Katy Perry Confirms On Quitting ‘American Idol’ After Long Seven Years

Katy Perry is getting prepared to walk out of ‘American Idol’ after a long 7 seasons since 2018.

Written by Ayisha Nashva

On Feb 13, 2024 – 3 minutes read

Katy Perry bids farewell to 'American Idol

During the Monday episode of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live,’ the American TV personality, Katy Perry announced that the upcoming 22nd season of ‘American Idol’ would be her last. The announcement of her departure came as a surprise to the show viewers who loved to see her as a judge on the show.

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Katy Perry exits 'American Idol' after 7 seasons

The songstress and long-time idol judge sat down with Jimmy Kimmel wearing a black cut-out gown. She was at the show to promote the upcoming 22nd season of the reality singing competition. In between the conversation, the duo slipped into a different topic, her career in American Idol. 

The host, Kimmel asked the songstress how long she was planning to stick to the show which is set to air with a brand new season on Sunday, prompting Perry to break the ice. “This will probably be my last season” on American Idol, she remarked to the shock of the audience. 

According to Perry, she will be doing a huge music festival named “Rock in Rio” in Brazil in September and that will leave her in a time crunch that might demand her to leave the show. 

Perry, who seemed excited about the forthcoming music festival teased that it would be a “big deal for people around the world,” especially her “Brazilian fans.” 

“I love Idol so much. It has connected me with the heart of America,” she further added. 

Perry has been serving as a judge on American for the past 7 seasons, since 2018. She has been with the Idol team since the competition was rebooted by ABC for the 16th season after a year-long run on Fox. Besides Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan are the other two celebrities who have been on the show for a long time. 

“What did Lionel and Luke say?” Kimmel, who was excited to hear the response of her fellow showmates asked. “Well, they will find out tonight,” Perry replied with a sheepish smile. He further inquired about the plans for her replacement, to which Perry responded, “Not yet.” 

Earlier today, the pop icon was spotted filming for the latest season of the show in Hawaii. Sporting full glam, the saga was wearing a string green sleeveless dress and she was accompanied by her fellow judges. The three looked like they just received a warm welcome from the Hawaiians. Ever since the 22nd season of American Idol was announced, fans have been eagerly waiting to watch the trio back together, bringing more fun, charm, and entertainment to the popular singing competition. 

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Perry’s latest look echoed her larger-than-life personality which has played a major role in making her one of the most celebrated figures in the entertainment industry. While the saga is currently in the limelight in the wake of the upcoming season of Idol, her fans are demanding new music from the pop star, a much-awaited project, which will be Perry’s sixth studio album. Ever since the release of her last album, “Smile” in 2020, the fans of the pop star have been eagerly waiting for the next empowering music. 

After Perry made several Instagram posts about the filming of American Idol, some of her followers flooded the comment section with endless questions about her new music. Although Perry has not made any official announcement on her upcoming music, her fans are expecting her to be working on new music as she has teased about her tight schedules lately. 

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