Julia Fox Makes Statement At Paris Fashion Week In A Unique Mugler Ensemble

Julia Fox made a show-stopping entry in a nearly naked catsuit at Paris Fashion Week creating a historical moment for the fashion world.

Written by Ayisha Nashva

On Mar 5, 2024 – 3 minutes read

Julia Fox stuns in sheer catsuit at Paris Fashion Week

Julia Fox turned heads at the Mugler show in Paris in a sheer catsuit which was even more breathtaking from the back, covered in silver sequins. The see-through look was adorned with sharp strips of plastic that ran throughout her body from the neck to the wrists, waist, and ankles.

Julia Fox Dons Sheer Catsuit At Mugler Show At Paris Fashion Week

Julia Fox wows in daring catsuit at Paris Fashion Week

Though she wasn’t fully naked, she created such a look by wearing a skin-toned undergarment which gave the impression of real skin, particularly adding the nude effect. For the occasion, the 34-year-old Italian-American actress went for a no-jewelry look. 

To complement the extravagant ensemble, she covered a part of her face with silver glitter, which became the highlight of the look. The Uncut Gems star further finished off her glam with metallic eyes and lips. As for the hair, she wore it slicked back into a bun. It was the second time she rocked her lavender-gray hair as the actress debuted it while attending the 2024 New York Fashion Week Costume Ball. 

The fashion chameleon arrived at the event wearing an Eunoia Shakespeare dress that accented a signature lace-up corset and a high slit. To complete the look, she paired the outfit with a pair of pointed-toe pumps. However, the highlights of the ensemble were none of these but the scarf around her head and the white ribbon that was wrapped around her ankles. Back then also she was not wearing even a single piece of accessory, but she went all out with her glam, combining her signature bleached brows with fuchsia blush, vibrant teal eyeshadow, and red lipstick

Just three months into 2024, Julia Fox has made headlines several times for her impeccable fashion sense. Earlier this year, she turned heads at the Sundance Film Festival in a range of otherworldly looks. She kicked off with a cable knit bikini layered over a black catsuit that she topped with a white faux fur coat. The Down the Drain author completed the stunning look with a KNWLS handbag, a pair of Sorel Caribou snow boots, and Gentle Monster sunglasses. 

The next day, she donned an all-denim ensemble that featured an oversized denim jacket with exaggerated shoulder pads. She styled it with a pair of jeans that also served its role as a pair of shoes. However this time, she wore a bridal veil as an accessory which was a unique combination with denim. The accessories also included a faux fur coat, a white leather baguette bag, and a chunky white leather belt. The ensemble has an oversized heart buckle that reads “Mother.” 

Julia Fox has been the talk of the town since she called it quits with Kanye West. She said in an October 2023 interview that he needed a full-time person, and she couldn’t be that. In a statement, she said that dating Ye was like having a second baby. The two met in Miami in 2022 and parted ways just a month later. She said in a recent interview that she knew the relationship was not going to work out

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Fox recalled that after having her son, she found herself constantly changing diapers, but then he wanted to talk on the phone frequently. She even bought a pair of AirPods to help manage, but ultimately found the situation overwhelming.

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