Nicky Hilton Gets Ultra Romantic in Purple Lace for Valentine’s Day Party

Socialite Nicky Hilton declared purple the official color of love, donning a purple freesia shaded dress for a Valentine’s Day Party and posting photos in the ultra-romantic Michael Kors look

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Nicky Hilton in a purple lace dress

Purple was ordained by the socialite Nicky Hilton as the official color of Valentine’s Day. She wore a sleeveless midi dress with a freesia purple shade, which she shared on Instagram.

The Color of Love

Nicky Hilton in a purple dress

The 40-year-old wore the purple dress at the Valentine’s Day party hosted by God’s Love We Deliver at the Museum of Ice Cream in New York City. Hilton is a member of the organization and brought her kids along with her. 

She wore a lace sleeveless midi dress with a purple freesia shade from the Michael Kors Collection, completing her getup with a matching blazer of the same shade and nude heels.

After her outing with her family, she posted the pictures on her Instagram and turned it into a trend to wear purple for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. Which prompted many people to create her dress in a nuanced manner without losing its plus points like the floral pattern and minimal accessories. 

Family of Five

She came out with her three children to the Museum of Ice Cream, delighting both her and her children. They came in stunning style, as expected from the children of a fashion connoisseur, who had created various trends time after time with her creativity and bold fashion statements.

She showed her fashion flair by adorning both of her (seven-year-old Lily and five-year-old Teddy) daughters with patterned dresses. They were a mix of pink and blue, complimented by tights and ribbons. Giving an overall childlike innocence with sophistication.

Her 18-month-old son, whose name remains a mystery to the public, wore a blue navy varsity jacket and denim pants, along with white sneakers, hinting at the stylish genes he inherited from his father.

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Nicky had these wonderful kids with her husband, James Rothschild, a financier and heir to one of the richest banking families. They met at the grand wedding of Formula One princess Petra Ecclestone’s marriage to James Stunt.

Later on, she explained their first meeting: just as her sister, Paris Hilton, was speaking to a suitor, James came in and introduced himself to her, and she felt like he was cute and all. Their initial meeting turned into a good friendship, and within time, they decided to date.

At that point, Rothschild was based in London, and Nicky Hilton was based in Los Angeles, so their long-distance relationship was a lot harder. In the end, they decided it was time to be together and relocated to New York.  

James proposed to Nicky by taking her straight to Italy; from there, he took her in a boat to the middle of Lake Como and proposed to her, which was accepted without any hesitation. Bringing their marriage dates closer than both of them intended in the first place.

Their marriage was described by the media as a trillion-dollar wedding due to the vast amount of wealth handled by both families. Which in turn has a chance of turning into one family with this marriage. The marriage took place at Kensington Palace on July 10, 2015.

Just two days before their wedding anniversary they welcomed their first child. Later on, they had their second, and finally their third, turning their family into a family of five.  

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