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30 Best Knotless Braids Of All Time

Time to get all sassy with these knotless braids

Written by Anshita Singh

On May 8, 2023 – 10 minutes read

knotless braids

Victory rolls bubble braids and undercuts are all fine but when it comes to knotless braids, you cannot deny the bold and sassy they bring from within. You must have seen celebrities like Zendaya and Beyonce flaunting their braids from the streets to the runway. The way this hairstyle looks on any kind of outfit is no less than a bewitching miracle. 

These braids offer excellent protection for your hair while providing a stunning appearance. These seamless braids are crafted by weaving braiding hair into natural hair without using a knot at the base. Opting for this hairstyle reduces scalp tension significantly and lowers the risk of damage to both your scalp and hair strands.

What Are Knotless Braids?

These are box braids albeit without knots. So, while creating these, the braiding starts right from the scalp with natural hair and then subsequently the extensions are added and braided further with the natural hair. These extensions make the braids look a lot thicker and voluminous. 

The hairstyle usually starts with creating the hair divisions at the scalp in various shapes including boxes, diamonds, and triangles. To add volume and thickness to the braids, synthetic hair is usually used in these hairstyles. 

boho knotless braids

They do not start with a knot, so there are multiple ways of styling them. In this article, we’ll look into 30 styles of this hairstyle that look stunning and gorgeous. I’m hella excited! Are you?

But before getting into the hairstyle, let’s first clear your confusion regarding the difference between knotless hairstyles and box braids. 

Knotless Braids Vs Box Braids

The main difference between Knotless braids and box braids is that in the latter, the hair extensions are braided to your natural hair right from the scalp. Whereas, in a knotless braid hairstyle, your natural hair is braided first and the extensions are incorporated subsequently creating a seamless transition and making your hair look thick and voluminous. 

These braids are not heavy on your scalp as box braids are. Since the extensions are added to your scalp right from the start in box braids, they can strain your scalp with its weight. Also, they look a lot more natural since it is difficult to tell at what point in your braid the hair extensions are added. 

Now you know! These braids not only look elegant af but are also protective of your scalp. And let’s not forget that once you get these braids you’re free from styling and maintaining your hair for weeks. That’s such a relief! 

So with that thought in mind, let’s look at our knotless braid hairstyle options. Shall we? 

30 Best Knotless Braids Hairstyles Of All Time

Let’s see at some of the coolest knotless braids that will make people go gaga over your awe-inspiring look:

1. Bohemian Knotless Braid

Knotless braids can give anywhere from a classic elegant look to a punk vibe. Then, why not choose a hairstyle that gives Boho?

medium knotless braids

2. Long Knotless Braids With Curly Ends 

It looks like the goddess herself braided this immaculate hairstyle. I mean, look at it, so damn gorgeous.

knotless braids with curls

3. Blonde Boho Knotless Braid 

So you loved knotless braids with curly ends. That’s elegant enough. Now add blonde braids to it. That’s the quirky-cum-elegant look we’re looking for. 

large knotless braids

4. Short-Curly-Ended Knotless Braid

Not a big fan of long tresses, so no worries. These short curly-ended braids will look equally bomb!

knotless braids medium

5. Jumbo Knotless Braid

Hop on the trend with Jumbo braids. This hairstyle seems to be straight from outer space. 

jumbo knotless braids

6. Burgundy Knotless Braid With Curly Ends 

Does this even need any convincing? Bring out the bold and brazen you with Burgundy braids. The curly ends will amp up your look nonetheless. 

bohemian knotless braids

7. Knotless Braid With Colorful Rubber Bands 

A colorful twist cannot go wrong with knotless braids. Make your street look a lot cooler and more vibrant by styling it with colorful rubber bands or beads. 

small knotless braids

8. Knotless Braid With Wavy Ends 

Are you the one who likes to go crazy and messy with your hair? Then these braids are just your type. 

knotless braids small

9. Goddess Knotless Braids  

The kind of hair flux that this combo of braids and curls creates is just unbeatable. This is an absolutely gorgeous hairstyle that is a must-try for every sassy-look aspirant. 

smedium knotless braids

10. Knotless Passion Braid

The irresistible combo of passion twists with knotless braids is all you need to nail your everyday look. 

medium boho knotless braids

11. Knotless Bob Braids

If you think braids are just for long hairs…You! Are! Wrong! Just see how stunning these braids look!!! Gorgeous.

knotless braids hairstyles

12. Mix Highlights Knotless Braids

Mix it up with highlights and lowlights, and give your hairstyle that multi-dimensional effect. 

goddess knotless braids

13. Blue Knotless Braids 

If you have already not gotten the hint, let me tell you. Your guardian angels are hinting at you to take a break and hit the beach with these oh-so-gorgeous blue styles.

knotless braids styles

14. Medium Knotless Braid With Beads

The effect that beads create on knotless braids, no other accessory can create. Be it transparent glass-like beads or bohemian wooden beads, you just cannot go wrong with these cute beads. 

medium knotless braids with color

15. Knotless Braids With Accessories 

Already done with beads and wanna try something new? Go for other accessories like threads and golden hoops instead. These simple accessories can go a long way with your overall look. 

short knotless braids

16. Knotless Braids Updo 

The boss bit** vibe asks for a bossy look. And this updo is just what you need to give that powerful dominant vibe. So shush your enemies with this amazing updo style. 

big knotless braids

17. Half-Up Knotless Braids 

If you wanna hold that bossy vibe but also wanna let loose to give chill energy, then this half-up half-down knotless braid hairstyle is for you. 

long knotless braids

18. Knotless Braids High Ponytail 

Waiting for Ariana Grande to pull off knotless braids with her signature hairstyle. But what are you waiting for? This stunning high pony knotless braid hairstyle is calling out to you! 

large boho knotless braids

19. Unicorn Blended Knotless Braids 

Who’s stopping you from fulfilling your unicorn fantasy? Make your unicorn wish come true with these colorful blended braids. 

medium bohemian knotless braids

20. Heart Shape Knotless braids 

You don’t have to wait for the valentines to pull off this hairstyle because you can spread love and cute vibes wearing these awe-inspiring braids. 

knotless braids with color

21. Triangle Shape Knotless Braid 

Not a fan of hearts and lovey-dovey stuff, no worries, try triangles instead. The triangle shape has some enigma that makes it look so mysterious. Add mystery to your hair with this triangle-shaped hairstyle. 

small boho knotless braids

22. Ginger Hair Knotless Braids 

This metallic-looky ginger braids hairstyle is gonna make you shine on the streets on a sunny morning. So what’s the reason not to get this look?

knotless braids with curly ends

23. Knotless Braid With Symmetrical Cornrows

Symmetrical cornrows create that elegant look and knotless braids protect your scalp from not being too heavy. If protective but classy hair is your type, then this Symmetrical Cornrows is just for you. 

small bohemian knotless braids

24. Knotless Braids With Edges 

Edges are gaining popularity like wildfire. And why would they not, these old-school classical edges add a goddess-like charm to your look. Add knotless braids to it and you’re a pop-culture goddess.

knotless braids with curls at the end

25. Big Braids With Cascading Curls 

Knotless braids create a style statement like none other. Add curly hair to these braids in a cascading manner and voila! you’ve got yourself a mesmerizing hairstyle. 

baddie jumbo knotless braids

26. Crisscross Knotless Braids 

Why go plain and simple when you can go cool and funky? Instead of the regular box-shaped braids, go for a criss-cross braids hairstyle instead. The enigma of this hairstyle is next level. 

short boho knotless braids

27. Thin Knotless Braid

Thinner knotless braids add that playfulness in your hair that you just wanna whip your hair back and forth like a pendulum. So, If you like to bring that playful energy with your hairstyle, these are just for you. 

red knotless braids

28. Ombré Knotless Braid

Ombré is a great hair coloring option regardless of how you are styling it. The dark braids transitioning into a lighter shade create an awe-inspiring look. 

Ombré knotless braid

29. Knotless Senegalese Twists

If you are bored of your hairstyle and want some different and unique hairstyle, then you might wanna get Knotless Senegalese Twists. These twists create a bewitching kinda effect on your hairstyle. 

Knotless Senegalese Twists

30. Red Knotless Braid Highlighted 

The red color is a universal indicator of bold and bewitching women. Pick your knotless braids with a red hue and wear red lipstick to create that bold siren look. 

Red braid highlighted

How To Do Knotless Braids?

Whether you’re getting these braids from any professional in a salon or making them yourself, this hairstyle always looks charming. However, if you want a little guide on how to knot it here it is: 

  1. Thoroughly wash and condition your hair: Cleaned and moisturized hair is essential for smooth and long-lasting braid installation. Pro tip: Give your hair a hot oil treatment to get it ready before braiding. 
  2. Detangle your hair: You want perfectly detangled hair before getting them. With a wide-toothed comb, gently start detangling your front scalp till the end. Use detangling spray to make the detangling process a lot easier. 
  3. Create sections for braiding: Based on the type of knotless braid hairstyle you want (thin, medium, or thick braid), create hair sections on your scalp. Now, sub-divide each section into 3–4 more sections for feeding in the extensions. 
  4. Begin braiding your hair: Now start braiding your hair one by one and incorporate extensions or braiding hair as you go along. Tightly braid the hair to prevent unraveling but make sure not to go too tight and pully on your scalp. 
  5. Continue braiding: Continue braiding depending on if you wanna go till the ends with your braids or let loose at some point to create that curly or wavy ends hairstyle. Put a rubber band to secure the braid. 
  6. Seal your braids: Once done with the braiding, dip your braids into boiling water to prevent unraveling. The hot water melts the braiding or synthetic hair so that hair sticks together, securing the braid. 

And that’s it! Style your freshly braided hair any way you want. Half up, half down, ponytail, or let loose; these got you with all the slaying. 

How Do You Care For Knotless Braids?

To maintain that gorgeous braided look, you need to take proper care of your braided hair. It’s no rocket science though, let’s have a look:

  1. Cleanse and moisturize: Keep your scalp clean and moisturized to prevent the build-up. Use a lightweight oil or scalp spray to hydrate the scalp and keep it clean.
  2. Go easy with your braids: Do not manipulate your strands too much to create the hairstyles. Also, cover your braids with a silk scarf or bonnet to protect your braids. 
  3. Wash your braids on a regular basis: Use a gentle shampoo to cleanse your braids and get rid of excessive dirt and dust. Also, use lukewarm water to go easy on your hair while washing. 
  4. Condition your hair: Using a leave-in conditioner is beneficial for your hair, helping to keep your braids moisturized and healthy.
  5. Protect from heat and sunlight: Avoid exposing your braids directly to the heat or sunlight as these can damage your hair and make them dry and brittle. Wear a hat under sunlight and avoid using heat-styling tools. 


1. Do knotless braids last longer?

They can last up to 6 weeks. However, the duration depends on how well you take care of your braids. 

2. Is a knotless braid attractive?

Yes, there are a number of knotless braid hairstyle that looks absolutely gorgeous. 

3. Is knotless better than box braids?

Knotless braids are better than box braids in a way that knotless braids create lesser tension on the scalp than box braids. Thus, knotless braids are a healthier option for your hair. 

4. Is knotless braid healthy?

Yes, knotless braids are healthier for your scalp than box braids because knotless braids create less tension on your scalp. 

The Final Verdict

Whether you go for a goddess knotless braids or pick cornrows, Knotless creates an absolutely gorgeous look that’s unbeatable by any other kind of hairstyle. On top of that, these are considered protective as they minimize tension and pulling on your hairline, which can lead to hair damage and breakage. 

Whether you’re seeking a tousled updo or refined curls, this list serves as your guide to achieving stunning braided hairstyles.

What are you waiting for? Embrace your goddess era with this flawless hairstyle.

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