Ricki Lake Weight Loss Journey Amazes Netizens On Instagram

Ricki Lake shares weight loss transformation in a post on Sunday, saying “I feel amazing.”

Written by Ayisha Nashva

On Feb 26, 2024 – 3 minutes read

Ricki Lake reveals impressive weight loss

The former talk show host, 55, took her weight loss journey to Instagram in a Saturday post, saying she is “so proud” of the transformation of herself and her husband, Ross Burnigham, for their shared commitment to becoming the healthiest version of themselves than ever before.

Ricki Unveiled The Results Of Her Fitness Journey With Transformation Photos

ricki lake weight loss

In a February 24 post on Instagram, the 55-year-old revealed about how the couple lost 30 pounds each since they decided to change their lifestyles last October. The carousal of pictures included some of her pictures showcasing her weight loss transformation. 

In the caption, the ‘Cry Baby’ alum completely denied the usage of any weight loss drugs saying neither she nor her husband relied on them to shed weight. However, the actress was quick to add that there was nothing wrong with doing so. She further added that despite their age limitations, they still wanted to do it by themselves, although they knew that their age would make it tougher to lose weight when compared to the younger generation. 

“I am so proud of us. I feel amazing and strong,” she wrote under the carousal of snaps that opened with a cute selfie of the actress wearing a wide-brimmed hat with her husband walking in the background. Although she did not explain her complete weight loss journey, she briefly said: “It is the healthiest way I ‘ve lost weight in my life.” On top of that, she also promised to “go in depth” with the details sometime in the future.

In the captions, Lake penned that the second and third photos in the post were taken a few days after they kicked off with their new healthy lifestyle strategy. The second picture shows the two embracing each other wearing casual outfits and in the third picture, Burningham is seen walking on the beach with her dog. The fourth picture is again a selfie that was taken by Lake in front of a mirror showcasing her toned abs and gorgeous frame. The picture was taken four months after Ricki Lake weight loss journey began and the changes were more than visible. The last two pictures featured a graph that displayed her declining weight from the time she began the weight loss journey. 

“Being 55 and in perimenopause, I didn’t think that my body would drop lbs like it used to do,” she wrote. 

Fans were quick to share their words of encouragement and support under the post. While many thanked her for sharing the inspiring journey others continued to ask her for weight loss tips that worked for her. 

“How did you manage to drop 30lbs in this little time? You have proven how incredible you are.” a user commented. “Thank you for sharing the hard work and results you have embarked on with your husband. You are really inspired.! LOVE YOU!!!” another one wrote. 

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“Congrats for doing it the healthy way,” another one wrote while another fan chimed in “No matter what size, you look happy now, and that is what matters. Am thrilled that you are taking care of yourself in the best way possible. I can see you are doing your best to live longer. I hope you will continue to share your light with us,” the user concluded. 

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