Stunning Weight Loss Journey Revealed By Ashley Michelle And Devin On Tell-All

90 Day Fiance, cast Ashley Michelle and Devin surprise the audience with their stunning weight loss journey.

Written by Rachel Davis

On Mar 4, 2024 – 3 minutes read


The latest Tell-All special aired on Sunday showcased the stunning weight loss journey of Ashley and Devin. Ashley Michelle discussed her significant 101 pounds weight loss in the first part of the tell-all. While Ashley shocked the audience, Devin didn’t share her weight loss but the change was evident.

Ashley Michelle’s Weight Loss Journey


Ashley appeared for the tell-all, looking adorable in an emerald green one-shoulder dress, revealing her incredible weight loss journey. She proudly shared her efforts on the camera, stating that she “lost a bunch of weight”. Ashley further detailed it by stating the exact amount, “101 pounds to be exact”. She has earlier shared posts on Instagram about staying motivated in exercises and gym routines. 

Ashley also shared about her life with her husband Manuel on the show. The couple who met in Ecuador a decade ago was engaged within a week. But they split due to their long distance and later reunited after years as they agreed to work on Manuel’s K-1 visa. 

Manuel moved to the US at the beginning of the 90 Day Finance season. The couple who decided to move forward with the marriage had several red flags in their relationship which made the viewers think that they wouldn’t last for long. But the couple who seemed to get along only when they were intimate, looked forward to getting married, regardless of the issues they had. Ashley and Manuel got married in the 90 Day Finance finale. 

In December 2023, Ashley shared a before and picture on her Instagram of her wearing her wedding gown which she bought a year ago. The post revealed Ashley Michelle’s weight loss journey. Ashley was 60 pounds lighter when she wore the dress in September 2023 on her marriage. In the caption, she wrote that the seamstress had to cinch about 10 inches around her waist to fit the dress. Later, in another post shared on 10 February 2024, Ashley declared that she is officially 100 lbs. This post was also a before and after picture which showcased her weight loss journey. In the caption, she honored herself for her work and determination. She also assured that even though it may sound cliche everyone can do whatever they put their mind to. She also stated that it was the hardest thing she had ever done. 

Ashley stated that her weight loss mantra is to keep going. She preaches about being consistent and being present for who one is becoming every day. A follower asked Ashley in February 2024 if she had a personal trainer and which neighborhood gym she would suggest. In response, Ashley said she had a trainer. “Indeed! Meee!” she cried out. Ashley revealed that she is presently pursuing her personal trainer certification.

Devin And Her Weight Loss Journey

Devin, on the other hand, admitted in the teaser that she had shed a good deal of weight. She will talk about this in part two of the reveal. Because he thought she was overweight, her now-husband Nick received backlash for calling her “Piggy” during this season of 90 Day Fiancé. During this season, Devin and her South Korean husband Nick tied the knot. He later mentioned that even though she is way skinnier than before, he would still call her “Piggy” because he felt that she was chubby.

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Devin hesitated and Nick seemed upset when host Shaun Robinson questioned her about whether her weight loss was affected by Nick’s nickname, which her parents are still, understandably, quite bothered by.

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