Mandy Moore Thanks 3yo Son For The ‘Greatest Gift’ Of Being A Mom

Mandy Moore’s first-born Gus celebrated his 3rd birthday on 20 February 2024.

Written by Rachel Davis

On Feb 21, 2024 – 3 minutes read

Mandy Moore celebrates son Gus' 3rd birthday

The American singer Mandy Moore paid homage to her son, last day. She shares a video post with some memorable photos of Gus on her Instagram page. Mandy added NRBQ’s Feel You Around Me song with the post. The artist shared a cute note along with the post.

The Birthday Custom

Mandy Moore shares tribute to son Gus

Sharing posts on her sons’ birthdays is just like a custom for Mandy Moore. She has never skipped the posts ever since the birth of her two sons. 

In the latest birthday post of her firstborn August Harrison Goldsmith, aka Gus, Mandy shared a lovely note honoring him. She addresses Gus as Goosey in the note. She is surprised that the time moved so fast and her son is already three. Mandy adores Gus’ smile, curiosity about the world, obsession with construction vehicles, and his love for his family. She expresses how lucky they are to have him and also thanks him for giving her the greatest gift of being his mother. 

Mandy received Gus in February of 2021. In the Instagram post, she shared soon after his arrival Mandy noted that he was punctual and arrived on time. She also expressed her excitement in discovering the new ways of life. Later, Moore shared a picture of a small customized blanket with his name on it. The story behind the name was shared as the caption of the post. In the caption she mentioned that the name was settled very early in their book as it was the month they found out about the pregnancy

On the first birthday of Gus, Mandy shared a beautiful video showcasing his growth over a year. In the caption, Mandy wished happiness for their ever joyful and curious boy. The singer threw an outdoor party for Gus’ first birthday. She styled him in a cream cable knit sweater which matched her outfit. The pictures of the celebration were shared on her social media with a caption, “1st birthday party was a hit! Making memories and so full of love and cake”. 

Mandy revealed the news of her second pregnancy by sharing the picture of Gus wearing a T-shirt with ‘big brother’ written on it. The singer also shared the arrival of her second son Oscar Bennett Goldsmith on her Instagram account. Similar to the earlier posts, a small note was added to this post as well. In the caption, she mentioned that their hearts had doubled in size and the immediacy of love was astounding.  

Moore also shared photos and videos on Ozzie’s birthday as well. In his first birthday post, Mandy shared eight photos along with a video. In the first photo of the post, Ozzie was seen sitting on a highchair wearing an adorable birthday crown. In the caption, she wrote that turning one wouldn’t be lonely with family.

Constants On Feed

The two children have been constantly seen on Mandy’s Instagram feed. She shared their updates and joyful memories on the feed with lovely captions. Mandy once shared a cute video of Ozzie smiling while watching Gus’ actions. She noticed the admiration of her little boy over his big brother. In the caption of the video, Mandy wrote that Ozzie is Gus’ biggest fan. 

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Mandy and Taylor tied the knot in 2018, before welcoming Gus in 2021. Ever since then, the family has been an inseparable part of Mandy’s life, both online and offline.

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