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Shocking Skin Care Myths We Are Made To Believe!

The fact that you are here itself shows that you don’t fully believe everything the skincare and cosmetic industry has to say. With advertisements begging for attention wherever you turn, your mind is effortlessly controlled by the invisible strings of cunning marketers.

Written by Aashika Rajendran

On Jan 19, 2023 – 9 minutes read

Shocking Skin Care Myths

Everyone wants radiant, youthful, and clear skin. People are consulting dermatologists and hoarding expensive skincare products to achieve glowing skin. In that process, one would do anything to get rid of that stubborn acne or that reddish pimple all over the face. This will lead to a list of beauty hacks especially natural and artificial ones. Some can be a real blessing while some can be plain stupid and sometimes even life-threatening.

So it’s important to understand what are these skincare myths that are normalized in society. If you are believing one among these, clear your brain and stop doing these to your skin. This is why I decided to do, “ Shocking skin care myths we are made to believe!”. Carefully comprehend the facts related to each skincare myth as one needs to know the reasons why certain myths create a negative impact on society as well as on our natural skin.

Shocking Skin Care Myths We Are Made To Believe!

Skincare myths are those the industry had made up believe it not that it’s become hard for one to switch even if one realizes that the stuff is bad. The world of the internet has given us the recipe for the best face mask but also the worst hair care routine. But on second thought are these tips and hacks you see safe?

Shocking Skin Care myths we are made to believe

How well-informed is this person who put up these hacks? Even if it’s something that worked for her/him that might possibly not work for you. Bloggers promote products in the most believable way when they might actually have not tried the product at all. Just squeezing a small amount on the hand and rubbing it in and exclaiming wow!!! proves nothing. 

We decided to team up with a group of experts and bring to you some of the most convincing skincare myths we have been made to believe. Here are some of the most common skincare myths and facts.  Let’s dive right in:

Skin Care Facts You Should Know

Let’s start off with the most controversial yet most popular one:

“Skin lightening creams can make you lighter in a matter of a few weeks”

This is by far the most ridiculous skincare myth the market has made us believe. Even the body is born with basic skin color but over time due to tanning and aging, the skin color might turn darker. The only thing one can actually do is work on getting rid of this tan and bring out your real skin color. 

Skin lightening creams can make you lighter in a matter of a few weeks

Skin bleaching products do work overtime but these, when used regularly, can be very dangerous to the skin. Blocking the production of melanin can not only make you lighter but can also make your skin very sensitive. This can lead to severe sunburn, hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and even worse cause skin cancer(1).

For those creams that work, the ingredients would include harmful bleaching agents, hydroquinone (2),  a harsh chemical that works by removing the topmost layer of the skin, which can put the user at a high risk of skin cancer, liver as well as kidney damage.

“Latest is always the best”

The fast-moving beauty industry has made to believe that the latest formula is the best. People wait for new launches which claimed to be the “new and improved formula”. But the truth is unlike what the advertisements want you to believe that the alter is better. Here is why?

Latest is always the best

The new launches are tried by lesser people while the old ones are tried and tested. You can find reviews and other details online. For example- retinol is one of the oldest anti-aging ingredients that has been tagged as the gold standard when it comes to anti-aging products (3). This shows that going after the latest products would not only cost you a lot but would also be a huge risk you are putting your skin through.

“Not every product that is termed, dermatologically tested is absolutely safe”

When you find a product that has been tagged as recommended by 9 out of 10 dermatologists and backed up by various commissioned studies- it’s easy to make the consumers believe that the product is  100% safe and effective. But the truth is no matter what unless it doesn’t have FDA approval (4) then it’s better to sit away from the product. 

Not every product that is termed, dermatologically tested is absolutely safe

According to the United States, any product that alters the natural tissues of a living creature must be categorized under the list of drugs and will not be approved as a cosmetic product. Even if such a product is approved then it wouldn’t be available for sale without the prescription of a doctor. Also, those products that have been categorized under this list of drugs must live up to the claims and they should not have many customer complaints.  Therefore anything you see in an ad that has been called to be tested need not be safe.

“Natural Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Safer, or Better and chemical doesn’t always have to be bad”

A lot of people believe that when it comes to any product, the term natural mostly depicts a better, healthier, and safer alternative when compared to chemical-based ones. If you take a closer look at the current trend you will notice that most of the products are sold under the term natural or organic while if you look at the ingredient list you would notice that there is nothing natural about the product. The products are just like or sometimes more like every other product- loaded with parabens and other preservatives. 

Natural Doesn't Necessarily Mean Safer, or Better and chemical doesn't always have to be bad

The industry has understood that the word natural, organic, etc have a huge impact on the decision-making process of consumers.  

The human body runs on various chemical processes, does that mean we are bad??? Some chemicals are naturally extracted and are good for the skin. For example, Salicylic Acid, Retinol, Glycolic Acid, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, etc are actually good for the skin. When these products are used moderately targeting a specific condition it actually works. 

Another mistake people make is not testing out natural products before using them. Humans can be allergic to natural products too. So no matter what kind of product you get to check the ingredient list, check for the following tags- SLS free, free, FDA approved, etc. also before using the product dieting on your face or body test them out on a small area. 

What works for me might not necessarily work for you. Trusted brands like Eight Saints skincare are now providing mini versions of their products for free, which gives the benefit of trying out different formulations and ensuring the quality for yourself before going all in for it.

“Your natural face is not good enough”

This is the most absurd thing ever but also a well-planned marketing strategy most of the young girls fall for.  Every woman is beautiful in her own way, there is nothing called a beauty standard. One has to be healthy both inside and out that must be the portal of beauty. No size zero, no dark or fair, no caste, and no boundaries should be mixed up with beauty.

Your natural face is not good enough

But what the market is portraying on the young generation is sad. To sell products and women being the easiest target, everything from the clothes you wear to even the color of your hair is judged.  Being oneself is not enough. There are even products that claim to fix these so claimed issues. A certain product when used every day can change your color, a certain belt can fix your nose and chin and if these products don’t work then there are botox, surgeries that can help us to look a certain way. Some loaded with chemicals may work but make you regret it later. 

The best way to look younger and take years of your face is to take care of yourself. Prevention is what will work. Incorporate a good anti-aging product in your late 20s skincare routine, trust me guys you will thank me later.  Exercise – one need not lift heavy weights every day, all you have to do is take a walk every morning and stretch your muscles. These things you include in your lifestyle can help you feel good and beautiful.

“Any product that would put a dent in your pocket is the best product”

This is the worst skin care myth ever, you don’t need to break the bank and buy products to get the results you desire. Most of the time a good drugstore product can give your better and more lasting results than your luxury one. 

Any product that would put a dent in your pocket is the best product

Don’t fall for these kinds of skincare routine myths, to get wonderful skin all you need is a good- cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen, and you can invest most of your money in purchasing a good high-end serum or an eye cream. The serum(5) works wonders on the skin- so make sure you get a good one. 

“Get rid of acne scars, stretch marks, dark circles, and dark lips”

This beauty myth is ridiculous, the color of your skin, lips, etc are determined by your genes. As for the stretch mask, it cannot be removed overnight. Any type of scar on the skin needs time, and advanced clinical treatments to be completely erased (don’t expect 100% results even then). Truth be told- no cream, gel or serum can help you get rid of these issues. If a product does lighten your scars and dark circles in weeks- here is a note- the product is loaded with harmful bleaching agents which can damage the skin in the long run. 

“Products that claim to make you look like your favorite celebrity”

Not every celebrity that endorsed a product is actually using the product- in most cases, they are being paid to say so. Maybe in some rare cases, a celebrity does use the product that he/ she endorses but then again- a celebrity looks the way he/ she is because they can afford to. It’s not the product that is the secret behind the perfect looks, it’s their aestheticians, dermatologists, cosmetologists, stylists, and plastic surgeons who they always have on call. 

Products that claim to make you look like your favorite celebrity

Celebrities do endorsements as part of their profession. They have to be up-to-date with their look for the glitz and glam of the entertainment industry. They have the money to maintain an expensive skincare routine. It’s not the same with us and one cannot be made to look like their celebrity twin by using similar products. If someone told you to do so, then you are fooled as it’s a skincare myth.

It’s sad and kind of a bummer to find out that we are being lied to and made to believe stuff the industry wants us to believe. I hope this article helped you gain some clarity over the case. Share these skincare myths with your friends and see if anyone is believing them. Now that you know how these are myths, you can clear their queries with these facts. Keep up with my blog for more interesting skincare topics, and to gain a lot of information on the beauty industry as well as anything a woman would need to know. 

Keep it simple!

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