A “Sylvester Stallone Impression” By Wife, Jennifer Flavin: A Glimpse Of The Star Couple’s Life

Sylvester Stallone’s wife, Jennifer Flavin nailed imitating her husband on stage.

Written by Rachel Davis

On Feb 22, 2024 – 3 minutes read


Jennifer Flavin, wife of the “Rocky” actor Sylvester Stallone mimicked his sound while on the promotion of the second season of their Paramount+ reality series “The Family Stallone.” Jennifer was on a promotion of their reality series along with Stallone and their three daughters on 8 February 2024.

Jenifer enacted how Stallone would behave when he was hungry and poked fun at his big appetite. She mimicked that he would ask for eggs and pancakes for breakfast and then list ten different things to add to it. Stallone doesn’t look surprised by her actions as the couple has been together for several decades.

Who Is Jennifer Flavin

Apart from being Sylvester Stallone’s wife, Jennifer was a reputed model and reality show star. She began modeling at the age of 19 with Elite Modelling Agency. She appeared in reality shows like  Good Day Live, American Gladiators, and The Contender, which also featured Stallone. She also made a short appearance in movies like Bar Girls and Rocky V. 

Currently, she is the co-owner of a cosmetics and beauty treatment company, Serious Skin Care.

Decades of Relationship

Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin met at a West Hollywood restaurant in 1988. They started dating soon after the meeting till 1994. In 1994 Stallone called off the relationship amidst rumors of an affair with model Janice Dickinson. Later, the couple reconnected and Jennifer accepted him. 

Eventually, Stallone and Jennifer married in 1997 after welcoming their first daughter Sophia in 1996. The couple also welcomed their other two daughters in 1998 and 2001.

The couple celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in 2022. Stallone shared a series of photos on his Instagram page, wishing his amazing wife a 25th anniversary. Stallone wrote he doesn’t have enough words to describe his wife. He also wished for 25 more years. Flavin also took time to post wedding anniversary wishes for Stallone on her official Instagram account. She thanked him for making her laugh and for loving and protecting their family. Jennifer also wrote that their marriage was getting better every year and expressed her excitement about spending the rest of her life with them.  

But, a few months later Jennifer filed for divorce. Reports said that the marriage was irretrievably broken. Stallone who didn’t respond to the news at first later said that they were privately addressing the issue. A month later, the couple reconciled calling off the case.  Jennifer and their daughters joined Stallone for the premiere of Tulsa King in November 2022. When asked Stallone responded that he screwed up his priorities. As he came out of his delusional thinking, his family came first and his job later. 

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In May 2023, they announced “The Family Stallone”, a television series featuring the whole family, showcasing the family rebounding. The show was premiered on Paramount+ on 17 May 2023. The first season which consisted of 8 episodes was renewed for a second season. The second season premiered on 21 February 2024. 

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