The Top 30 Best Sternum Tattoo Ideas In 2024

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The Top 30 Best Sternum Tattoo Ideas in 2023 - Feature

In the past few decades, the sternum tattoo has become a popular style of body art among youngsters. This is because sternum tattoos are considered one of the most distinctive types of body tattoos. This is called the sternum tattoo because it is placed on the breastbone of your body. Body art would be a great choice for people who want to make an impactful sign and statement to society.

In the middle of the chest area, there is a flat skeletal plate known as the sternum. However, the sternum area of the body is known to be sensitive as well. So whenever you are getting a tattoo on the sternum, make sure you take precautions. But you know what, this idea of inking will make you unique. 

What Is A Sternum Tattoo?

A sternum tattoo is a unique style of body art that is done on or around the sternum(1), which is the T-shaped bone present in the human body. These have various meanings such as showing your love for your loved ones, emphasizing a particular and special kind of event that happened in your life, or simply showing the unique side of yourself. 

What Is A Sternum Tattoo?

As the sternum is a clearly visible bone in the body, getting a tattoo inked on this part would be the best thing that would make you look stunning. You can get a tattoo of different shapes and sizes inked as per your choice. As an example, you can get a simple one or a complex one!

What Does A Sternum Tattoo Symbolize?

They stand for strength, bravery, and protection to depict a personality. They may also be viewed as a representation of courage due to the fact that they serve as a reminder of the fortitude and perseverance that is required to prevail over challenges during the course of our lifetime.

30 Sternum Tattoo Ideas You Can’t-Miss

1. Sword sternum tattoo

This design is exquisite and can range from just a straightforward straight blade to one with elaborate details.

1. Sword sternum tattoo

2. Snake Sternum Tattoo

This design is frequently used to signify strength and courage. The significance associated with the tattoo might vary considerably.

Snake Sternum Tattoo

3. Rose Sternum Tattoo

They may be created in a number of different ways, either just as a single rose or in the form of a bouquet of roses. Furthermore, it can be personalized with a number of different colors and sizes.

Rose Sternum Tattoo

4. Moon Sternum Tattoo

This is one of the best ways to express yourself. The moon symbolizes unity, strength, and growing love for your loved ones. The sign represents the changing seasons of your life. The moon stands as a powerful symbol for many religions as well.

Moon Sternum Tattoo

5. Floral Sternum Tattoo

A single flower, a group of flowers, or a more complex pattern can all be included in this tattoo. A more modest and delicate design might be used instead of one that is vivid and colorful.

Floral Sternum Tattoo

6. Mandala-Inspired Sternum Tattoo

A mandala-inspired tattoo design can serve as a powerful indication of the interconnection between nature and maintain your connection to your spiritual center. The colors may be chosen to reflect your unique journey, and the pattern can be altered to suit your personal preferences.

Mandala-Inspired Sternum Tattoo

7. Medusa Sternum Tattoo

The Medusa tattoo often shows a depiction of the legendary Gorgon Medusa, who is known for having snakes for hair. The tattoo’s location on the sternum is meaningful since it stands for strength and defense.

Medusa Sternum Tattoo

8. Bee Sternum Tattoo

Bee tattoos are a gorgeous and distinctive way to express oneself. The tattoo’s pattern was inspired by the sternum of a bee, which is a miniature, triangular plate situated in the space between its wings. The pattern frequently serves as a metaphor for influence, bravery, and resistance.

Bee Sternum Tattoo

9. Sun And Moon Sternum Tattoo

Although the sun and moon tattoos are frequently portrayed as opposites, they also represent complementary energies that cooperate to produce a pleasing balance. It stands for life’s concept of duality, the harmony between darkness and light, and life’s constant change.

Sun And Moon Sternum Tattoo

10. Planets Sternum Tattoo

A sequence of symmetrically aligned planets, stars, and various other celestial bodies compose the sun and moon design. For people who are fascinated by astronomy as well as the splendor of the night sky, the design of this tattoo is ideal.

Planets Sternum Tattoo

11. Bat Tattoo

People who desire to make an impression and distinguish themselves from the crowd frequently get bat sternum tattoos. Typically, a bat with wings spread out throughout the chest is the tattoo’s design. It may have elaborate patterns and colors painted on the wings to create absolutely exclusive artwork.

Bat Tattoo

12. Knife Tattoo

A distinctive and imaginative way to express oneself is with a knife sternum tattoo. It is a strong, courageous, and resilient remark that may be used to convey these qualities. The pattern often depicts a knife or dagger with its blade pointed downward, pointing at the sternum.

Knife Tattoo

13. Butterfly Tattoo

From a simple single butterfly tattoo to an even more complex design with many butterflies, there are many different methods to design a butterfly sternum tattoo. The colors used for it might range from vivid and bright to soft and subdued.

Butterfly Tattoo

14. Moth Tattoo

Moth sternum tattoos are a gorgeous and distinctive form of self-expression. Most frequently, a big moth with its wings extended across its upper body is the design of a moth sternum tattoo. Feathers, scales, and other detailed elements can be used to embellish the wings.

Moth Tattoo

15. Wolf Tattoo

Anyone seeking to display their true strength and bravery should consider getting a wolf sternum tattoo. Having a wolf tattooed on your chest is an excellent way to display the power, bravery, and commitment that you possess on the inside.

Wolf Tattoo

16. Tiger Tattoo

Tiger sternum is best for those who are looking for a daring kind of sternum tattoo option. A tiger tattoo is perfect for the stem because it will reflect your representation of bravery and resilience. This tattoo can have various designs and can be easily customized as per the person’s preference.

 Tiger Tattoo

17. Skull Tattoo

Skull sternum tattoos are of various sorts. For example, you can get inked with a minimal-looking skull head design or a maximal-looking one. 

Skull Tattoo

18. Double Vajra Tattoo

These sternum tattoos are the type of tattoo best fits those who want to make an attempt to show their alluring and fascinating beauty. This tattoo is inspired by the twin Vajra, a type of Buddhist symbol of power. This kind of tattoo can also be designed and customized per an individual’s preference.

Double Vajra Tattoo

19. Sailor Moon Tattoo

The Sailor Moon sternum tattoo design typically features the iconic crescent moon symbol, which is associated with the main character, Sailor Moon. The design often comes along with stars, hearts, and other show-related objects.

Sailor Moon Tattoo

20. Sunflower Tattoo

The sunflower sternum tattoo design is a well-liked option for people who want their tattooed art to convey a powerful impression. The sternum lotus tattoo presents an equally impactful alternative. The design has a large sunflower at the chest’s center, with symmetrically arranged petals spreading away from it.

Sunflower Tattoo

21. Bird Sternum Tattoo

The bird delicate sternum tattoo design is one of the best-looking options if you want to make an appealing statement in the crowd. These can be customized with various objects in them, and the dove, hawk, or eagle are the most common designs. Frequent additional objects such as feathers and leaves can be added to make the tattoo more appealing.

Bird Sternum Tattoo

22. Heart Sternum Tattoo

The heart symbol is a significant and impactful tattoo design since it is frequently used to denote affection, enthusiasm, and devotion. They may be created in a range of classic and modern forms, and they can be customized to the wearer’s particular preferences.

Heart Sternum Tattoo

23. Eye Sternum Tattoo

They are frequently depicted as a symbol of protection and good luck. Additional representations or patterns, including stars, flowers, or geometric forms, are also used to surround the eye.

Eye Sternum Tattoo

24. Dandelion Sternum Tattoo

The sternum is a strong region of the body that is frequently related to protection and courage, while the dandelion is a representation of optimism and new beginnings.

Dandelion Sternum Tattoo

25. Mushroom Sternum Tattoo

They can have a distinct set of meanings. It can convey your creativity or perhaps your growth and development in life. This can also have various creative patterns, which is to show the strength and protection you provide for your loved ones.

Mushroom Sternum Tattoo

26. Bug Sternum Tattoo

The bug design is considered to be one of the most classic and contemporary styles out there. It can be used as a distinctive choice of yours. Furthermore, the tattoo can be done as per your taste and convey your uniqueness and strength.

Bug Sternum Tattoo

27. Mysterious Fire Sternum Tattoo

The Mysterious Fire design contains a flame-like pattern. This is known as your bold statement of your true power and resilience. The Mysterious Fire Sternum design serves as your never-ending motivation to achieve your life goals at any cost and pursue your dreams.

Mysterious Fire Sternum Tattoo

28. Lotus Flower Sternum Tattoo 

Lotus is a sign of true grace and awareness, which are known among the Hindu and Buddhist faiths and cultures. This is the best option for those who want to get out of their past guilt and start their new life journey with a breath of fresh air.

Lotus Flower Sternum Tattoo 

29. Dragonfly Sternum Tattoo

The region of the sternum is a potent location for getting a tattoo, and the dragonfly is a sign of metamorphosis. A person’s journey throughout life, including the transformations that they have experienced, is frequently symbolized by the dragonfly designs.

 Dragonfly Sternum Tattoo

30. Snake & Sword Sternum Tattoo

Snake & Sword design features a snake coiled around with a sword, as the sword is pointing downwards. Due to the association of the snake as a protector and the sword as an indicator of courage, this pattern is frequently considered a representation of dominance.

Snake & Sword Sternum Tattoo

How Painful Is A Sternum Tattoo?

A sternum tattoo pain might cause considerable discomfort. The process might take a few seconds to many hours, depending on the size and complexity of the tattoo you are going to have. It’s essential to be ready for the discomfort and to take pauses when necessary in the whole process. 

In order to ensure that the tattoo heals effectively and looks as good as possible, aftercare is also crucial. Although getting these can be uncomfortable, the results are frequently well worth it.

What To Wear For A Sternum Tattoo?

Wearing clothing that will make it easy for the tattoo artist to access the sternum area is essential when getting a sternum tattoo. The best clothing for this matter is loose-fitting, such as a tank top or T-shirt. Additionally, since the area will be open for a long period of time, it is important that you wear comfortable, breathable clothing as per your preference. When you go for getting a tattoo inked please make sure you are not wearing any kind of jewelry and accessories, otherwise, all these might interfere with the tattooing process. 

Additionally, the artist might need to take breaks throughout the entire procedure, so it’s essential to wear clothing that is easy to remove and put back on. Finally, it’s required to wear clothes that are comfortable because the process might be really unpleasant.


1. Do sternum tattoos hurt?

The sternum tattoo is a popular symbol and sign that can give you a bold appearance. However, it might hurt and make you more uncomfortable while getting it. The reason behind it is that the chest skin layer is thin. So obviously, the skin might hurt when getting a sternum tattoo.

2. Can you wear a bra with a sternum tattoo?

Yes, you can consider wearing a bra with this design. But you need to take precautions during this process. If the tattoo doesn’t heal well, it might cause irritation and a rash on the area. So make sure to follow the safety measures.

3. Are Sternums hard to tattoo?

Yes, sternum tattoos are harder than others. The fragile sternum skin makes tattooing difficult. The sternum is also flat. Thus, tattooists find it harder to smoothly pierce the skin.

4. What’s the hardest part of the body to tattoo?

The hardest part of the body to get a tattoo on is your face, as it is the most sensitive part and the skin on the face is fragile as compared to the skin on other parts of the body. So make sure you choose an expert tattoo artist whenever you’re going to get a face tattoo and follow up with precautions.  

5. Are chest tattoos risky?

Yes, chest tattoos are risky. The human chest has less muscle and fatty tissue in the region, so it is obviously painful and risky to get a tattoo on the chest region. The chest is also considered a hyper-sensitive region of your body, which may expose you to severe infection if you’re not following the tattoo aftercare properly.


It is essential for one to keep in mind some precautions and follow-up instructions while getting a sternum tattoo. Before you make your final decision, make sure you compare every advantage and disadvantage associated with getting these tattoos. They include possible harm like infection, scars, and discomfort. But it may also have advantages like allowing you to express yourself and offering the chance to establish a personal and exquisite design on the sternum.

The choice to have this tattoo should be carefully planned out and researched prior to actually having it. Choose a reputable tattoo artist and consider every follow-up instruction if you’ve chosen to get this tattoo for the best outcomes.

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