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How To Get Korean Glass Skin? Follow This 7-Step Routine Daily!

One can never stop admiring flawless transparent skin. A basic 7 step skincare regime can give you that crystal clear look.

Written by Manal Yahya

On Apr 18, 2023 – 5 minutes read

How To Get Korean Glass Skin

It’s been more than 5 years since the Korean glass skin trend hit the beauty world. The impact was so high that it still remains a trending topic in 2023. And yet, the collective fascination toward the ethereal-looking skin that Korean glass skin promotes remains a fascination. Almost as if it is completely unattainable.

Well, I am here to say you could be wrong. Korean glass skincare routine is not exactly a well-kept secret only known to Koreans. So if you are ready to commit to a 7-steps skincare routine daily, you will get to flaunt that translucent skin you are looking for!

Korean Glass Skin: What to Follow?

When it comes to the flawless skin of Koreans, let us all agree that genetics do play a big role(1). This puts us all on different pages to start with. But that does not mean we cannot be on the same page at all. Though it may seem out of reach, Korean glass skin is attainable to non-Koreans too. And thankfully not just from a highlight palette.

Korean Glass Skin- What To Follow (1)

The most significant fact you cannot overlook when it comes to any skincare routine is pretty simple. Follow what works for your skin! Not what works for your friends or cousins or any random or even your favorite Instagram or TikTok influencer.

Because —let us all go back to the very basics— not all of our skins react the same way, even to the same product. What works for your friend may or may not work for your skin. Hence why you cannot force any skincare product on your skin just because you find them working well on others.

So, if you just stop rushing from “glass skin products” to products and “glass skin routines” to routines and focus on building a solid skincare routine that works for your skin, your skin could be where it and you want to be. In this case, Korean glass skin. All you have to do is choose products for your skin and follow the 7-steps glass skin routine.

But What Is Glass Skin Again?

For those who are clueless and scratching heads about what I have been preaching here, Korean(2) glass skin is the fancy word for clear, even-toned, and healthy skin that resembles a glass-like complexion. That juicy, dewy, and lustrous skin with the mythical glow Koreans have? That’s the type of skin we are talking about. How can we achieve glass skin?

But What Is Glass Skin Again

When you commit to the glass skin routine below, you might even be mistaken for treating your skin with regular facials(3). That’s how luminous your skin will be. So am I telling you that you can help your skin be the healthiest it can be? Yes, I am!

What Skincare Routine to Follow for Glass Skin?

First things first. You do not necessarily have to follow all 7 steps at all times. I mean, exfoliating every single day will peel your skin off. And, you don’t need to apply sunscreen when you are not going out in the sun. Apart from these two steps, you need to stay consistent and committed to following other steps daily to achieve long-term Korean glass skin.

So, let’s get started!

Step 1: Double Cleanse

A facial cleanser is the first step in any skincare routine. In the case of glass skin treatment, double cleanse your skin to treat the root cause and start with a clean base.

Step 1- Double Cleanse

This step of double cleansing removes makeup, residue, dirt, excess oil, and all kinds of impurities on the skin.

Step 2: Exfoliator

The next step is removing excess dead skin cells, blackheads, and whiteheads on the skin for an even and smooth texture. Be it a chemical exfoliator or physical exfoliator, both help you remove everything unwanted and prevent clogged pores.

Step 2- Exfoliator (1)

This step also helps glass skin products to absorb and work better. If you have sensitive skin, try a gentler exfoliator. Also, don’t do this every day. Maybe not more than thrice a week.

Step 3: Toner

The next step is to reset the pH of your skin along with treating your skin with a great dose of hydration, which is what a toner does.

 After stripping your skin of everything, it is necessary to use a toner to balance your pH back. Also, it can absorb glass skin serum and moisturizer to absorb better.

Step 4: Essence

This step to use essence is to keep your skin hydrated and increase moisture retention. It will prevent excess oil production, which usually leads to breakouts, acne, scarring, and pimples to give you that Korean glass skin you would die for.

Step 4- Essence

So keep them all away by applying essence to keep all layers of your skin hydrated.

Step 5: Serum

A lightweight glass skin serum would surely work to treat your skin, thanks to its active ingredients.

Step 5- Serum (1)

If it is loaded with antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, vitamins, minerals, peptides, and fatty acid? Even better! Wait until the serum is absorbed well to move to the next step. Choosing the right serum for you is important here.

Step 6: Moisturizer

Next comes another important step in just any skincare routine: a hydrating or antioxidant-rich moisturizer! In this case, a glass skin cream for Korean glass skin.

Step 6- Moisturizer (1)

This step basically seals all the products you used on the above glass skin steps. Lock in moisture and seal your barrier!

Step 7: Sun Protection

Ah, the final and familiar step: slathering your face with an effective sunscreen that will literally block the harms away. Whenever you are going out to the sun, put on some sunscreen! If you don’t, none of the glass skin tips you follow will ever work. Because this particular step saves the glass skin at the end of the day. So you gotta keep your face safe from all the rays!

Step 7- Sun Protection

Now you know that Korean glass skin is not so far away. But only when you are not too lazy to follow the 7-steps skincare routine listed above daily. Plus, with products that your skin actually appreciates. You are under no obligation to use the products mentioned in this article as they are mere suggestions. I cannot possibly guess all of your skin types right, now can I?

Finally, the best glass skin tip to add to the list? Aside from following these glass skin steps, you have to get good hours of your beauty sleep, follow a healthy diet, and work out and sweat it all out. All of these together give glass skin. To conclude, if you haven’t already, get to work!

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