Monica Lewinsky Is The New Face Of Reformation’s Latest Photoshoot

Activist Monica Lewinsky has emerged as the new face of the women’s clothing brand to encourage women to vote in the upcoming 2024 election.

Written by Ayisha Nashva

On Feb 27, 2024 – 3 minutes read

Monica Lewinsky models for Reformation brand

Lately, writer and activist Monica Lewinsky turned out to be the model for the brand, Reformation, in a recent photoshoot. The former White House intern has influenced several generations including the millennial, Gen Z, and Gen X. Lauren Cohan is one of the many followers of Lewinsky who got inspired by the activist since her TED talk on public shaming went viral on the internet. The video has racked up over 21 million views on the platform and that implies how popular she is.

Monica Lewinsky On Becoming A Fashion Model at 50

Monica Lewinsky promotes voting with Reformation

In a recent statement, Cohan said that Lewinsky impressed her smartness and witty nature. “this woman is smart and incredibly funny,” Cohen remarked. Cohen further revealed that she had been looking for ways by which she could collaborate with the activist. Lewisky was her first choice for the brand’s voting-encouraging workwear campaign titled, “You’ve Got the Power.” 

To convince Lewinsky for the photoshoot, Cohan sought a mutual friend’s help who said she just had dinner with Lewinsky the other night. Through her, Cohen met with the icon and convinced her for her much-awaited collaboration. 

Cohen explained that when Lewinsky signed on to their call, she was sporting a white button-down shirt with full glam in red lipstick. Since it was her first time modeling, the team had to assist her with a movement coach to make her feel at ease. 

“I think one of the ways a woman can feel empowered is by identifying places that may require her assistance to adjust and asking for that assistance,” Lewinsky said hesitantly.

This is not the first time Reformation has done a project to encourage its customers to take part in the collection. The team has been working on the aim for three times in a row. In 2024, the clothing brand is collaborating with on a landing page that makes voting easy and accessible for everyone while also encouraging donations to the campaign. 

Lewinsky has been a rising star with more than a million followers on X. She has been standing up as an anti-bullying advocate for a long time. She dared to stand up and use her power to support the needy making her one of the most popular and influential activists of the current times. Recently she opened up about how she was both hesitant and afraid to send tweets. “I would not send a tweet until I have three people agree on it,” Lewinsky recalled. However, over time she learned to spread her wings significantly and now she is an expert in protecting her mental health on X. 

“I am a huge upholder of blocking. If you have to say something, then that is your right. But am not subjected to listen to you,” she said, adding that she even avoids looking at negative comments. 

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“I often do not consider listening to the conversations in which am included without my consent, which is also fine for me. If you want to talk, you are allowed to do that,” she added. “I may question a policy or someone’s choice of behaviors. But you can never see me reposting a picture or making fun of a person for their appearance. I believe that it doesn’t contribute anything to me as a person,” Lewinsky expounded.

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