Reality TV Star Memphis Files For Divorce From Christmas Abbott

Popular reality show star Memphis Garret files for divorce from Christmas Abbott following a domestic violence case filed related to the divorce suit.

Written by Rachel Davis

On Mar 5, 2024 – 3 minutes read

Memphis Garret divorces Christmas Abbott after domestic violence case

A romantic affair that blossomed during the reality show Big Brother comes to an end. Memphis Garret and Christmas Abbot, who met and fell in love on the sets of Big Brother: All-Stars in 2020, are getting parted their ways after less than a year of married life.

Memphis Garrett Initiates Divorce Suit

Big Brother stars Memphis Garret and Christmas Abbott divorce

Memphis Garrett formally filed for divorce from Abbott on March 1st, mentioning “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for their separation. In the filing, he stated that Christmas does not deserve any alimony payments from him. 

One week before Memphis’ filing for divorce, there was also a domestic violence case filed that is listed later as being related to the divorce suit. However, It is not clear who moved the domestic violence case or what was the current status. 

Their Impetuous Romance As Big Brother Contestants

Memphis, aged 41 now, and Christmas, 42, met first when they were both cast members on Season 22 of the hit CBS reality show Big Brother. The show was aired in 2020 and later was nicknamed the “All-Stars” season as it brought back former players. 

Even though it is not clear if the budding romance starts inside the Big Brother house that season, sparks flew between the pair after the show. The romantic affair seemed to soar high rapidly from there to get engaged in June 2022. The couple got married less than a year later in May 2022.

During the wedding moments, both Memphis and Christmas gushed about finding their perfect partner in each other. Memphis was enthusiastic about spending the rest of his life with her as Christmas was ‘his best friend and his home’ in his own words.

The news of their divorce surfaced online just a month after Memphis shared a loving Valentine’s Day post naming Christmas his “babe” and saying “We choose love every day.”

The Hurdles Of Public Relationships

Revealing their romance so publicly just after meeting on a reality TV competition, Memphis and Christamas’ separation highlights the unique pressures and hurdles public relationships may face. 

Christmas herself pleaded for privacy “to focus on my family” during this difficult time, signaling the personal struggles she is going through such a delicate matter so publicly. She hoped that matters of that nature were resolved in a private and respectful manner.

It seemed that the divorce hurt Memphis too, while he told the media that his heart hurt and he did not want to have to file for divorce. He added that he had been doing everything in his power to work on their marriage. Despite how picture-perfect their love story may have been presented to the outside world, it is clear that there were issues behind the curtain that urged Memphis to pursue a divorce from Christmas. Reports have appeared about allegations of infidelity and dishonesty, even though neither of them has confirmed those allegations.

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Impact On Reality Circle

The unpleasant dissolution of Memphis and Christmas bondage could cast a shadow over other reality TV couples and budding romances. When a love story that made the audiences spellbound during its fanciful beginning leads to divorce court, it germinates questions about how realistic these Reality TV romances truly can be. 

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