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Explore These 10 Mental Health Books Written By Rising Millennial Women!

Are you on a journey of well-being and self-discovery? Some of the best millennial women writers are here to guide you along the way.

Written by Shayonee Dasgupta

On Oct 31, 2023 – 8 minutes read

Mental Health Books

Mental health books are a rage these days. Every bookshelf, whether online or offline, has a dedicated section helping people to rediscover their best selves. But how do you separate the best from the chatter? What can truly help you to unlock that version of yourself? Here’s a roundup of the best mental health books of 2023.

10 Best Mental Health Books Written By Rising Millennial Women

Not sure what to add to your reading list? Here are some must-read books on mental health you cannot afford to miss. Make sure to add them to your cart before you stop reading for this year. 

Best Mental Health Books

1. Enchantment By Katherine May

A product of the pandemic, Enchantment by Katherine May takes you on a journey of self-discovery. Reviewed as a “gentle inspiration for those who feel exhausted or helpless,” by the Washington Post, the book does a remarkable job of helping you reconnect with your innate capacity and experience the full spectrum of human emotions.

Mental Health Books - Enchantment by Katherine May

May defines enchantment as “small doses of awe,” that can be found in daily and mundane encounters. She extrapolates on the idea that there is no place that’s truly magical. You have to allow yourself to be enchanted, no matter what the situation you are in.

Who’s to read: Anyone who is feeling particularly overwhelmed by what’s happening around them and what they are expected to do.

Takeaway: Learn how to be your authentic self; not what the world expects you to be.

2. Set Boundaries, Find Peace by Nedra Glover Tawwab

The title gives it away — boundaries are key to self-fulfillment. Healthy boundaries are critical both in workplaces and domestic lives. But very often, finding the right way to set those boundaries can be daunting. 

Mental Health Books - Set Boundaries, Find Peace by Nedra Glover Tawwab

As a licensed therapist, Tawwab presents simple and powerful techniques rooted in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help you express yourself unapologetically. Addressing the root cause can help you to avoid a lifetime of struggles with anxiety, depression, and more.

Who’s to read: Anyone who doesn’t know how to articulate what they need.

Takeaway: Stronger boundaries lead to better mental health.

3. Burnout By Emily Nagoski, Ph.D. and Amelia Nagoski, DMA

Burnout has been a topic widely covered by several mental health books of this generation. But what sets Burnout apart is the scientific approach that the sister duo takes to break down how women experience burnout differently from men and what they can do to manage the burnout. 

Mental Health Books - Burnout by Emily Nagoski, PhD and Amelia Nagoski, DMA

You also learn about how your body responds to stress and what can happen over time if you fall into the pattern of entering stress cycles too often. Truly, a gold standard of self-help and one you cannot afford to miss. 

Who’s to read: Anyone who is struggling to create and maintain strict boundaries.

Takeaway: Unchecked stress leads to burnout. Timely intervention and the right game plan are critical for better mental health.

4. Happy Days By Gabrielle Bernstein

Fear and deeper trauma are enough to stop you from progressing on the path of transformation. Mental health books like this make an honest attempt to help you find inner peace(1).

Happy Days by Gabrielle Bernstein

The author gives you a game plan — what is bothering you, how to identify the blocks, and what you can do to release them for good. If you are yearning for freedom and happiness, give this book a shot.

Who’s to read: Anyone who wakes up every day with a feeling of dread and doom.

Takeaway: Being the best version of yourself is possible, as long as you are willing to let go of past trauma.

5. Brave, Not Perfect By Reshma Saujani

From the author of Girls Who Code, this one is for everyone who has been living with the burden of feeling not good enough. Saujani forces you to wonder — what if it is in your power to take the bolder step even though it isn’t the perfect one?

Brave, Not Perfect By Reshma Saujani

Women are often conditioned to play it safe and choose a tested path. Drawing inspiration from her TED talk, Saujani argues that even though perfection comes with its security, it is bravery that truly sets you free and lets you enjoy your life to the fullest.

Who’s to read: Anyone who feels let down by their own expectations and wants to feel less guilty. 

Takeaway: Being perfect is not key; being brave is.

6. I Really Needed This Today by Hoda Kotb

Does the image of a mental health book conjure up long paragraphs you don’t want to read? Worry not — this is the perfect antidote to that. 

I Really Needed This Today by Hoda Kotb

A collection of quotes filled with wisdom, courage, and hope, these words will comfort those who need it the most. Not only does the author’s humor shine through every quote, but you also get a glimpse into her life and her interactions with various individuals who inspire her to defy limits and stay on track.

Who’s to read: Anyone who needs the motivation to keep going.

Takeaway: The right words can inspire action.

7. Good Enough By Kate Bowler And Jessica Richie

A New York Times bestseller, this mental health book is a wonderful resource for finding joy and meaning in life amidst a chaotic life. You can read through Christian daily reflections that will inspire you to embrace imperfections at a time when the world is too fixated with perfection.

Good Enough by Kate Bowler and Jessica Richie

The authors offer the assurance that life can be beautiful, as long as they are willing to make an effort to recognize the beauty. The fact that one of them is also the author of “Everything Happens for a Reason” and the other an executive producer of the “Everything Happens” podcast is a bonus!

Who’s to read: Anyone looking for inspiration to make life better with an added dose of wisdom and humor.

Takeaway: False optimism is harmful but true joy is gold.

8. Microjoys by Cyndie Spiegel

Hope — a four-letter word that means the world to most. Unfortunately, it is incredibly challenging to remain hopeful about anything with the world around you collapsing. 

Microjoys by Cyndie Spiegel

But as you sift through the pages of this mental health book, you’ll learn that you can still find joy and hope in everyday life. Microjoys, as Spiegel calls them, are the happiness that’s within your reach, regardless of your circumstances. Once you learn the art of discovering them, you are going to be delighted every instant. Whether it is the kindness of your friend or a polka-dotted glass jar at a shop — you will unlock joy every second.

Who’s to read: If you are finding it all too grey and dark.

Takeaway: Joy is closer to you than you think.

9. You’re Going To Be Okay By Madeline Popelka

A trauma survivor, Popelka is no stranger to the experience of putting life back together. In one of the best-selling mental health books lately, she gives you the tools you need to recover from your trauma and heal. 

Youre Going to Be Okay by Madeline Popelka

If you are experiencing shame and guilt around your trauma and having a hard time getting rid of these unhelpful feelings, this book is for you. Even though trauma may leave its traces, you can still grow around it and reclaim your life.

Who’s to read: Anyone who hasn’t received the mental health support and encouragement they need.

Takeaway: Healing is a lifelong journey 

10. More Than Enough By Elaine Welteroth

This part-memoir and part-manifesto is a necessary addition to the bookshelf of any modern woman. 

More Than Enough by Elaine Welteroth

As the only Black woman and a girl boss, the author offers valuable insights on race, identity, and what it means to be successful and shatter the glass ceiling. She urges the reader to rely on inner strength because that is the most important principle to remember: you are enough. 

Who’s to read: Anyone who is in the process of self-discovery.

Takeaway: The most dependable person is you because you are more than enough.


1. What Is The Most Influential Book In Mental Health?

It is challenging to pinpoint a single book that has influenced its readers the most in the mental health arena. Having said that, ‘The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5)’ is considered an authoritative and influential source by practitioners and readers.

2. What Do Millennial Women Read?

Of course, several millennials enjoy reading voraciously, whether fiction or nonfiction. However, it is difficult to pinpoint one specific genre predominantly read by them as everyone has their own reading preferences.

3. What Colors Do Millennial Women Like?

Like the generations before them, millennial women have varying color preferences, depending on their lifestyle, climatic conditions, and personality. Research shows that a vast majority of women enjoy a broad spectrum of colors, with pastels and earthy tones being particularly popular.

4. Is Women’s Mental Health Taken Seriously?

Unfortunately, the awareness about women’s mental health issues is poor. However some steps are being taken to address the unique challenges faced by women, given that women have become more vocal about their sufferings on public platforms. 

5. What Is The Number 1 Mental Illness In The World?

Statistics show depression affects the most number of people across the globe.


Whether you want to understand yourself better, adopt self-help practices or are simply curious about human psychology and well-being, mental health books serve as a fantastic resource to rely on. 

But bear in mind — they are not a substitute for professional advice. Managing your mental well-being and emotions cannot be solely achieved by reading books. While they can be by your side as trusted aides, don’t hesitate to reach out to the professionals, if needed.

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