J.Lo’s Newest Pumpkin Spice Glow-Up: Slaying The Holiday Makeup Game

Jennifer’s latest #Instalook is going for the kill as she embodies yet another soft-girl autumn avatar!

Written by Samantha Gregory

On Nov 25, 2023 – 4 minutes read

Jennifer Lopez Pumpkin Spice Makeup

Guess who’s serving up some major fall vibes? Jennifer Lopez just took her iconic makeup game to a whole new level with a pumpkin spice twist, and it’s giving us all the cozy feels. With Thanksgiving around the corner, J.Lo’s dropping this fab tutorial to get us all in the holiday spirit. Imagine blending the warmth of your favorite pumpkin spice latte with that classic J.Lo glow – that’s what we’re talking about! So, grab your makeup bag, ‘cause we’re about to dive into how our queen of glam is switching it up for the season.

Whatever this beauty mogul is conspiring, we’re not ready for it!

The Inspiration Behind The Look 

So, what’s got J.Lo remixing her go-to latte makeup look that’s leaving fans weak-kneed? It’s all about that pumpkin spice life, folks! Do you know how we all get hyped about those cozy, spicy fall flavors? Well, J.Lo’s feeling it too. She’s been rocking that latte look for ages (and totally slaying it, BTW), but with the leaves changing and sweater weather kicking in, she’s bringing in those pumpkin spice vibes.

J.Lo’s Newest Pumpkin Spice Glow-Up

It’s not just about jumping on the fall bandwagon; it’s J.Lo style – taking something we all love and adding that extra dash of fabulous. And let’s be real, who doesn’t want to glow like J.Lo at the Thanksgiving table? 

Step-by-Step Tutorial: Eye Makeup 

Alright, let’s dive into how J.Lo gets those eyes looking like autumn magic. First up, she grabs the Tom Ford Eye Color Quad(1) and goes in with a bronzy shade for some killer contour right above her eyelid. It’s all about creating that ‘C’ shape right on the ridge of her brow – a trick she picked up from her makeup guru, Scott Barnes. Next, she brings on the pumpkin vibes with some “yellow-y” and ochre tones, blending them over her lids. It’s like she’s painting a fall sunset right there in her eyes – totally dreamy and perfect for the season!

Complexion And Highlighting 

Now, let’s talk about that otherworldly glow. But seriously, does she even know how to age? Even before she hits record, her skin’s already looking dewy and flawless (because, well, she’s J.Lo). But here’s the secret sauce: she adds just a dab of JLO Beauty’s That Star Filter Complexion Booster.

She’s using the Pink Champagne shade, applying it on her cheekbones, under her eyebrows, and along the ridge of her nose. It’s not about covering up; it’s about highlighting her natural beauty. This touch of liquid formula gives her that subtle, lit-from-within look that we’re all craving. It’s less about makeup and more about that natural, radiant J.Lo vibe.

Her lips in this look are a delicious fusion of cinnamon spice and pumpkin charm. She begins by precisely contouring her lips with a Makeup Forever Artist Color Pencil, framing them for that perfect plump effect. But it’s the JLO Beauty Beso Balm that really brings the magic, adding both irresistible shine and essential hydration. The balm’s vanilla flan flavor is a subtle nod to the cozy, pumpkin spice theme. This lip combo is quintessential J.Lo: glamorous yet approachable, with a hint of seasonal flair, blending the bold with the natural.

J.Lo’s Signature Style And Its Evolution 

Jennifer Lopez has always been a trailblazer in beauty and fashion. Known for her timeless nail choices, typical variations of classic nude, and her penchant for glamorous, sparkly fashion, J.Lo has become synonymous with red-carpet elegance. Her makeup usually features a bronzed goddess look, crowned with a glossy nude lip beneath her signature wavy blowout. This new pumpkin spice makeup trend is a seamless addition to her style repertoire, showcasing her ability to evolve while staying true to her roots. It’s a testament to her versatility and keen eye for trends, further cementing her status as a fashion and beauty icon.

Christmas came early with Jennifer Lopez’s festive makeup reveal, setting the tone for a glamorous holiday season. Celebrities are upping the ante this year, and J.Lo’s pumpkin spice twist is a testament to their ever-evolving and dazzling approach to beauty, leaving fans eager for more seasonal style inspirations. Wondering what the megastar is planning for the upcoming days? Stay tuned as we keep a watch on this lioness’ prowl!

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