Romeo Beckham And Girlfriend Mia Regan Call It Ends After 5 Years

Romeo Beckham and his long-time girlfriend Mia Regan parted ways: “We friend-zoned each other.”

Written by Ayisha Nashva

On Feb 27, 2024 – 3 minutes read

Romeo Beckham and Mia Regan split

Footballer Romeo Beckham and model Mia Regan have broken up after a long five-year relationship. “Mooch (Mia) and I have parted ways,” Beckham penned on his Instagram Story on Feb. 25, Sunday. “We still have a lot of respect and love for each other and will continue to be friends for the rest of our lives,” he added. 

Meanwhile, Mia, 21, posted her version of the break-up statement on her IG Story with a throwback selfie. “We grew up with each other since the age of 16,” she wrote, adding,” Love takes a different form as you mature. We are not linked romantically anymore, but we do share a lot of love for one another.” Emotionally, yet cheekily she penned “We friend-zoned each other after 5 years heheh.”

Romeo Beckham’s Fans Speculated Split Months Ago After Her Absence From His Feed

Breakup news: Romeo Beckham and Mia Regan

Though the exact reason behind the breakup is not clear, now the speculations are over as the fans have got an answer as to why Mia was not showing up on Beckham’s feed as before. 

The ex-couple kicked off their journey of love together in 2019, but they did not make their first public appearance until the 2021 Wimbledon event. In November 2021, the pair walked their first red carpet together as a couple, making headlines at the time. After the show, Mia told Vogue that she got courage from Victoria Beckham, who eased her thoughts before the big night. Since then, Mia was often spotted with the family in the red carpets.

Referring to the advice Victoria, 49, gave her, Mia told Vogue after the party that she believed it was good to have nerves because lacking them would mean not being human.

On the work front, Mia collaborated with Victoria, a celebrated fashion designer, several times. In October 2022, Mia said in a conversation with Vogue that she and Victoria have always conversed about fashion. She said that Victoria trusted her regarding the multiple collaborations she had with her on the denim line. Mia exclaimed that seeing her in the work mode is really cool.

Meanwhile, Victoria praised Mia’s potential in the modeling industry saying she has a unique approach to fashion and styling. The Spice Girl further explained how she loved that Mia was never afraid to try new things. 

Beckham is the second son of David Beckham and Victoria Beckham. The model had developed a special bond with Victoria during the time she was with her son. 

This is not the first time Beckham and Mia have been split. Earlier in 2022, they had parted ways due to distance, but the separation was brief as the Beckham immediately took a photo with Mia to social media months later, hinting they were back together. The couple usually posted lovey-dovey posts on their respective Instagram accounts, particularly Beckham, who posted shots with Mia now and then. 

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In July, Beckham posted a cute photo of the model lying on his lap on the grass and captioned it “It is crazy how lucky I am to have this person.” On her 21st birthday, he showed his appreciation for his girlfriend by sharing a carousel of her pictures including one in which the two were seen kissing each other. “Happy 21st gorgeous girl and I love you so much,” the caption read. 

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