Taylor Swift Shares Glimpses of Her Mom’s Life in Singapore 

The songstress shared her excitement to visit Singapore for her first performance in the country.

Written by Ayisha Nashva

On Mar 5, 2024 – 3 minutes read

taylor swift on mom's childhood

Taylor Swift revealed that her mother Andrea spent most of her childhood in Singapore during an Eras tour performance while expressing gratitude for honoring her family history. 

Taylor Swift has been taking the internet by storm with her latest musical journey, her Eras tour, which arrived in Singapore. The “Love Story” singer kicked off her first performance at Singapore’s National Stadium on March 2. Amid the performance, she stopped to share a personal connection to the place which was never revealed before. That night, the legendary singer shed light on her family ties to the Southeast Asian region. 

Taylor Swift Says She Has Been Hearing of Singapore “Throughout Her Life” 

In a video shared by a fan, Swift is seen talking about her deeply personal connection with Singapore. “My mom spent a lot of her childhood in Singapore with her mom, dad, and sister,” the 14-time Grammy Winner said adding, “So, a lot of the time, when we would come here, my mom would take me past her old house from where she used to go to school. So, I have been constantly hearing about Singapore throughout my life.” 

Swift, who recently wrapped up her Australian concert, flew solo to Singapore before taking a break which she earlier teased. According to the songstress, visiting Singapore meant so much and that she couldn’t wait to be there. “To come here and perform before the beautiful and generous people who essentially honor my family means the world to me,” she quipped. 

Ever since the video taken by a fan was leaked, people have been searching for it from different parts of the world and it is not a surprise considering the fame and popularity Swift holds. Since the revelation, there has been a keen interest in her maternal lineage and it has been found that her mother, Andrea Finlay, who is now 66 studied at King’s Road Campus, Singapore between 1968 and 1969. She was spotted in the yearbooks of 1968 and 1969. 

Andrea is widely applauded for being an incredible momager who propelled her daughter to superstardom. As per several reports, Swift’s grandmother, Majorie Finlay, who was an Opera singer was picked to play a crucial part in a Victoria Theatre production. In the short clip which is available on Facebook, Majorie appears to be in Singapore in the 1960s. She is seen in a yellow dress as she walks towards a Ford car from a British colonial bungalow. The bungalow is located in Tanglin, Sembawang. Majorie’s dress, the Ford, and the bungalow reflected how affluent the Foinlay family was. 

Past interviews and newspaper reports also offered glimpses into Amdrea’s life in Singapore. In a 2010 interview, Swift said that her mother always used to talk about Singapore, and that made her want to visit the place. She further added that her mother would join her because she has been waiting to revisit the old places. 

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In a 2011 interview, Andrea said that her daughter would always stick around her during the Singapore trips. 

During her Friday performance, she treated her fans with a mesmerizing mashup of her own tracks “Dress,” and “I Don’t Want to Live Forever.” 

Taylor Swigft’s Eras Tour in Singapore will wrap up on 9 March 2024 at the Marian Bay Sands. After the break, she is said to resume the Eras Tour in May starting in Paris, France, and then Stockholm, Sweden. 

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