Martha Stewart Breaks Myths About Her Secret To Staying Young At 82

Martha Stewart reveals her secret to youthfulness and dispels myths about alleged cosmetic surgery during her podcast, ‘Martha Stewart Podcast,’ with her dermatologist, Dr. Dan Belikin

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On Feb 9, 2024 – 3 minutes read

Martha Stewart reveals her health secrets

Martha Stewart is finally opening up about her secrets that keep her energy and beauty as a young woman, even at the age of 82. Breaking many myths and rumors about her alleged cosmetic surgeries and facelift.

The fountain of youth is Not Real

Martha Steward "The queen of Thirst Traps"

Matha Steward spilled her secrets and dispelled rumors in her iHeartRadio podcast called “Martha Steward podcast”. She invited a dermatologist, Dr. Dan Belikin, who shed light on the treatment Stewart has undergone. 

Belikin expanded that she has not undergone any cosmetic surgeries; rather, she has undergone a few treatments like skin tightening procedures, cheek fillers, and injections that induce muscle relaxation in her jawline and neck.

Stewart elaborated that these procedures are not necessarily surgical alterations, which she vehemently rejects; rather they are methods of prevention to make sure. Thereby, she kept her focus on health and well-being.

Stewart expressed that she doesn’t like thinking about age and the limitations brought by it and her secret is the basic rules of getting healthier through food and exercise. 

She believes that her massive difference between real age and physical age is due to her philosophy of not being shackled by the number of years she has lived. She also attributes this to the importance she gives to regular exercise and a healthy diet without any fancy routines or pills to go with them. 

The Queen of Thirst Trap

Martha Stewart has always questioned the notion of limiting oneself based on age. She has fought against the stereotype of dressing appropriately based on your age by posting in any way she feels comfortable. Her posts have received wide acclaim and praise for her boldness.

The 82-year-old TV personality has earned the title of queen of third traps with her heart-throbbing selfies that evoked a sense of wonder in the audience, questioning their previous perceptions of age. 

She has advocated standing up for oneself by having more individuality and a busy livelihood, even at ages when those are forced to retire and wallow in sadness.

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She replied in an interview, questioning her about age-appropriate dressing. She questioned the interviewer about how whose account one should dress, whether it is based on one’s confidence and comfortability, or whether it is based on the age of the viewers. 

She elaborated that having such a fabulous outlook on life warrants a life of pleasure and peace. She pointed out that many people reach their ultimate version of themselves when they reach this stage. Her heartfelt applause and adoration will always be with such nascent fighters. 

She reminisced that her costume hadn’t changed much since she was 17 years old; she even prompted others to look for her old pictures, as her fashion sense is the same without much change. 

Her latest thirst trap has gone viral and gotten comments from various strata of the internet world, praising her beauty and keen fashion style. It was also shared by celebrities, who expressed their amazement at the ability to work and take part in many projects at this age. 

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