Long Distance Relationship Game Ideas You Haven’t Tried Yet!

Ok, so you had a couple of virtual dates and Netflix parties with your partner living miles away. But what else? Gaming is cool but here are some different games you can try out that can really give you the enjoyable time you are looking for!

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On Nov 15, 2020 – 12 minutes read

Long Distance Relationship Game Ideas You Haven’t Tried Yet

Quarantine sessions of 2020 have certainly pulled out the aggressive and competitive side of everyone. And it is all mischief and fun until the end of the game for all gamers except for the sore losers.

Regardless of which category you belong to, sore loser or fun loser, winning is beside the point. After all, the purpose of playing a game is meeting the ultimate goal of getting all the fun engrossed in it. 

When living quarantine days away from loved ones, engaging and entertaining games for long distance relationships can keep the love afloat. You could be living away from any of your loved ones and a game night could kill the boredom.

Be it your partner, siblings, parents, or even friends, there are all kinds of online games for long distance relationships (thanks to the ever-growing technology!). It will help you stay virtually connected while maintaining social distance as well.

Games For Long Distance Relationships

Are you a gamer? If you were not, the quarantine sessions must have made you one. There are countless games on the internet that are helping people use technology in a positive way beyond just having a basic conversation.

After careful virtual digging, I have come up with a list. These long distance relationship games do not require much either. If you have a smartphone with a reliable internet connection, you are good to go. Although many of them require you to have a video conferencing service such as Google Hangouts or Zoom. 

games for long distance relationships


But the best part is, you don’t even have to be good at the game to enjoy it! You can have so much fun together regardless of your gaming ability. Because it is all about having fun, remember?

Whether you are on the same team or against each other, it will help you get closer. Without further ado, here is a long list of games for LDR from good old classics to fun new games you haven’t tried yet.

Never Have I Ever

This could be a game to play over the phone with your partner or a game to play with your friends. Being one of the popular drinking games, it cannot be tricky to get the drift of it. You can play this game either by texting or on a video call and drinking is completely optional. If you are texting and playing, you can make the game more fun by changing the rules.

Long distance relationship games online


Both you and your partner take turns in texting something you have never done before. If your partner or any of your friends has done it, they have to send a relevant photo back instead of drinking. This online long distance game could get really interesting if you know how to hit the right chords in your texting.

Truth or Dare

What’s a game night without the classic Truth or Dare? It is an interesting game for long distance couples. How well do you know your loved ones? Who knows what kind of truths you still don’t know about them?

What games can couples play online?


Well, this game will help you figure out. It will not only keep your adrenaline running and leave you laughing hysterically, but also bring you closer by sharing your experiences. You can ask each other basically anything, especially the daring questions you have always wanted to ask. Or you can Google the types of questions and dares you can use in Truth or Dare games, they are plenty! If you are worried about dares, you don’t have to be.

After you dare them, let your partner capture it on camera and send the photo by test to you as proof! Put a little bit of thought and effort into the game, and you will get closer and deeper into the relationship while having fun together.  

20 Questions

This game will keep your brain working and improve your guessing skills. Although this is a bit old school, you can still spice it up and turn it into completely entertaining. How the game works is by guessing and figuring out what your partner is thinking about. One of you has to start the game by letting your partner know that you are thinking about something.

Is there any online games long distance couples can play?


By asking just 20 questions, the other person has to guess what he/she is thinking. A deadline race of 20 questions! To turn it into a more interesting game, choose a promising reward if you nail it, or a punishing penalty if you fail. You are going to have fun even if you fail or nail it.

2 Truths And A Lie

This classic game of get-to-know type icebreaker may surprise you to no end. Because who knows what crazy things your partner, friends, or family member must have done that you might mistake for a lie? To play, you come up with three statements about yourself.

personality quizz


Two of them must be true and one must be a lie. Try not to make it obvious either. Others have to guess which statement is the false one. There are even apps for this game. 

Personality quiz

There are so many personality quizzes on the internet for you to try. But, Buzzfeed quizzes are the best and way more fun than the slightly boring psychology tests! Or you can try Playbuzz(1) and pick one from the trillion quizzes on every topic under the sun.



From determining your spirit animal to which Hogwarts you belong to, you can take the quiz and check it out for fun. On a serious note, try to take a relationship quiz and share your results to get to know your partner well. Moreover, dig deeper into your relationship and make sure it is a healthy one with no toxic traits lingering around you both. 

Celebrity Role-Play

This game is one of the best games for long distance couples to flirt over text. You can start the game by both of you choosing a celebrity or a character in a movie. If your character is a shameless flirt, it is even better!

Celebrity role play


Get into your fantasy persona and put your thoughts into words. It is just the two of you, so put on your crazy flirt cap and work it over! Maybe, you can put your words into action the next time you meet each other.

Webcam Charade

This is a pretty easy one for all of us, considering everybody has a smartphone with a camera with a stable internet connection. Long-distance games couldn’t get any easier, right? Just like how you play live dumb charades, choose a movie, book, or song of your choice.

Long Distance Relationship Game Ideas


Keep a limited time of one minute or so as the deadline. When the time starts running, act out the title of the movie or book you chose without using any word or sound. Let your partner guess the title within the time period you have set. Take turns doing the webcam charade and after a few rounds, let the fun unroll on its own! This game is one the best game you can play with long distance friends! 

LDR Couple Strip Quiz

You know how a strip game works. A wrong guess? One piece of clothing off the body. It is that simple. But you can make it interesting with the choice of questions. Start the game by both of you making a list of questions about you and your relationship. Although you cannot make the questions super easy (how else will you strip?), try not to make it too hard either.

Couple strip quiz


You can ask any question, such as how many times have you watched your favorite movie (if you don’t have the count, it’s a different story), your favorite time of the day, or which side do you prefer sleeping on. Or something wacky like your weird fantasy or the goofy thing your partner did that you loved.

For each wrong answer, one piece of clothing must come off. The important part is sending photos as proof of the clothing gone! Or you can play the game on the video call. After a few minutes into the game, you might even wonder if winning is worth the fun or not. 

House Party 

In this face to face social network, you can video call and play games as well with the person you are contacting. It is one of the popular long distance relationship games apps. Your entire family from around the world can join and play the games available on House Party.

Long Distance Relationship Game Ideas


The games include 18 Trivia games, Quick Draw! (a mini-Pictionary game), and Chips and Guac, Ellen DeGeneres-inspired Heads Up! — with three different kinds. One of them is Animals Gone Wild in which you have to use only noises and act like the animal on the card. Another one is Act It Out in which you have to act the clues like Dumb Charades. But it is more like a mashup of Charades and Heads Up! Even if it is silly, it is more challenging. And the third one, #Trending, will be easier for those with meme knowledge. You can download the app for Android, iOS, iPad, and macOS. 

Escape Room

If you and your friends or family members are looking for a challenging game, this one might be for you. Like a brain teaser, you can put your brain cap on and solve the mystery. But since this could get intense pretty soon, you might want to try it only when you are free to spare a few hours.

Escape room


There are many escape room games(2) and one such fun game for your Potterheads friends is Hogwarts Digital Escape Room(3). When you are playing an online escape room, you can choose the theme. The Hogwarts theme’s reference is said to be 100 percent on-point and you can choose to compete in the game as an individual, as a group, or even compete against your friends. Quality time spent together is never a waste! 

Storytelling Games

This game may be boring and ridiculous for some but could be interesting and imaginative for some. Unlike the popular card game Once Upon A Time in which you have to come up with a story with the given keywords based around a theme, new storytelling games are a bit different.

Story telling games


For instance, Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, although expensive, is a book-based game that will guide you through a fictional world but allow you to direct the story based on your decisions alone. You do not know how fun it is to sew stories together until you try one. This will certainly improve your imaginative skill! Another one is Cluedo, which is not exactly a storytelling game, but it is about solving a variety of mysterious scenarios. 

Cards Against Humanity

This is hands down one of the best card games to play with (adult) friends! It is “a party game for horrible people” and is a cult favorite for the same reason! If you don’t mind inappropriate humor, you can choose this one to play online. As the name itself suggests, it is wildly inappropriate with sensitive and triggering topics, some might not find it funny or entertaining.

Long Distance Relationship Game Ideas


This is more like a twisted take on “Fill In The Blanks” and “Apples to Apples” but with cards and crude jokes. A Judge has to pick a black question card, and others have to submit their funniest answers by choosing a white card from their hand. The outrageous answer at the end will be hilarious.

The website All Bad Cards(4) lets you play the game virtually with your friends either on a phone or laptop. Through a shareable link, your friends can join the digital game room. While video calling is completely optional, it is more fun on a video call. 

Six Degrees of Separation

If you have a best friend or sibling with the same obsession for movies as you do, this game would be a good one for you to play over the phone. Start the game by each of you picking an actor of your choice.

Long Distance Relationship Game Ideas


Then, work together to connect them through no more than six movies. For instance, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan star in Cast Away, Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal star in When Harry Met Sally, and Billy Crystal and Robert De Niro star in Analyze this. Now we have connected Tom Hanks and Robert De Niro by three degrees of separation. Likewise, you have to connect the two leaders you chose by six movies. This could be the last choice for someone who has no clue about movies. 

MMO Games

Massive Multiplayer Online games are plenty. If you are a gamer, you must be familiar with the many MMO games, such as Call of Duty, PUBG, GTA Online, World of Warcraft, League of Legends, sports games, everyone is so crazy about.

MMO Games


For a novice player like me, Minecraft is an excellent start. Although building and exploring the world in virtual reality is not exciting, you can have your own private creative server to build a world together with your partner or best friend. MMO games will help you become adventurous together and have fun!


Ah, no one can get tired of this one of the best board games(5). Thankfully, with this buying and selling online board game, you can avoid your siblings flipping the board over after getting mad.

Long distance relationship games

You can download it on the App Store and Google Play Store as well. Let your friends or family download the app so that you can play together with the mobile version and still have fun. 


Word Games

Everyone who would love to improve their vocabulary loves word games! You can learn new words, too. Yes, it is cozy enough to play word games alone but it would be more challenging to have an actual human opponent as your competition. The Internet Scrabble Club is definitely where you start with the multiplayer competition. If you want to play with your friends online, you can play Words With Friends (Facebook).

Long distance relationship game ideas


You can find tons of games, quizzes, head-to-head battles, and challenges in QuizUp (which is available in both Google Play Store and App Store). Similarly, there are a good number of word games in the App Store and Google Play, such as Boggle With Friends, WordHub, Hangman, Serpentine, or Crosswords Arena. You can even play several good word games online.  

Gamers will continue to sing the praises for long distance relationship games online for how the games are keeping families connected, interacted, and entertained. It is easier to feel loved when you are having fun together regardless of the type of relationship you have with them. So, what’s a better way to have fun than a gaming session of whoops of victory and outcries of defeat? Choose not just one but many from the above list of the long distance relationship game ideas and enjoy the time you spend together! 

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