoechea broke the bride dress code by wearing an all-white off-shoulder suit and pants, creating a new style

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Usher and Jennifer Goicoechea

The year 2024 has been a wonderful year for Usher, as he performed in the halftime show for the Super Bowl and finally married his long-time girlfriend Jenn Goicoechea in Las Vegas with friends and close family.

The Wedding in Las Vegas 

Usher and Jennifer for their wedding

Usher and Jennifer Goicoechea got married in Las Vegas, surrounded by close friends and family. They shared pictures of their wedding on social media. In the photos they shared, they were seen standing together, with Jennifer holding a bouquet of red and white flowers.

The 45-year-old singer was standing together with the mother of his child and now wife with a matching red flower from her bouquet.

Usher wore a stylish asymmetrical abstract black and white tux that turned heads due to elongated fur-like propulsions throughout the overall coat. Which gave an almost funky feeling to the overall atmosphere.

Goicoechea rocked the floor in a white dress that complemented her husband’s style in a contrasting manner. She wore all-white pants and a suit with an off-shoulder manner. With white designer glasses and sparkly nailed cream gloves to match. 

The couple completed their vows with less than 30 guests to stand as evidence, and Usher’s wife acted out as the couple’s witness on the official certificate. 

Later on, they visited an event organized by Remy Martin, which they attended in the same outfit, showcasing their wedding dress and dazzling everyone.

The bride wore a veil and designer glasses for the vow-giving ceremony, and a small blurry font proclaiming their wedding was posted on the social media feed. 

Which is read as “Mrs. Raymond 2/11/24”, giving a nod to the wife, taking her husband’s last name, and thereby proclaiming that they have finally taken the next step in their relationship.

In an alternate image, the couple was shown in a vintage convertible car with flowers of the same color on the back of the car. All the while/ the bride is looking back/ and the two teenage children of Jennifer were seen sitting in the back of the car.

The singer’s mother is completely absent from the images. She was present during the ceremony and was the designated couple’s witness. The two younger children that the couple had were also absent. 

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Jeniffer, later on, expressed that when someone finds a relationship built on trust and loyalty, it’s no longer a question of how; rather, it’s more about when. She elaborated on that by expressing her gratitude and honor to spend her life with someone like Usher. 

Usher replied to that with nothing but the expression of his utmost luck to be with someone like her for a lifetime of happiness. 

The Long Journey

Usher has shared how he was able to form a connection with Goicoechea within a few meetings; she supported him throughout those difficult times. Which gave him the courage to dream of a future with her. 

The couple had their first child, Sovereign Bo, together in 2020, and their second child, Sire Castrello. Usher also shares children with his ex-wife, Tameka Foster.

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