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what is tongue condom

What Is A Tongue Condom? What Is A Tongue Condom? Meaning, Working, Benefits, And More

Planning sexual activities without considering protection from every end is not a smart thing to…

ByJyotshna AgiwalJul 2613 mins read
Why Does My Tampon Keep Slipping Out

“Why Does My Tampon Fall Out?”: Right Way, The Wrong Way, My Way!

The tampon is a wonderful gift to womanhood. Agree? Wearing a pad and a thong…

ByRani PremkumarJun 1610 mins read
How To Stop Vaginal Discharge From Bleaching Your Underwear

How To Stop Vaginal Discharge from Bleaching Your Underwear?

It is safe to say that underwear is not known for its durability. It will…

ByRachel DavisMay 59 mins read
feature -Sign your periods is coming tommorrow

Signs Your Period Is Coming Tomorrow – How To Predict The Onset Of Your Periods?

Getting a period on a special day is a nightmare. Right? But you can’t blame…

ByShilpa JayanMay 46 mins read
Vitamins To Increase Female Lubrication Naturally - Here’s Everything You Need To Do!

Vitamins To Increase Female Lubrication Naturally By Boosting Estrogen Levels!

If you are experiencing vaginal dryness, let me first assure you that you are not…

ByRachel DavisApr 259 mins read
jpg How to give yourself an orgasm - Feature (1)

Journey Of Self-Pleasure: How To Give Yourself An Orgasm?

A recent archaeological find of what looks like a model of a human phallus gives…

ByRani PremkumarApr 1615 mins read