Kimberlin Brown Opens Up About Her ‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Exit

Iconic soap villain Kimberlin Brown opens up about her exit from “The Bold and the Beautiful” after starring in the show for a long time.

Written by Rachel Davis

On Feb 28, 2024 – 3 minutes read


Kimberlin Brown confirms her exit from her long-run show, “The Bold and the Beautiful”. The drama that unfolded on the show earlier this week is hence justified. In the episode aired on February 26, Sheila Carter (played by Kimberlin) was stabbed by  Steffy Forrester (played by Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). Now it is confirmed that the stab was fatal and that Sheila will not return.

Kimberlin Opens Up After The Show

Kimberlin Brown Opens Up About Her ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Exit

Kimberlin revealed that she is working out her feelings after exiting the show. She said she was in a tough place and that she was not going to lie about it. She experienced a mixture of emotions as she ultimately wished that “no one” was taking down her character. The character was part of the show right from the beginning and she has been playing it since the 90s. 

Kimberlin said that it was her happy place where she was blessed for over 35 years. She also said that she had a good run at it. Therefore, she undoubtedly said that she was one of the lucky ones. In the February 26 episode of the CBS soap opera, Sheila’s confrontation with her daughter-in-law Steffy Forrester led to her demise as she was fatally stabbed. 

Brown revealed that filming the intense death scene was both emotionally and physically challenging, leaving her bruised from lying on concrete for extended periods. She revealed that she was also thinking about her future during her final moments of playing Sheila.

Kimberlin also shared her thoughts during the final shoot. She said that she lay on the floor holding her breath for some time as the paramedics pronounced the death time. Then, she thought about her future and what might come to her next.

Brown first appeared as Sheila in 1990 on “The Young and the Restless”, which is the sister soap to “The Bold and the Beautiful”. Two years after introducing the character, Brown brought Sheila to The Bold and the Beautiful. Over the past thirty years, Brown has made occasional appearances on both shows and received one Daytime Emmy nomination.

Kimberlin’s Earlier Exits From The Show

Kimberlin has exited the soap earlier as well. She joined the cast of Port Charles, a spinoff of General Hospital by exiting the soap in 1998. After departing Port Charles in 2001, Brown joined One Life to Live in 2004. However, she exited the show in 2005 following a salary disagreement and rejoined The Young and the Restless. Despite returning to The Young and the Restless briefly, her contract was terminated a year later. In 2017, Brown returned to “The Bold and the Beautiful”.

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The Recent Cast Changes In “The Bold And The Beautiful

Along with Kimberlin Brown, two other actors from the soap have announced their official exit. Darin Brooks has announced his official exit from the soap after his surprise return, following his first exit in October 2023. Another cast, Krista Allen also confirmed that she is leaving the soap. In December 2023, she confirmed that her contract with the soap was over. She also revealed that the contract will not be renewed and her role will not be recast. 

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